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January 26, 2016

What Harry Potter House Are You In?

Ever wonder what Harry Potter house you fall into? This quiz will take all the details of your life and figure out where exactly you belong.

Donald Trump, In Fight With Fox News, Says He Will Skip Debate

The Republican frontrunner called Fox News host Megyn Kelly a "lightweight" and biased. Trump's campaign said he plans to skip Thursday's primetime debate.

The Porn Industry Is Split On Whether Things Have Changed Since The James Deen Allegations

At the AVN Awards this past weekend, people who work in the industry disagreed on what's changed and what hasn't since the assault allegations against James Deen, who was conspicuously among them.

Americans: Don’t Panic Over Zika Just Yet

The spread of Zika in the U.S. hinges on how, and which, mosquitoes carry the virus. Aedes aegypti likes to bite people in homes, but most in the U.S. have screens and air-conditioning.

Lisa Wilkinson Opens Up About Her Three Miscarriages In Revealing Interview

"It seems to be the great secret so many women carry."

¿Podemos adivinar qué tan barrio eres?

Estas preguntas sobre tu infancia revelarán quién eres.

15 Charts That'll Only Mean Something To People Who Love Running

They say "obsessed" like it's a bad thing.

16 Moments Everyone Has When Bringing Your Significant Other Home To Meet Your Family

Don't even THINK about sleeping in the same room — Mami's house, Mami's rules.

These Maps Show Just How Expensive It Is To Find A Room In Sydney

Because hipster haunts are bleeding you dry.

22 Ways To Make It Easier To Get Married When Your Parents Are Divorced

Make sure your photographer doesn't make your parents hold hands!

Internet se enamoró de un perro mapache llamado Tanu

Prepárate para enamorarte de Tanu, el perro mapache.

26 Pequeños y deliciosos placeres de vivir solo

No volverás a ir al baño con la puerta cerrada.

A 14-Year-Old Is Lucky To Be Alive After Injuring Himself Playing A Popular YouTube Game

Now, his mother, Sarah Fish, is hoping to teach other kids about the dangers of the "duct tape challenge."

If Rappers Were Honest About Their Incomes

Sometimes you just state facts and sometimes you state your hopes and dreams.

Remain Calm But Chris Pine Just Teased "Princess Diaries 3"

Please don't play these games with us.

Defense Team For Officer Who Shot Akai Gurley Focuses On Danger Of The Job

Lawyers for Peter Liang, who is charged for fatally shooting Akai Gurley, said the officer was allowed to have his gun drawn while patrolling a housing project's stairwell.

Ellen Absolutely Grilled Ben Higgins, AKA The Bachelor

"It’s bad TV if you just make out with one girl."

The 21 Most Christina Aguilera Things That Have Ever Happened

From falling into Christmas trees to calling Britney Spears "trailer trash." A look back.

Massive Blizzard That Buried Northeast Was The Sixth Worst On Record

About 103 million people — a third of the U.S. population — were affected by the "crippling" storm in the Northeast and Southeast.

Which Of Us R U

skwad so hard

Which "The Office" GIF Are You Based On Your Least Favorite Quality?

Deep down, we're all ignorant sluts just like Dwight.

17 Freak Occurrences That Unfortunately Killed These People

If you're gonna kick the bucket, you better do it in style.

Tennis Officials To Review Anti-Corruption Unit Amid Match-Fixing Claims

The move announced on Wednesday comes after a joint investigation by BuzzFeed News and the BBC uncovered evidence that the Tennis Integrity Unit failed to rigorously investigate possible match-fixing among dozens of players.

23 Moms Who Were Clearly Meant To Be Moms

"My mom keeps calling Game of Thrones 'Kings & Things.'"

When It's Too Late To Say Something

Should I say something?

Apple Warns Revenues Could Decline For First Time In More Than A Decade

The company made an $18 billion profit in the final three months of 2015, but warned business could slow down in the coming quarter.

23 Ideas sencillísimas para el almuerzo

Los almuerzos comprados en la tienda son TAN 2015.

Americans Watch Coke Studio For The First Time

”That’s so cool how they can come together and make something that can put Indian music there.”

What's Missing Here?

Pick the missing piece!

Medical Panel Recommends Depression Screenings For All Pregnant Women

Studies estimate that up to a fifth of all pregnant women experience depression at some point.

