People Who Complain About Spoilers Are The Goddamn Worst

Spoiler: Get off social media.

1. Like most people, you’re probably passionate about at least one show, movie, or book.

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Or maybe you’re passionate about a bunch of shit because fandoms are GREAT.

2. But sometimes, for whatever reason, you can’t always get your eyes all over that piece of entertainment you love as soon as it comes out.


AKA you live in Australia and get everything 10 years late. Not bitter.

3. So you have to wait a few days, or hours, until you can fulfill your dreams. And that also means avoiding spoilers.

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4. But listen up now because if you really want to avoid spoilers, you’d GET. OFF. SOCIAL. MEDIA.

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5. Honestly, if you care about something that much, WHY ARE YOU ONLINE???

6. Yes, it’s annoying, but so is people complaining about spoilers when they’re on the internet, y’know, that place where spoilers exist?!?!


7. Obviously it’s a different story if someone purposefully tells you a spoiler in person or calls you to ruin it.


That’s just plain mean.

8. But if you’re on the internet and something gets spoiled for you, let’s be real, you weren’t exactly trying to avoid it.


Also what’s more important: Facebook and Twitter, or finding out if Jon Snow will be back in the season premiere?

9. TL;DR, if you want to live spoiler free, stay away from social media.

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And if your friends ruin something for you in person, they’re terrible people and that’s that.

10. Oh and by the way, those Star Wars spoilers you’ve been avoiding? YEAH WELL DARTH VADER IS LUKE’S FATHER. BYE.

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Caitlin Jinks is an Editorial Coordinator for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.
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