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January 4, 2016

4-Year-Old Girl Suffers Skin Injuries After Getting Glued To A McDonald's Toilet

Police in the U.K. saw they are "treating this matter as an assault."

19 New Year's Resolutions That Set The Bar High For 2016

Let's just give up and get milkshakes.

Which Rage Friend Are You?

Find out which Friend you should be Raging with (hint: it's all of them)

Este lugar en Los Cabos es el verdadero cielo en la tierra

Paraíso absoluto en la península de Baja California.

24 Toys '90s Girls Forgot They Lusted After

Let's not forget about Betty Spaghetty, people.

Former South Carolina Officer Who Fatally Shot Walter Scott Freed On Bond

Under the terms of the $500,000 bond, Michael Slager must not leave South Carolina or contact the Scott family.

16 Things Everyone With A January Birthday Knows To Be True

You can't just combine my holiday and birthday present into one. It doesn't work that way!

One Of The Oregon Occupiers Has A History Of Anti-Muslim Protests

Jon Ritzheimer was reportedly the subject of an FBI warning to local law enforcement after he threatened to travel across the country to visit mosques — all while armed with a gun.

18 Unbelievably Rude Texts Only Your Dog Would Send You

"I just farted, but everyone's gonna think it was you."

16 Tweets que prueban que el recalentado mejora hasta la literatura

El hashtag #CambiaLibrosConRecalentado demuestra que si los libros vinieran con comida, todo México tendría un Premio Nobel.

Can You Tell If This Is Chris Or Liam Hemsworth?

You know them, but do you *know* them?

Chick-Fil-A Re-Opens New York City Restaurant After Health Violations

The Manhattan restaurant was voluntarily closed for six days.

Here's The Cast Of TV's New "Rocky Horror Picture Show"

I see you shiver with antici...pation. UPDATED: Another Tony Award winner joins the cast!

You Can Finally Get Rid Of Your iPhone's Dumb Default Apps

For everyone who's never actually used the Stocks app.

"Sé como José" es la caricatura viral ideal para echar indirectas

"José no dejará sus estudio por ser un skater profesional".

The Characters You Need To Know In The Suicide Squad

It'll be even better if you do your research.

In The Homestretch, Bernie Sanders Relying On X-Factors To Pull Off An Upset

“What would you do to help people be able to vote?” Turnout is everything, especially for Bernie Sanders, and especially with the disaffected and young voters who most support him.

Inside The Occupied Federal Refuge In Oregon

BuzzFeed News' Salvador Hernandez reports from inside Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Oregon, where an armed militia has taken control of the federal property.

23 "X-Files" Gifts That Are Out Of This World

The truth is out there... It's also on Etsy.

27 Faces Anyone Who's Tried To Eat Healthy Will Recognize

What is this, a serving size for ants?

We Know If You're From Upstate New York Based On One Question

Don't even think about it, Westchester.

Employees Return To Work At Site Of San Bernardino Terrorist Attack

The Inland Regional Center was reopened a little over a month after 14 people were killed and 22 injured in the mass shooting attack.

How Many "Star Wars" Starships Can You Identify?

“It’s the ship that made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs!”

36 Proyectos DIY facilísimos para probar en 2016

Perfectos para principiantes y profesionales por igual.



Yahoo Shuts Down Yahoo Screen Video Service

Yahoo shutters the video service it once hoped would compete with Hulu and Netflix.

That Chemist From “Making A Murderer” Is A Science Badass

She isn't the hero we deserve, but she is the one we need.

Reminder: This Was Life In 1996

These were some of the biggest things two decades ago!

20 Veces que los colombianos confundieron al mundo

"Timbre en el piso correspondiente y déjese ver en el andén".

11 Quotes That Prove "Star Wars" And "The Princess Bride" Are Basically The Same

"Hello. My name is Luke Skywalker. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

These 4 Animals Sum Up What It Feels Like The Monday After Break

Over here, screaming my way through 2016.

10 Life-Changing Things To Try In 2016

Because we tried them for you in 2015!

14 Compliments That Aren’t About Appearance

Things to say to the people you love.

Trolling A Scammer - The Hairy Heartbreaker!