Match The Pictures!


What's Missing Here?

Pick the missing piece!

Another Round, Episode 39: The Betrayer Of The Patriarchy

Tech-guy-about-town Anil Dash talks mangoes, Master of None, diversity in tech, and teaching his son about feminism (with a little tangent about Bee Movie). Plus: our thoughts on Macklemore's "White Privilege II."

Legendary Wrestler Rey Mysterio Answers 15 Totally Random Questions

The Lucha Underground star talks to BuzzFeed about everything, from selfies to Donald Trump.

Christie: I've Never Seen A Wall That A Determined Human Being Can't Overcome

“There’s never been a wall I’ve seen built, in the world, that a determined human being couldn’t get over, under, or around."

If "Mean Girls" Were About Nuns

Meet the "Amen Girls."

How Well Do You Remember Genie From “Aladdin”?

The often imitated, but never... duplicated... duplicated... duplicated... duplicated... Genie of the Lamp!

Tem algo que você precisa saber sobre a frase mais famosa do "Pequeno Príncipe"

"Tu te tornas eternamente responsável por aquilo que DOMAS" seria o ideal.

Texas Executes Man For 2007 Murder Of A Game Warden

James Freeman was executed by lethal injection Wednesday after the Supreme Court declined to intervene. His clemency request was also denied.

21 Life Changing Buffalo Chicken Recipes

Buffalo + Chicken = Happy Tastebuds

Uber Is Making Sure Those Bad Driver Ratings Are Correct

Since November, the company has been using smartphone sensors to analyze rides that have resulted in complaints or poor ratings.

Um programa de TV japonês mostrou rapazes pelados deslizando na borda de uma banheira

AVISO: Esta publicação contém algumas imagens de um rapaz pelado deslizando na borda de uma banheira.

13 partes do seu corpo que você não sabia que tinham nomes

Eu gosto de grandes covinhas de Vênus e não posso negar.

What Questions About Food Do You Want Answered By Science?

What's the deal with brain freeze? And why don't other animals need to cook their meat?

Ex-Con Charged With Killing American Woman On Caribbean Beach

Police arrested David Martin Benjamin, 27, for the murder of Jessica Lewis Colker. She was attacked Sunday while walking with her husband on a remote beach in Grenada.

O Instagram desta modelo plus size brasileira é puro poder

Fluvia Lacerda é simplesmente maravilhosa.

This Kickass Instagram Account Is Here To School You On Queer Lady History

And provide all your #WCW material for the rest of time.

In Kentucky, Rand Paul Might Need The GOP Establishment He Keeps Torching

Before he ran for president, Rand made nice with the establishment — that ended after his presidential bid turned ill-fated. But he now has a challenger for his Senate re-election, and even if he’s unlikely to lose, he might need resources and support from the party leaders he keeps criticizing.

Which Celebrity Lifestyle Brand Are You Actually?

Sure, your friends think you're a GOOP, but are you really?

Quiz: ¿Eres más Mulder o Scully?

La verdad está en este quiz.

Is Coach Cool Again?

The handbag maker said even though North American sales declined, it's selling more of its $400-plus bags as its brand gains more appeal.

Are You A Kaitlyn Or A Carly?

Time to figure out which member of the unstoppable 609 duo you REALLY are.

For Anyone Who Realizes They Have Turned Into Squidward

Life turned us all into Squidward.

Meet The Flint Organizer Advising Black Lives Matter On The Water Crisis

Nayyirah Shariff, an organizer for the Flint Democracy Defense League, has a racial analysis on the Flint water crisis — but it’s only part of the reason why she was the go-to activist for Black Lives Matter on the issue.

Actor Abe Vigoda Dies At 94

Vigoda appeared in The Godfather and the television sitcom Barney Miller.

What Should Your Career Actually Be?

Find a new life path.

17 Formas gratis de hacer tu apartamento más acogedor

Relajación para ti *y* para tu cuenta bancaria.

Six Cleveland Cops Fired Years After Fatally Shooting Two Unarmed People

The officer who fired 49 of the more than 100 police bullets after a November 2012 police chase was among those dismissed.

