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Dr. Zizmor Has Retired So No One In NYC Will Ever Have Clear Skin Again

He touched our faces and our hearts.

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If you've been in a NYC subway sometime in the past 25 years, you'll probably recognize this ad:

Dr. Zizmor / Via

That's Dr. Zizmor. With the ubiquity of his ads and the timelessness of his face, Zizmor has become an NYC institution.

Dr. Zizmor

But today, according to NY Daily News, Dr. Zizmor has announced his retirement.

Dr. Zizmor / Via

Not only has Zizmor retired, but his dermatology business has shuttered its doors.

We can only speculate as to why Dr. Zizmor decided to retire.

Maybe if someone close to Zizmor had seen Bibi's tweet, there would have been time to convince him to keep going.

Dr. Zizmor's subway ads reached such levels of notoriety that they spawned a series of ad parodies.

Including one for The Kroll Show:

Even though he is no longer practicing, we'll always remember Dr. Zizmor through the lives and faces he touched.

We must honor him.

Dr. Zizmor is New York, New York is the Yankees, and A-Rod is Dr. Zizmor.

Goodbye, Dr. Zizmor. We will miss you. But most of all, we will miss your campy-as-hell ads.

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