Hi, my name is Scott Denyer, and I'm a comedy writer (Comedy Central, BBC 5Live, etc). My friend and comedy colleague Jamie Stangroom recently had his email account hacked whilst he was on holiday. I received an email asking for some monetary assistance from a cheeky scammer, so I couldn't help but troll him and see how far I could push it. Pretty far, was the answer!

23 Truths That All Old Souls Will Relate To

If you're only as old as you feel, then we're 1,082.

19 Ideas sencillas de almuerzos que puedes recalentar en tu oficina

::Mira la ensalada en el frasco de conservas y tiembla::

This "Wicked" Proposal Will Reignite Your Obsession With The Show

Because we saw this, we have been changed for good.

She Was Mayor For Less Than A Day When She Was Shot Dead

Gisela Mota, 33, was in charge of Temixco, Mexico, for only hours before she was killed.

Which "Game Of Thrones" House Would You Be In Based On Your Hair And Eye Color?

You may act like a Stark, but do you look like one?

This Mattress Has A Built-In Pet Bed Because The Snuggle Is Real

Finally, something everyone can agree on.

Why The Hole Is The Best New Emoji

Here's a perfect place to shove your thinking face.

Undocumented Immigrants Detained Across U.S. For Mass Deportation

The raids focused on undocumented Central Americans living illegally in Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina, federal officials said.

It Took A Year For A Canadian Couple To Build "The Simpsons” Kitchen In Their House

The couple even got a subtle shout-out on the show last month.

Which Luke Skywalker Are You?

From farm boy to Jedi to bearded hermit.

Which Fictional Couple Are You And Your Fictional Significant Other?

Single and ready to pretend that you're not!

El nuevo meme de 2016 es la respuesta a todo

P: ¿De dónde salió esta estupidez? R: Pa k kieres saber eso jaja saludos.

10 Cosas para tener en cuenta cuando vas de compras a Avenida Avellaneda

Prepárate mentalmente para la experiencia Flores.

Jeb Bush Has "Mistaken And Conflated" Story About Receiving NRA Award, Campaign Admits

Bush has repeatedly claimed that he received the NRA's "statesman of the year" award.

Portland Snow Storm Of 2K16

We will rebuild.

17 Things That Happened 10 Years Ago This Month

January 2006 was kind of weird.

39 Songs You Need In Your Life This January

The best new pop, rock, and hip-hop for January, in no particular order.

This Clydesdale Horse Already Has The Best Photobomb Of 2016

This little girl did not know what was coming.

Samsung’s Future Fridge Will Tell You When Your Food’s Going Bad

The Family Hub Refrigerator is one very large step forward for the Internet of Things.

People Review Japanese Beauty Products

“I’ve never been so disappointed to have a product not suck my skin.”

12 Calendarios gratuitos que te ayudarán a planificar este 2016 de la mejor forma

Solo tendrás que imprimirlos y decorarán tu casa, sin hacerte gastar ni un centavo.

It's Finally Winter In Canada And People Aren't Happy

Bring back that December weather, please.

Here's What The Cast Of "Juno" Looks Like Then Vs. Now

Allison Janney might be immortal???

18 Deliciosas ensaladas que querrás comer durante todo el año

Tan ricas que ni sentirás que estás comiendo saludable

Crazy Confessions From Exes

I never had actual feelings for you!

Federal Government Sues Volkswagen Over Emissions Evasion

The Department of Justice is asking VW to stop using the "defeat devices," to mitigate excess emissions, and to pay civil penalties.

14 Drive-Thru Workers Who Are 100% Done

They really don't get paid enough to deal with these pranks.

The Problem With Angel

He's just too wide...

Você consegue perceber a diferença entre a cor preta e a azul?

Isso pode ser mais difícil do que você imagina.

Ted Cruz Says Oregon Militia Should Stand Down

The Republican presidential candidate said there's no constitutional right to threaten force and violence.

Fictional Lesbian Couples Are Ruining People's Lives

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

11 Awesome Sales To Shop Now

New year, new deals.

We Know Which Song Should Be Your Anthem Based On Your Sign

Listen to the stars — they know everything.

¿Eres más Harry Potter o Star Wars?

Es hora de saber si la magia o la Fuerza están de tu lado.

18 Presentations That Would Make You Pay Attention In Class

Powerpoint can be used for good or for evil.

