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January 1, 2016

My Ten Favorite Records Of 2015

The music of 2015 delighted and surprised me to no end. The albums described below are all tied to memories from this rollercoaster of a year. My favorite artists (Joanna Newsom, The Mountain Goats) continued to innovate and evolve and I also discovered new musicians and performers that quickly found a special place in my heart (Hop Along, Natalia Lafourcade). Oh and this year, Carly Rae Jepsen reigned supreme. I will admit that I’m surprised at how little overlap there is between this list and the one at wrote at the halfway point of the year back in July. That’s only a good thing. Let’s count ‘em down and then share your favorite records of 2015 in the comments below!

Which Cave Should You Live In?

BEWARE, awesomeness lies ahead

The 6 Movies You Can’t Miss This Month

You'll want to keep an eye out for a devastating stop-motion romance, a quirky horror Western, and the Studio Ghibli film it's been impossible to see in the U.S. until now.

The Best Jim And Pam Moments, Ranked In Order Of Cuteness

The Halperts are the definition of relationship goals.

15 Disney Gifs That Sum Up How You Spent New Years Eve

Because you were out of control, not that you remember...

People Prank Their S.O. With A Tattoo Of Their Name

"Did you get a tramp stamp?! ... With my name on it?!

Do You Know What Happened In The News This Week?

Violent storms killed dozens of people across seven U.S. states, Iraqi forces said they liberated a key city from ISIS, and China officially ended its one-child policy. Take the BuzzFeed News quiz, made from stories featured in the BuzzFeed News app and the BuzzFeed News newsletter this week.

Which Once Upon A Time Character Are You Really?

C'mon. You're dying to know... Unless you're Rumple... Than you're immortal so you're just anxious.

7 Fascinating Stories To Help Jump Start Your Resolution To Read

This week for BuzzFeed News, Ken Bensinger, Jessica Garrison, and Jeremy Singer-Vine tell the story of the pied piper of North Carolina. Read that and these other great stories from BuzzFeed and around the web.

Were You A Disney Or Nickelodeon Kid?

Because deciding which channel to watch is a child's first existential crisis.

Wen Is Fighting Back After Hundreds Of People Claimed Its Product Causes Hair Loss

The haircare company is weathering allegations that its products are causing people's hair to fall out in chunks.

When You Want To Get A Gun

"That's not going to solve the problem..."

The Problem With Friends With Benefits

"You know we're not exclusive, right?"

What Your Friends Say About You

"How would your friends describe you?"

"Trump Is Disgusting" Appears In The Sky Over Of Rose Parade

"Trump is a fascist dictator," "Anybody but Trump," and several other messages against the Republican presidential candidate appeared in during the 127th Rose Parade in Pasadena.

Can You Guess The 90's Song From Its Lyric?

It was a great decade for music.

We Know Your Favorite Pop Song Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If you don't like pop, this quiz isn't for you.

For Everyone Who Is Slightly Obsessed With Texas Roadhouse Bread

With that glorious, glorious cinnabutter.

This Old Photo Of An Uncomfortable Woman NEEDS To Be The First Meme Of 2016

Look at that thumbnail. You already know she's a star.

A Song About The Vagina

It's a tubular sex organ.

The 15 Funniest Star Wars Memes

These memes are out of this world.

22 Struggles Everyone Who Lives With A Cat Knows Too Well

You see a book; your cat sees food.

Ted Cruz Did A Strange But Interesting Interview On Geek Culture

"I was glad it did not feature Jar Jar Binks."

Gun Control Is Obama's New Year's Resolution

The president is set to meet Monday with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to discuss options for fighting what he called an ongoing "epidemic of gun violence."

Are You More Monica Or Rachel

Let's be Honest we love them both

LOL Vs. Haha • Debatable

“This is like arguing with a kindergartener.”

Aughts Fashions You Once Coveted

Brought to you by So Little Time of '01-'02 fame.

We Can Predict Your 2016 Fortune With One Question

The future lies within the emoji.

Grammy Award Winner Natalie Cole Is Dead At 65

The singer was suffering from health problems before her death, according to reports.

Is 2016 The Year You Stop Being Single?

You should go and love yourself... or someone else.

11 Struggles All Hot Sauce Lovers Know

“Hold up, is it Indian food spicy, Thai food Spicy or Mexican food spicy?”

12 Things Dads Shouldn't Do In 2016

Dads, you can do better this year.

A Popular Women's Magazine Is Banning "Bikini Body" And "Drop 2 Sizes" From Its Cover

The phrase is "actually a misnomer, not to mention an unintentional insult," according to the editor-in-chief of Women's Health.

