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24 Toys '90s Girls Forgot They Lusted After

Let's not forget about Betty Spaghetty, people.

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1. Puppy/Kitty Surprise

The reason you preferred it: This toy had more toys inside... basically every kid's dream! If you pulled five puppies or kittens out of their tummy, you hit the jackpot.


7. Beanie Babies

The reason you preferred it: Beanie Babies were so soft and huggable it was impossible not to want to collect them all. You really enjoyed how the tags included the Beanie Babies date of birth and back story.


14. Littlest Pet Shop

ellies80stoybox / Via

The reason you preferred it: Animals are infinitely more cute when they are miniature, and for that reason alone you had to own every single Littlest Pet Shop set.


18. Game Boy Pocket or Game Boy Color

The reason you preferred it: These little beauties brought some of your favorite characters like Mario and Brock from Pokémon to life.


23. Quints

toydrome1980 / Via

The reason you preferred it: Quints dolls were quaint and cute with loads of accessories and play sets to collect. You especially loved how each set came with linked bottles and a miniature pink comb.

24. American Girl Doll


The reason you preferred it: The best part about these dolls was getting to pick out the eye and hair color to have them match your own. TWINZ. Side note: If you had one of these, you probably had no idea that whoever bought it for you spent bank.


Oops! The toy pictured on the right in number 18 is a Game Boy Color. An earlier version of this post misidentified the model.