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19 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Everyone Who’s Obsessed With Snapchat


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1. When you ultimately realize your story was all for nothing.

2. When too much time passes between snaps and the conversation is lost forever.

3. When you think you're going to have a really great snap story, but it takes a devastating turn.

4. When you take things to the ~next level~.

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

5. When this UTTER DISGRACE falls upon you.

_jayti__ / Via

6. When you experience the paralyzing fear of not remembering what you sent someone.

7. When your friends just don't understand the importance of earning those beloved emojis.

8. When you realize there *is* a difference in quality.

9. When you experience the aftermath of a previously taken selfie.

10. When you're clearly left out of the fun but you're trying not to be mad.

jenniferlopez_3_ / Via

11. When your friends post anyway because "they look good."

12. When you get no love in return.

claudspalombi / Via

13. When the filters literally have no idea what they're even doing.

esteeabrahamson / Via

14. When you're talking to a hottie but you have to lower your expectations.

cmerison / Via

15. When you absolutely cannot take it back.

16. When you realize your relationship with this glorious app has finally gone too far.

banter_hun / Via

17. When you know *exactly* who's gathering blackmail fuel of your unflattering selfies.

krisnsterling / Via

18. When you don't have your game face ready.

ashleysmyers / Via

19. And finally, when YOU are *that* friend.

adriana_valer / Via

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