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This "Wicked" Proposal Will Reignite Your Obsession With The Show

Because we saw this, we have been changed for good.

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And at Wicked's recent Christmas Day performance, Robinson put on a monkey suit for the first time — to surprise Green with a proposal in front of his castmates.

Daniel Robinson

Robinson got fitted into one of Green's old suits and slipped into it during intermission, he told BuzzFeed Life. He then hid backstage — and miraculously avoided Josh — for the rest of the show.

As the cast gathered for a postshow group photo, Robinson sidled in next to Green, totally incognito with his monkey mask on.

Daniel Robinson / Via

Robinson said that another monkey was the only cast member who knew about the proposal beforehand, and agreed to hide in the back so that Green didn't suspect anything.


Like a true flying monkey warrior, Robinson ripped off his mask, to Green's delight, and delivered an A+ proposal speech.

Daniel Robinson / Via

"You're the most intelligent, talented, handsomest best friend I could ask for," he said as they both cried. "You inspire me, you dream with me, and you judge me only when I ask you to."

Obviously, Green said yes.

"I originally had the idea of proposing to him at curtain call a year ago when he made his Broadway debut," Robinson told BuzzFeed News. "Then a few months later I contacted the 'Wonderful Management of Wicked' and they graciously made the appropriate arrangements to make the magic happen."

"What was going through my mind honestly was, 'just keep talking.' If I stopped I would probably cry, which would make him cry, and then the company would cry. The show would go over the three-hour mark, the union would get fined, Josh would get fired, and we would be homeless! But seriously, I thought that if I just look at him and speak it would be OK."

Watch the whole thing and try not to cry. Just try.

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