A Mom Says A Sales Clerk Told Her 13-Year-Old Daughter She Was "Fat" And "Needed Spanx"

Dillard's has addressed the incident after Megan Harris posted a powerful message defending her 13-year-old daughter on Facebook.

A Bride Held Her Wedding Reception At An Alzheimer's Home So Her Mom Could Attend

If Mom can't come to the wedding, bring the wedding to Mom.

What Free Health And Fitness Apps Should Everyone Know About?

Tell us what you use to live your best life.

Rubio: GOP Establishment Position On Immigration "Is To Do Nothing About It"

"Let me ask you now, the Republicans have the majority in the Senate and the majority in the House, where is the great establishment Republican bill to enforce our laws?"

MSNBC, Union Leader To Hold Unsanctioned Democratic Debate In New Hampshire

Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow will moderate the event on Feb. 4.

22 Torturous Things OAC Grads Will Never Forget

AKA the Ontario Academic Credit, AKA Grade 13, AKA the Victory Lap.

There Is Such A Thing As Bunny Yoga And It Is Incredibly Cute

Name one thing that couldn't be improved by bunnies. I dare you.

Using YouTube To Donate To Charity

The video platform's new "donation cards" let creators turn views into charitable contributions.

7 Cast Secrets Revealed By The Stars Of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

Biggest prankster? "Dirk went a little too far. He set the whole set on fire and we had to rebuild it."

This Artist Turned What He Thinks Are Donald Trump's Most Offensive Statements Into A Portrait

"People should have the right to say what they want, but I think at the same other people should have the right to say, 'you’re an idiot.'"

Which X-Men Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Time to find out whether you're more SNIKT or BAMF.

Can We Tell How Canadian You Are From How You ​Speak?

This quiz will not include the word "eh!"

The 49 Best Tweets From Donald Trump Jr.

Musings on weed, Jerry Sandusky, and flaming dog poo.

CIA’s "Queen Of Torture" Married To Former CIA Official Who Urges War Between Sunnis And Shiites

The controversial couple were on the agency's Bin Laden tracking team together in the 1990s.

FAIL: Al TVNotas le pareció “chusco” que unas niñas invidentes fueran al teatro

Itatí Cantoral llevó a niñas de una casa hogar al teatro y ese acto provocó una ola de burlas en redes sociales.

For People Who Love Hot Cheetos

You can never get enough Hot Cheetos <3

We Need To Talk About New York

No, not that state.

21 Modas que absolutamente todas las chicas respiramos y vivimos en los 90

Si no usaste la mayoría de estas cosas: viviste bajo una roca, my friend.

17 Confessions From People Who Struggle To Save Money

"Saving money is hard when you're trying to enjoy life."

This Canadian Teenager With Autism Is The Inspiration We All Need

"More people like Sam need to be seen, heard and given a chance to thrive and dance."

Movies Reimagined As Pokémon

A series of Hollywood movie trailers re-imagined with a Pokémon cast.

Taxi Drivers In France Protest Uber Yet Again

As they lit tires on fire and blocked major roads, taxi drivers complained of unfair competition from private car-hailing services like Uber.

20 Signs You Grew Up In Miami During The '90s

Way back in the city where the heat is on.

23 Food Things You'll Only Get If You're Chinese

What's your idea of a sumptuous meal? RICE.

Drake and Jay Z Clearly Had A Blast At The Warriors Game

Again, where was our invite though?

Die Deutschen trinken Bier mit Cola und das hat mich sehr verwirrt

Was macht ihr da? Wir müssen darüber reden.

"Shame On Jeb Bush," Michael Schiavo Says Of Super PAC Ad Featuring Terri Schiavo

Right to Rise is running an ad that features an image of Terri Schiavo, the severely brain-damaged Florida woman who was at the center of a decades-long legal and political battle to remove her life support in the '90s and '00s.

18 Tuits que te harán reír y llorar si tienes un hermano mayor

¿Cuántas veces te dijo que eras adoptad@?

The Cast Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Reveal Each Other's Habits

Find out who always breaks character and who the go-to is for love advice.

Sanders Sets Iowa Expectations: Don't Expect Obama-Level Turnout From My Campaign

"Do I think that in this campaign that we're going to match that? I would love to see us do that. I hope we do. But frankly I don't think we will. What happened in 2008 was extraordinary."

15 Sopas que realmente te curarán un resfriado

Sopas: la comida del momento.