Viol présumé à Perpignan: Facebook critiqué pour avoir laissé la vidéo en ligne

Des internautes qui avaient signalé la vidéo ont vu dans un premier temps leur demande rejetée par la plateforme.

19 preuves que vous êtes l'original-e de votre bande de potes

Vous êtes plutôt rock des années 60 alors que vos potes écoutent que du Beyoncé. Ou l'inverse.

Oregon Sheriff Tells Militia Occupiers To Go Home As Ranchers Surrender

Anti-government protesters occupying federal land in Oregon contend two ranchers are being retaliated against as part of a government land grab.

21 Things You Need For Your Baby If You Were In Hufflepuff Or Ravenclaw

Hogwarts' other houses often get the short end of the stick, but not today.

Este garoto se tornou viral ao se identificar com um boneco de Star Wars sem nunca ter visto o filme

O garotinho de apenas 4 anos emocionou muita gente por ter se apaixonado pelo boneco do Finn sem nunca ter visto um filme da saga.

14 Mind-Blowing Ways To Have Eggs

Don't settle for less

21 Things That Were Cool In 2006 But Definitely Aren't In 2016

Why are some people still wearing Crocs?

Arab Twitter Has A Lot To Say About The Growing Saudi Arabia-Iran Rift

One group even started a hashtag "Give_me_my_phone_back_Khameni."

14 Star Wars-Themed Church Signs For The Jedi In All Of Us

If you only knew the power of the church sign...

Which Celebrity BFFs Are You And Your Best Friend Based On One Question?

We can already tell you that you are friendship goals.

A Lot Of People Think The Gray-Haired Reporter In "Making A Murderer" Is Hot

*tries to pay attention* *becomes easily distracted by the attractive gray-haired reporter*

Junior Doctor Strikes Are Back On For January And February

Six days of action are planned after talks between the government and the British Medical Association ended without an agreement.

This Is What The Price Of A London Home Could Buy In Scotland

A studio flat in London now costs more than a 17th-century baronial castle in Scotland.

US Outsourcing Company Abandons Plans To Sue Michael Gove's Department

The news follows yet another significant reversal of former justice secretary Chris Grayling's policies by his successor, Michael Gove.

11 Cosas cruciales que debes considerar antes de cortarte el flequillo

Las buenas amigas no dejan a sus amigas cortarse el flequillo por capricho.

A Man's Hopeful Final Facebook Post Is Going Viral After He Was Killed On New Year's Eve

"I really don't know where I'll end up tonight but I do know where I wind up is where I'm meant to be."

22 Bandas que no sabías habían tocado en Tijuana

Porque cuando dicen "por primera vez en México", muchas veces se refieren solamente a la #CDMX.

Marco Rubio On Oregon Standoff: "You Can't Be Lawless"

The Republican presidential candidate added that he thinks there is too much federal control over land in the western United States.

Why TMNT Is Basically A K-Pop Boy Band

Hey, does anyone want to play Buck-Buck?

The President Of Rwanda's Subtweet Game Is Insanely On Point

He's running for a third term and the U.S. isn't a fan.

18 Gerichte , die Du in einer Tasse in der Mikrowelle kochen kannst

Perfekt für Deine WG-Küche. Oder jede andere Küche.

13 Harry Potter Fan Theories That Will Totally Blow Your Mind

Because there are no coincidences in the wizarding world.

Do You Recognise The "Goosebumps" Book From Its Original Cover?

Quizzers beware, you're in for a scare…

David Cameron Says He Doesn't Mind The Media Broadcasting ISIS Video Clips

The prime minister said the latest video, which directly references him, was "desperate stuff" from "a group that's losing ground".

21 pinturas famosas que descrevem perfeitamente a sua balada

Quando você vira artista no fim de semana.

17 cachorros que precisam de um dia de folga

Esses cãezinhos são como nós.

Emma Watson est très contente de la nouvelle Hermione

Le choix de la comédienne noire Noma Dumezweni pour incarner la célèbre sorcière n'était pas du goût de tous.

What's The Weirdest Thing Your Dog Does?

Dogs are strange creatures, and it's time we admit that.

Chris Rock Promises The Oscars Will Be Full Of Drunk, Disappointed People

The first promo for the Oscars here and we are praying for our faves.

22 Fotos, die beweisen wie hässlich Bern ist

Dies ist eine Reisewarnung.

