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There's Something Called A Racoon Dog And A Guy In Japan Has One

Get ready to fall in love with Tanu the raccoon dog.

This is a tanuki or raccoon dog, which is a Japanese animal that a lot of Westerners mistakenly think is a raccoon or a badger, but is actually totally different.

During a recent snow storm, Japanese Twitter users discovered this tanuki had a Twitter account.


Photos of him warming himself next to a little stove went viral, getting retweeted over 10,000 times.

Twitter user chibi_tori told BuzzFeed News he usually just calls the little furball Tanuki or Tanu for short.

Chibi_tori found Tanu after he was abandoned and has been raising him since last June.

So what's it like living with a tanuki?

Well, because it's wintertime, tanukis spend most of the cold months hibernating...

So, there's a lot of sleeping.

But even though they are known as raccoon dogs, tanukis don't bark.

They make a noise similar to foxes, which is like a long whine and growl. Tanukis make an even higher-pitched cry than cats or dogs.

Chibi_tori shares a lot of photos of Tanu eating.

Like raccoons, tanukis pretty much eat anything.


But right now, Tanu's biggest obsession is his little stove.

If you want to see more of Tanu definitely check out his Twitter account.