10 Detox Recipes To Start Off A Healthy 2016

Start 2016 strong with these healthy and delicious recipes.

Which 2016 World Tour Should You See Based On Your Birth Month?

We're just making sure you don't experience FoMO.

Thank You 2015 For Giving Us An Album To Get It On To

If there's one thing Miguel can do then it's make music that gets you all hot and bothered.

Here Are 20 Very Attractive Men Who Aren't White

Just here to put a lil' color in your life.

What Kind Of Pasta Does Your Body Need Right At This Very Moment?

Because you know you need some. RIGHT NOW.

19 Tweets That Will Make You Rethink Your New Years Resolutions

New Years resolution: Exercise (my right to eat) more (tacos)

Can You Identify These Meryl Streep Movies By Their Amazon Reviews?

"Watching Meryl Streep masturbate is not on the top of my list of things to watch"

Shahid Kapoor's New Year's Instagram Has Already Won 2016

"She made this year totally worth it."

Can You Solve This New Years Crossword?

Auld lang solve, my friends!

22 Reasons Giraffes Are The Greatest

They give THE BEST kisses.

17 Cleanses That Will Help You Start 2016 Off Right

Time to detox, declutter, and de-shittyfriend your life.

16 Texts 2016 Is Actually Dying To Send You

"You could stand to pet more dogs this year."

18 bonnes résolutions pour 2016

Profitez au mieux de chaque jour en 2016.

31 Delicious Things You Should Eat In January

Get 2016 off to a delicious, healthy(ish) start.

15 Amazing Products That Will Change The Way You Sleep In 2016

Recommended by some incredibly well-rested BuzzFeed readers.

Le combat d'une femme pour changer à tout jamais la face des emojis

Jennifer 8. Lee veut ouvrir au public le système qui permet de proposer de nouveaux emojis.

Hot Men Taking Their Shirts Off And Then Putting Them Back On

He's about to take his shirt off, and then you go and ruin it

10 Places To Travel In 2016

The wanderlust is strong.

The Evolution Of Michael Clifford's Hair

What's been black, white, and red all over?

What's Your Horoscope For January?

WARNING: Mercury is in retrograde for a bit. :(

Man Arrested Over "Brutal" Murder Of Polish Woman In Leeds

Daria Pionko died after being seriously assaulted two days before Christmas.

Meet The New Year’s Resolution That Will Kick Your Butt If You Mess Up

On Rise, you'll be hard pressed to quietly shirk out of your 2016 goals.

Munich Police Searching For Seven ISIS Suspects After NYE Terror Threat

Two train stations were closed by police in Germany on New Year's Eve, and the terror threat remains "high".

18 fotos de 2015 que harán que se te parta el corazón

Antes de empezar trae unos pañuelos.

Así serían las princesas Disney si tuvieran cinturas realistas

Yo te quiero mostrar un fantástico mundo.

El test más difícil que vas a hacer sobre 2015

¿Puedes recordar qué pasó en 2015?

Jesus Was A Refugee, Archbishop Of Canterbury Says In New Year Message

Justin Welby says in today's world, "hospitality and love are our most formidable weapons against hatred and extremism".

Paris Cancelled Fireworks But Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Still Gathered To See In 2016

French president Francois Hollande said it had been a "terrible year".

Answer Just 3 Questions And We'll Guess How Bad Your New Year's Hangover Is

We'll tell you in just a few brief questions, in case your head is really hurting.

We Know Your Fave "1989" Song Based On The Calvin Harris You Choose

♫ I could show you incredible things. ♫

Here's Some Cats.

For any situation you're in. Even if it's good.

17 Cupcake Recipes That Will Make You Forget Your New Year's Resolutions

You can forget all about that new years diet and exercise routine.

Who Said It: Cory Matthews Or Riley Matthews?

"Wanderin' down this road that we call life..."

The 16 Best Poetry Books Of 2015

Here are the poetry collections — from newcomers and veterans alike — that we absolutely loved in 2015. (Ranked in no particular order.)

The 5 Most Important Guinea Pigs Of 2015

These Guinea Pigs' Instagrams are the best of 2015. WARNING: SO MUCH CUTENESS.

21 Incredible Stories We Told From Around The World In 2015

From the fight against ISIS in Iraq to the rise of the far right in Europe to those disappearing in Mexico, BuzzFeed World was there.

Chicago Releases Hundreds Of Emails Surrounding Police Killing Of 17-Year-Old Boy

Officer Jason Van Dyke shot Laquan McDonald 16 times in October 2014.

19 Epic And Delicious Ways To Enjoy Yogurt For Breakfast

Because we all know plain yogurt doesn't taste good!

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