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19 Struggles That Are Way Too Real For Mature Students

Ffs stop calling me mum.

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3. The first time you go out with your course mates you don't understand how they all manage to get drunk off two beers.

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So, in order to catch up, you end up doing something silly like downing five Jägerbombs.


6. And you know that as soon as Thursday night rolls around, they'll all be messaging you for help because they don’t understand the brief.

7. And then you over compensate by helping them too much because you feel responsible for them.

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9. Getting to relive your early drinking years through them is like a second chance at the best part of your late teens. So nobody should judge you for your actions.

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12. You try not to let your classmates know that you often start essays the day they are set in an effort to keep on top of everything.

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You don't want them to think you're uncool.

13. If you live in halls, you fear for your life whenever any of your flatmates attempt to cook.

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Especially in they're in first year.

14. And you’re kind of relieved when their parents come to visit because you know they'll tidy up. Plus, the kitchen won’t smell like Pot Noodle for a change.

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15. Even if all you know how to make is a jacket potato, you're seen as the chef of your halls. Which means everyone hovers around you when you’re cooking.

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"Got any leftovers going?"


16. Writing essays as an old person is actually really hard.

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You find yourself trying to remember everything you learnt about sentence structures in GCSE English.