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Posted on May 9, 2017

26 Pics Of Ridiculously Hot Eurovision Men For Your Viewing Pleasure

Douze points.

1. Everyone knows that while Eurovision is ~officially~ a singing contest, it's low key about spotting the hot guys. Take Isiah (Australia), for example.

2. Or perhaps Nathan Trent (Austria) is more to your liking?

3. Just look at him!

4. You'd give anything for Naviband (Belarus) to sing to you.

5. For Hovig (Cyprus) to serenade you.

6. Or for Koit Toome (Estonia) to take you for a ride on his motorbike.

7. But how about Norma John (Finland)?

9. But let's not forget this little cutie, Brendan Murray (Ireland).

10. OK hello. IMRI (Israel) has entered the building.

11. I am sorry what?

12. Could he be more perfect?

13. I mean, no. He could not.

14. Hubba hubba.

15. Or perhaps Francesco Gabbani (Italy) is more to your tastes?

16. No? Then how about Jimmie Wilson (San Marino)?

17. No one would say no to Manel Navarro (Spain).

18. You could never let this guy down.

19. You'd give him everything he wanted.

20. And he'd give you everything he had.

21. The two of you would be truly happy together.

22. Yummmmmmmm.

23. Seriously: Eurovision is just hottie after hottie. Just look at JOWST (Norway).

24. Have you ever seen eyes as beautiful as Robin Bengtsson's (Sweden)?

25. What you wouldn't give to be that woman, with her head in his lap.

26. OK here's a picture of him 100% naked in a bath! Bye!