This Pillow Hoodie Lets You Nap Anywhere So You Can Start 2016 Off Right

The snuggle is ~real~.

1. Do you wish you could sleep all the damn time?

You’re probably one of those people who could pass out literally anywhere, amiright?

2. Then meet your new BFF: the Hypnos sleep hoodie

Hypnos / Via

3. At first glance, the hoodie looks just like every other hoodie.

Hypnos / Via

Nothing to see here — or is there?

4. Except that sewn inside the hood is an inflatable pillow.

Hypnos / Via

A tailored pocket fits the inflatable pillow tightly inside the hood.

5. When you want to nap, blow into the hoodie pillow valve to inflate it.

Hypnos / Via

Blow it up the same way you would a beach ball.


Hypnos / Via

Now you can get some REM during your commute to work.

7. When you’re done, open the valve and deflate it.

Hypnos / Via

No one ever has to know.

8. The next time you take the bus…

Hypnos / Via

Have your own pop-up pillow shop.

9. Or if you’re camped out in the library to “study.”

Hypnos / Via

Just fall asleep instead and impress your parents by telling them you spent eight hours in the stacks.

10. For $49, you can get a sleep pullover via the Hypnos Kickstarter.

Hypnos / Via

Donate $59 or more and you can get the zip-up. Pledge $69 or more for the relaxed fit pullover. Go here for more info.

11. And from here on out, the world is your bed.

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