Bizarre Lawsuit Claims Without Evidence That Cliven Bundy Accused Obama Of Threatening Donald Trump

Note: This post has been updated to reflect that Bundy was named as a plaintiff in the suit by another person.

The Tech Policy Battles Of 2016

Encryption, drone regulation, and net neutrality are likely to be top of mind in both Washington and Silicon Valley this year.

Man Fitted With Bionic Penis Will Lose His Virginity To An Award-Winning Sex Worker

Mohammed Abad has arranged to meet with Charlotte Rose for dinner in London.

23 Estrenos de 2016 para no salir nunca del cine

Las salas de cine, las verdaderas dueñas de nuestras quincenas.

Here's How Dietitians Actually Eat Healthy Without Going Broke

Two professional healthy eaters share their secrets for feeding yourself on a budget.

Charlie Hebdo Marks One Year Since Attack With Another Provocative Cover

“One year on: The assassin is still at large.”

Better Together Activists Form New Unionist Party To Fight Scottish Election

The Unionist party, which opposes any new powers for Scotland, hopes to have at least one MSP in May.

La police accusée de violences sur ce jeune homme en Vendée

Contactée par BuzzFeed, la police des Sables d'Olonne répond que l'interpellation a eu lieu «dans un climat tendu, avec des personnes hostiles autour».

These 23 Tweets Will Make You Feel Better About The World

"You live on a tiny blue dot, lost in a sea of stars, and every speck of life around you is improbable and wondrous. Why can't you see that?"

There Is A Lot Of Love For The Defense Lawyers From "Making A Murderer"

"My wife finds this very, very hard to believe," Dean Strang told a reporter.

20 coisas que todo mundo pensa no começo do ano

"E pensar que vai começar tudo de novo: polêmicas novas, memes novos, tragédias novas, músicas novas que eu vou amar/odiar..."

17 Signs You're Mentally Ready To Retire

It's never too early too retire. Ideally, as soon as you graduate.

Ces photos montrent la beauté brutale du monde de la danse

Le photographe Rick Guest veut montrer «le sacrifice nécessaire» des danseurs professionnels.

18 Barbies de los 80s y 90s que ahora valen una fortuna

Tus padres tenían razón, no deberías haberle cortado el pelo a tu Barbie.

19 Euphoric Experiences For People Who Love Stationery

When you find that one pen that makes your handwriting perfect.

Britain Has Sold £5.6 Billion Of Arms To Saudi Arabia Since David Cameron Came To Power

Campaigners say Britain is prioritising "arms company profits over human rights".

21 Things You'll Understand If You're Completely Obsessed With Waitrose

*Panics about which charity to give the green disk to*

14 All-Too-Relatable Vines By Varun Thakur That'll Make You LOL

Totally worth the buffering time. Promise.

18 Snapchats, die nur "Harry Potter"-Fans verschicken

Wenn Eure Handys doch nur in Hogwarts funktionieren würden.

25 Celebrities You Won't Believe Are Turning 50 This Year

There's one solution: They must be vampires.

The Hardest European Capital Cities Test You'll Ever Take

Do you know the capital of every European country? It'll start easy, but get very hard.

18 cosas que entenderás si tienes hermanos pequeños

Tener hermanos pequeños es querer matar a alguien por quien morirías.

15 People Who Are Damn Stressed Out Because Of Their Twitter Handles

What's in a name? A lot if you're on the internet, apparently.

Hier sind die echten Vorbilder Deiner Lieblings-Disneyfiguren

Ähnlichkeiten zwischen Synchronsprechern, Animations-Modellen und Zeichentrick-Helden kein Zufall.

19 Postres que son deliciosos y coloridos

Si no te gustan los colorantes de alimentos es mejor que te retires.

After National Security Dominates The News, Abortion Battles Loom In Washington

On Capitol Hill, Republican leaders in the House and Senate would like to keep the focus on national security in 2016, but upcoming Supreme Court cases and GOP-led investigations of Planned Parenthood await.

26 cosas que solo entenderás si estás ligeramente obsesionada con la laca de uñas

Eres incapaz de recordar los días en los que no andabas buscando una base y top coat perfectos.