Can You Find Your Dream Puppy?

It's time to meet your forever friend.

Which Terrifying Pirate Queen From History Are You?

We can't ALL be Ching Shih, terror of the China Sea.

Guess Which Fictional Character This Person Thinks They Look Like

Celeb doppelgängers? How about fictional ones?

This 11-Year-Old Girl Started A Project Called #1000BlackGirls To Get More Diverse Books In Schools

"If you have something in common with the characters, you'll always remember and learn a lesson from the book."

Gender Pay Reporting Should Apply To Small Companies Too, Say Experts

MPs heard that the new rule shouldn't just be for firms with over 250 employees.

You Should Be Paying Attention To Kayode Ewumi

Six months ago, only a handful of people knew the name of the star of the pitch-perfect spoof #HoodDocumentary. Now 22-year-old Kayode Ewumi is on red carpets and making jokes at the BBC. He explains why the goal is to stay happy – and working.

These Are The Superheroes Africans Have Created For Themselves

The universe of comics is expanding into Africa as illustrators say the age of black-written, African-inspired stories has arrived.

The RCMP Lied That Children Were In Danger So They Could Illegally Enter A Home

BuzzFeed Canada has found similar cases of wrongdoing involving the same officer. But these, like hundreds of others, have been kept secret.

Les actrices de «The L Word» ont sacrément bien vieilli

12 ans après depuis la première diffusion! 12 ans!!!!!!!

23 Times Amy Schumer Got Way Too Real About Being A Woman

"It takes me 90 minutes to look this mediocre. Ninety minutes!"

24 Makeup Milestones For Anyone Obsessed With Beauty

The switch to proper makeup brushes is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Estos bonsáis flotantes parecen magia de verdad

Es difícil creer que no se trata de una ilusión óptica.

American Shakespeare Scholar Held In A British Detention Centre Released

UPDATE: Dr Paul Hamilton was released from the detention centre after nine days.

The 21 Stages Of A Break-Up According To Pop Music

I don't need someone like you after all.

21 Things Everyone With A Vagina Should Know About Kegels

Bet you can't make it through this post without squeezing your vagina.

If This "Great Detective Pikachu" Game Doesn't Come To America I Will Scream

Pikachu may or may not be Sherlock Holmes. Just roll with it, OK?

Report: Clippers' Blake Griffin Broke His Hand By Hitting Team Equipment Staffer

Griffin is expected to miss multiple weeks due to the injury.

Tea Party Leaders Rally Behind Cruz, But Activists Love Trump

Even as the odds of a Trump nomination start to sink in for the GOP establishment, the billionaire’s past policy positions aren't conservative enough for tea party leaders. Despite Trump's appeal to grassroots activists affiliated with the conservative movement, the leading voices are throwing their support behind Cruz.

Denmark Decides That Refugees Need To Hand Over Their Stuff If They Want In

The Danish parliament has approved a measure to seize assets worth more than $1,400 and place a three-year wait on reuniting families.

Germans Are Drinking Beer With Coke, And It's Deeply Troubling

What are you doing, Germans? We need to talk about this.

23 Sibling Photo Shoots That Will Make You Want Another Baby

Your biological clock is about to skip a beat.

A Bullfighter Has Come Under Criticism For Taking His Baby Into The Ring

The fighter captioned the photo #OrgulloDeSangre, which means "blood pride."

Mais comment ce slip est arrivé dans les jardins de l'Assemblée?

On veut savoir comment ce slip de marque «Élégance» est arrivé là!

Qatar's World Athletics Championship Bids Investigated Over Corruption Claims

Doha's successful bid for the 2019 World Athletics Championship, and its failed bid for the 2017 championship, will be investigated by the sport's governing body.

14 Unbelievably Rude Cards From Your Dickhead Brain

Happy Birthday! (None of your friends like you and they're not showing up to your party).

46(ish) Geektastic Mugs To Have And To Hold

Because, sometimes work is a drag...

27 Adorable Things Every Sloth Lover Needs

Because sloth is a lifestyle.

L'avant/après des personnages de Supernatural

Certains ont beaucoup vieilli, d'autres non.

Bikram Yoga Founder Ordered To Pay $924K To His Former Lawyer In Harassment Lawsuit

The lawsuit alleged that Bikram Choudhury fired his attorney after she began to investigate claims of sexual harassment against him.

