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January 26, 2016

Americans: Don’t Panic Over Zika Just Yet

The spread of Zika in the U.S. hinges on how, and which, mosquitoes carry the virus. Aedes aegypti likes to bite people in homes, but most in the U.S. have screens and air-conditioning.

In Kentucky, Rand Paul Might Need The GOP Establishment He Keeps Torching

Before he ran for president, Rand made nice with the establishment — that ended after his presidential bid turned ill-fated. But he now has a challenger for his Senate re-election, and even if he’s unlikely to lose, he might need resources and support from the party leaders he keeps criticizing.

Is Coach Cool Again?

The handbag maker said even though North American sales declined, it's selling more of its $400-plus bags as its brand gains more appeal.

You Should Be Paying Attention To Kayode Ewumi

Six months ago, only a handful of people knew the name of the star of the pitch-perfect spoof #HoodDocumentary. Now 22-year-old Kayode Ewumi is on red carpets and making jokes at the BBC. He explains why the goal is to stay happy – and working.

Tea Party Leaders Rally Behind Cruz, But Activists Love Trump

Even as the odds of a Trump nomination start to sink in for the GOP establishment, the billionaire’s past policy positions aren't conservative enough for tea party leaders. Despite Trump's appeal to grassroots activists affiliated with the conservative movement, the leading voices are throwing their support behind Cruz.

What's Going On Around The World Today

President Barack Obama says solitary confinement is overused in the U.S. The Danish parliament is voting on a controversial bill today that includes confiscating migrants’ valuables to help pay for their stay. And watch a robot solve a Rubik’s cube in 1.02 seconds.