British Man Arrested In Kyrgyzstan For Comparing Local Delicacy To A "Horse Penis"

Michael Mcfeat, a mine worker from Perth and Kinross, was questioned by police after his co-workers were angered by his comments in a Facebook post.

What's Going On Around The World

An armed militia group took over a government building in rural Oregon on Saturday. Gun control action is U.S. President Barack Obama’s New Year’s resolution. And tips, tricks, and tools to start the new year off right.

Scottish Residents Urged To "Be Prepared" For More Flooding

The Met Office has issued an amber warning for Moray, Aberdeenshire, Angus, Perthshire, and Stirlingshire.

Junior Doctors Are Pessimistic That Strike Action Can Be Prevented At Last Minute

"I will fight for as many days or weeks or months as it takes. If that's what we have to commit to, then so be it," one junior doctor told BuzzFeed News.

O guia definitivo para homens que querem corrigir vozes femininas

Todas aquelas vozes femininas sibilantes pedindo desculpas estão fazendo você subir pelas paredes? Nós temos a solução!

24 coisas que pessoas obcecadas por livros sabem que é verdade

Não é apenas um livro; é um mundo inteiro.

22 Times Philomena Cunk Spoke The Terrifying And Wonderful Truth

"Because evolution can't be seen, it's hard to believe in, like electricity or skeletons."

Nós pedimos para cientistas de verdade explicarem o universo de "Star Wars"

Sem spoilers de O Despertar da Força, apenas ciência amplamente especulativa.

Taylor Swift's New Video Has Loads Of Callbacks To Harry Styles

Spoiler alert: This may be the final time we see any references to Haylor.

We Know Exactly When You'll Break Your New Year's Resolution

Because let's be honest, you will break it.

Eu me vesti como os personagens de "Star Wars" por uma semana e foi meio esquisito

Caçadores de recompensas não podem andar de skate.

Lyft Will Have Driverless Cars On Its Platform Within 10 Years

"I think it's fair to say [we'll see a fleet of autonomous vehicles on the Lyft platform] within the next 10 years, likely sooner," Lyft co-founder John Zimmer told BuzzFeed News.

Your Horoscope For The Week Of January 4

Should your job or your friends be your priority this week? Find out!

A arte conceitual criada para o filme "Alien" é aterrorizante

Os designs originais de H.R Giger para Alien são ainda mais arrepiantes do que o filme.

32 das fotos científicas mais incríveis de 2015

O espaço é legal, mas focas também são.

Kuwait Becomes Latest Country To Recall Its Ambassador From Iran

Sudan and Bahrain severed diplomatic ties with Iran Monday, while the United Arab Emirates announced it would downgrade relations, following protests over Saudi Arabia's decision to execute a Shiite cleric.

Pro-Independence Scots To Boycott Tunnock's Teacakes After "British" Rebrand

The iconic Scottish snack is being advertised as "the great British teacake" on the London underground.

Can You Tell The Difference Between Porn Films And British Sitcoms?

You wouldn't want to watch Colin's Sandwich with the family. Or would you?

Chris Gayle Gives A Stunning Non-Apology For His Sleazy Comments To A Journalist

The Melbourne Renegades cricketer tried to pick up female host Mel McLaughlin live on air.

Ces couples de stars qui nous manquent terriblement

Mention spéciale à Johnny et Vanessa <3

19 Dinge, die Du vollkommen verstehen kannst, wenn Du IKEA liebst

Eine Ode an den flärdvollsten Ort der Welt.

A BBC Comedy Spookily Predicted BBC Three's Weird New Logo

W1A managed to predict BBC Three’s logo, which looks like II with an exclamation mark, two years ago.

Mark Zuckerberg Wants To Build Himself A Robot Butler In 2016

So the robot revolution will presumably begin in 2017.

C'est à peine la rentrée et les gens en ont déjà marre

Fini la grasse mat'... Et en plus il faut souhaiter une bonne année à tout le monde, voire passer les partiels.

Deadly Magnitude 6.7 Earthquake Hits Eastern India

At least nine people died across eastern India and Bangladesh after an early-morning tremor hit Manipur province.

New App Scans Thousands Of Food Packets To Reveal Hidden Sugar

The app is able to scan 75,000 food and drink products.

19 cosas que aprendes cuando te vas a vivir solo por primera vez

El ibuprofeno no crece en los cajones del baño.