We Know Your Favorite Pop Star Based On Your Favorite Disney Movie

Spoiler: Timon & Pumbaa are not considered pop stars.

There's No Such Thing As Digital-Only Torment

Why online harassment feels no different than street harassment for the women who experience it first-hand.

19 Reasons Taraji P. Henson Should Be Your #1 Imaginary Celebrity BFF

A brief history of what makes the Empire star such bestie material.

15 trucs sur les métalleux qu'il serait temps de savoir

Ils ne sacrifient pas d'animaux innocents les soirs de pleine lune.

BuzzFeed's "Another Round" Podcast Has A Newsletter And You Should Sign Up

Get hilarious insights and awesome recommendations from hosts Tracy and Heben every week.

12 Teile Deines Körper, von denen Du den Namen nicht weißt

Ich liebe einfach große Venusgrübchen!

Cette BD raconte ce qu'on vit quand on devient végétarien-ne

«Un gâteau au chocolat sans œufs, c'est pas gagné.»

31 Times Frankie Boyle's Twitter Was Out Of Control

PSA: Don't read if you're easily offended.

24 canciones que no te creerás que tienen ya 10 años

Ya hace 10 años desde que Dover se pasó al disco.

Child Finds Loaded Gun, Fatally Shoots 7-Year-Old Sibling In Tennessee

The child found a loaded gun inside their mother's purse.

21 Tatuajes de "Pocahontas" que son increíblemente bellos

A veces el tatuaje correcto no es el más fácil.

Here's How To Actually Heal Your Dry, Chapped Lips

Prepare to become extremely aware of how dry your lips are in 3, 2, 1 ...

17 Impossibly Tiny Glasses That Will Make You Feel Crazy Fancy

For when you want to get drunk by a million little sips.

What's Going On Around The World Today

President Barack Obama says solitary confinement is overused in the U.S. The Danish parliament is voting on a controversial bill today that includes confiscating migrants’ valuables to help pay for their stay. And watch a robot solve a Rubik’s cube in 1.02 seconds.

Calais: le «riverain» qui a sorti un fusil lié à l'extrême droite radicale

Cet homme et son père, au cœur d'un face-à-face houleux avec des manifestants pro-réfugiés samedi, sont liés à l'extrême droite locale.

15 Household Items You Need To Replace Right Now

All of these...but especially the loofah.

Jeremy Hunt Apologises To Family Of Baby Who Died After NHS 111 Failings

The government "let William down in the worst possible way", he said.

32 Razones para visitar la Patagonia antes de morir

O para irte a vivir al fin del mundo.

The First Trailer For Ellen Page's "Gaycation" Is Finally Here

BuzzFeed speaks with Ellen Page and co-host Ian Daniel about their new Viceland TV series, which has them traveling around the globe exploring how LGBT communities exist in different cultures.

21 dos melhores exemplos de masculinidade frágil

Vamos tentar entender esse processo aqui.

This Toddler And Duck Are Best Friends And It Will Warm Your Heart

"From day one, they've never been apart."

This Artist's Drawings Are So Incredible You Wont Believe They Aren't Photographs

Heather Rooney is conquering the Instagram art world, one photorealistic drawing at a time.

17 Things You Know If You Love Cold Weather

The cold never bothered me anyway

Sian Blake's Partner To Return To UK For Questioning Over Triple Murder

At an extradition hearing in Ghana, Arthur Simpson-Kent told the court he will return voluntarily.

¿Puedes adivinar si esta letra es de El Fary o de Love of Lesbian?

Un test más difícil que hacerle un simpa a José Luis Cantero Rada.

10 lanchinhos ideais para comer enquanto assiste Netflix

Receitas mais rápidas do que decidir o que assistir.

Как выглядели 14 поп-звезд во времена первых альбомов и как они выглядят сейчас

Время кого-то щадит больше, а кого-то не щадит совсем.

Legal Highs Bill Is "Stupid And Scientifically Illiterate", Says Parliamentary Motion

An MP has submitted a startlingly brutal early day motion in parliament calling the government's new psychoactive substances bill "one of the stupidest, most dangerous and unscientific pieces of drugs legislation ever".

