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16 Moments Everyone Has When Bringing Your Significant Other Home To Meet Your Family

Don't even THINK about sleeping in the same room — Mami's house, Mami's rules.

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1. Before your trip, you have to go over a visual "who's who" with your S.O. and let them know about that one cousin to avoid.

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Once your S.O. knows which one of Abulelita's ears is the good one to talk into, and not to sit in Papi's chair, you are ready to go home.

2. You are greeted by your parents, who act like they haven't seen you in 30 years, and embrace your S.O. like a long-lost child of their own.

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No polite handshake for your S.O. We're familia. It's all hugs and kisses from the start.

4. After the HUGE meal that was prepared with love comes the cafecito and questions.

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"Did you get enough to eat? How was your flight? What do you do for a living? What are your plans for the future? Are you cold? Can I get you a sweater?"

5. Then, mercifully, it's time for bed, but don't even THINK about sleeping in the same room — not until you're married.

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Yes, even if you live together IRL. Mami's house, Mami's rules.

7. Now that you've met the immediate family, it's time to meet EVERYONE ELSE.

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Cousins, tios and tias, neighbors, friends, literally everyone — and your S.O. has no idea whether they are being praised or made fun of.

8. Everyone fawns all over your S.O., except that one overprotective cousin who consistently gives the stink-eye from across the room.

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We all have that cousin. Please, don't ever be that cousin.

9. Soon, the lighthearted questions turn from career and background to matters of INTENTIONS, and words like "marriage" and "babies" get thrown around.

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You both just smile and deflect as much as you can. Your S.O. is starting to sweat a little.

10. Since your S.O. is now family, they are quickly put to work in the kitchen.

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But you've prepared them for this, so they actually offer to help out and your mother swoons.

11. Eventually, the party winds down and people start to say their three-hour goodbyes to the newest family member.

13. Finally, you are able to pull your S.O. out of there and whisk them away for a drink, anywhere but in that house.

14. When it's time to leave and go back to your regular life, your mom now feels like she's saying goodbye to TWO of her own children.

15. Once you get back home, you get a wave of phone calls and messages about how much everyone loves your S.O. and it warms your heart.

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Then they demand that you both come home for Christmas and ask what they should get your S.O.

16. Even though your S.O. has been through the crazy whirlwind that is meeting your family, they know and understand you in a much deeper way after seeing where you came from.

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And you love them even more for the memory of seeing them playing dominoes with your Abuelo.

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