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17 Signs You're Mentally Ready To Retire

It's never too early too retire. Ideally, as soon as you graduate.

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3. The youth of today scare and confuse you.

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It wasn't like that when you were at school, six years ago.


5. You really enjoy antiquing.

im honestly an old woman im ready for retirement w my husband in a cute lil house and watch antiques roadshow

You also actively research antiques, so that you can be knowledgeable about all the cool stuff that will fill your lovely countryside period property.

6. Obviously, going out is not even a consideration for a weeknight.

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But the pub is OK, as long as the music isn't too loud and you can sit down somewhere warm, and get home at a reasonable time.

7. Going out is not much of a consideration for the weekend, either.

10. You have an annual membership to English Heritage, National Trust or any museum.

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13. You're really into gardening.

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Or at least you will be, once you move out of your shitty flat and into that lovely countryside period property with at least an acre of land.

14. Beekeeping is also something you would consider.

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As well as just about any kind of sustainable food production.

15. You'd like at least several hours per day to prepare elaborate meals.

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Who has time to work when you have a five course meal to prepare?

17. In short, you would much rather be crafting.

I haven't even really started working yet and I already can't wait to retire.