22 Times "Father Ted" Was Absolutely Fecking Hilarious

Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on.

17 Gründe, warum Du nie Make-up tragen solltest

Es stärkt das Selbstvertrauen und ermöglicht es, sich auszudrücken. Hört sich furchtbar an.

27 "Real Life" Magazine Headlines That Went Way, Way Too Far

"My best mate's a potato", and other stories. Via ReallyRealLife.

Wegen diesem süßen Marderhund spielt das Internet verrückt

Mach Dich bereit. Du wirst Dich sofort verlieben!

Expectativa x realidade das fantasias de carnaval

"Queria ir de Rey do Star Wars mas só tinha dinheiro para Mãe Lucinda do lixão."

These Fraudsters Say They Broke Into Fitbit Accounts Using Passwords Bought For 50 Cents

BuzzFeed News spoke to people who say they seized control of user accounts to defraud the tech company by claiming replacement Fitbits under warranty.

Which Handsome Hunk Is The Most Huggable?

It's the most important question.

McDonald's Is Rolling Out Table Service To 400 UK Restaurants

No need to bother collecting your own Big Mac and fries – McDonald's will bring it to your table.

The BuzzFeed Love Test

Are you more infatuated or attached?

Фото россиянки из "ВКонтакте" использовали для продвижения аккаунта несуществующей американской певицы

Снимки со страницы женщины во "ВКонтакте" выдают за фотографии несуществующей певицы Умы Комптон. (Внимание: 18+)

Lebanese Minister Refuses UK's Request To Open Up Jobs To Syrian Refugees

The country is not a "warehouse for people", social affairs minister Rashid Derbas warned Britain after a BuzzFeed News interview.

Police Are Hunting For A Man Suspected Of Exposing People To HIV

A man has been sending abusive WhatsApp messages saying he didn't use a condom. Four people have received them. One of these men, who is now HIV-positive, told BuzzFeed News his story. Warning: explicit content.

19 problemas que tiene toda la gente puntual


What Does T.A.R.D.I.S Stand For?

Tornado Advanced Radar Display Information System? Nope.

20 Kinder, die Schlafen auf ein krasses Level heben

Kinder können wirklich überall schlafen.

This Woman Is Taking A Stand Against People Who Say Mental Illness Is Fake

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald gave advice to employers on how to spot an employee who might be "faking" their mental illness. Writer Anna Spargo-Ryan decided to take a stand.

Tony Blair Says Scotland Will Leave the UK If Britain Leaves The EU

The former prime minister also admitted that he was "worried" about the upcoming referendum on Europe.

Cette page Facebook partage des théories du complot pour briller en société

«Peut on rire de tout? Je ne sais pas, mais des conspirationnistes, oui!»

Phone Companies Fight Back Against West African Nation's Mass Surveillance Bid

Exclusive: A coalition of phone companies, including Orange, are resisting a bid by the government of Guinea to hand over their customers' data.

12 Charts All Women Will Instantly Understand

Because finding a bra that you like that's also in your size is downright impossible.

19 Things People Who Love Going To Bed Early Will Understand

Because staying up late is THE WORST.

21 Times Tumblr Was Funniest About "Game Of Thrones"

On a scale from one to Sansa Stark, how much do you regret your childhood crush?

How Much Do You Actually Remember About 2006?

The year of Facebook, Fall Out Boy, and a million goddamn movie sequels.

39 Things You Probably Didn't Know About "Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire"

Unheated tanks, prosthetic eyebrows, and a Pretty Woman moment.

Can You Guess The One Direction Song From A Single Lyric?

Separating the casual fans from the true Directioners.

Woman Stabbed To Death While Working At Swedish Asylum Center

A 15-year-old boy has been arrested following the killing of a 22-year-old woman at a center for teenage asylum-seekers in Mölndal, near Gothenburg.

Le conflit taxis contre VTC vu par Bill, le meilleur ami d'internet

Le meilleur ami d'internet vous donne son avis sur ce débat qui énerve tout le monde.

Voilà ce que cela fait d'être enceinte de quintuplés

«C'est difficile de croire qu'il y a six personnes sur cette photo!»

Here’s What’s Wrong With A Study Claiming SAD Is A Myth

For a start, people with seasonal affective disorder may have been too depressed to even answer the phone when researchers called.