Here's How Auto Rickshaw Drivers Feel About Their Job

From the risks of being a rickshaw driver, to some of the simpler joys.

Starbucks Adds Latte Macchiato To Growing Menu Of Espresso Drinks

The intermediate beverage is not quite a latte, and not quite an espresso macchiato either.

12 canciones para aprender a perrerar elegidas por PXXR GVNG

Seleccionadas y comentadas por Fernandito Kit Kat , aka Yung Beef, de PXXR GVNG, que actua en PERREO69 el 8 de enero en la Sala Dresde de Cerdanyola.

Anne Hathaway Shared An Empowering Photo When Paparazzi Tried To Take Pictures Of Her Baby Bump

"I figure if this kind of photo is going to be out in the world it should at least be an image that makes me happy."

People Have A Lot Of Feelings About Tom Daley's Insane Frying Pan

The diver's multi-section frying pan already owns 2016.

Kanan Gill's New Video About Booking A Cab Will Make You Say "Same"

It is emotionally enriching to book a cab in India.

It's The First Monday Of 2016 And People Just Can't Deal

The nation's office workers couldn't be more excited to be back at work.

Los 19 obstáculos que la vida nos pone en enero

Enero, el lunes de los meses.

The Romanian Photographer Who Documents Beauty Around The World Is Currently Killing It In India

Mihaela Noroc's aim is to travel the world and capture natural beauty and diversity through portraits of women.

21 Stages Of "I'm Never Drinking Again"

"I know I've said this a million times, but this time I'm SERIOUS."

Which "30 Rock" Characters Are The Presidential Candidates?

"I really don't think it's fair for me to be in a debate since I'm a hologram."

Which Character From "Pretty Little Liars" Are You Based On Your Zodiac?

Are you Mona or Spencer? Caleb or Ezra? Or are you A??

What Does Every Tourist Need To Know Before Coming To Sydney?

There much more to see beyond the Opera House.

The Birth Control Pill Is Now Available Without a Prescription In Oregon

Oregon and California are allowing women to acquire hormonal contraceptives without a doctor's written prescription in 2016.

Which "Laguna Beach" Romance Did You Ship?

♫ Let the rain fall down ♫

Are You More Like Ariana Grande Or Cat Valentine?

"What's that supposed to mean?"

You Need To Understand Mormonism If You Want To Understand The Oregon Standoff

Mormonism has a long, complicated history of conflict with the federal government, and that history is deeply informing the actions of the militia members and ranchers who took over a government building Saturday.

How Well Do You Remember "Freaky Friday"?

"Could you like chill, for a sec?"

16 Reasons To Eat More Buffalo Sauce In 2016

Because Buffalo Sauce is Bae.

The Ultimate 90210 Poll

Namaste, bitches

Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Are Hanging Out And People Are Losing Their Shit


22 Stages Of Going Back To Work After A Break

Being an adult is the worst.

Elite Water Polo Player Killed By Single Punch Outside Nightclub

The latest victim of a vicious one-punch attack.

Can You Match These Adele Songs To Their Albums?

At least you can say that you tried.

Which Seasoning Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Sugar, spice, and everything nice.

How To Shut Down Catcallers

"I haven't shaved in months!"

Are You More Regina George Or Lord Voldemort?

Which evil mastermind are you?

A George Costanza-Themed Bar Opened In Australia And All Is Right In The World

Melbourne, it's time to celebrate the Summer of George.

Co-Workers Play Would You Rather?

Why would you even think of this?!

Peter Dutton's Text Fuck-Up Is The Perfect Start To 2016

Ohhhh boy. These are mad fucking funny.

19 Deliciously Simple Slow Cooker Recipes With Only Three Ingredients

For those with the perfect storm of no time, no money, and no cooking skills. Want more? Check out these links.

The Leaders Of The Oregon Standoff Have Been Calling For Action For Months

Since at least November, the Nevada-based Bundy family has been sending emails about the Oregon ranchers facing prison time. The emails express safety concerns, quote scripture, and ultimately call supporters to action.

9 Reasons January Is So Shit

In case you hadn't noticed, it's January. Here is everything you hate about it.

Should Bradley Cooper Or Ryan Gosling Be Your Leading Man?

Let's pretend you're in a movie! Who should be your costar?