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Peter Dutton's Text Fuck-Up Is The Perfect Start To 2016

Ohhhh boy. These are mad fucking funny.

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Immigration minister Peter Dutton has landed himself in a cauldron of hot water after he accidentally sent a text to the wrong person.

Peter Dutton SMS's Briggs calling @samanthamaiden 'mad f..king witch', sends it to Sam, not Briggs @dailytelegraph

1. For once, Australia agreed on something. It was an epic fuck up. And it was fucking hilarious.

2. We started imagining how Dutton must have felt when he realised that he'd texted Samantha Maiden instead of Jamie Briggs.


3. And then we started thinking about how he might try to fix it.

Dutton: uh George Brandis: yes Peter Dutton: is there a way to get a text unsent? Brandis: no, Peter Dutton: but ASIO? Brandis: no D: shit


"Hello is that Telstra? This is Peter Dutton. How do you stop a text?" #auspol


7. There was even commentary from some American guy on Twitter, who responded after copping abuse meant for the Aussie politician, comparing him to Donald Trump.

Twitter: @peter_dutton

Which if you think about it is kinda ironic, given that those people were blasting Dutton for sending a text to the wrong person, only for they themselves to tweet it to the wrong person.

8. We wondered how the prime minister must be feeling.


10. And whether this was going to work its way into official immigration policy.

11. The only thing left to do was to try and make amends.

All good. Dutton just texted me his resignation by accident.

12. With that, we wiped the tears from our eyes and tried to get on with our lives. What a mad fucking way to bring in the new year.

I have been losing it for 25 minutes now thank you Peter Dutton

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