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If Rappers Were Honest About Their Incomes

Sometimes you just state facts and sometimes you state your hopes and dreams.

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We checked in on quotes from seven rap songs to see if the rap stars were exaggerating or not.

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1. 2 Chainz, "I'm Different" (2012)

The Island Def Jam / Via BuzzFeedVideo

Not an exaggeration! 2 Chainz's rate actually was $100k for a feature.


Do you think mentioning that got him more or less work?

2. Nicki Minaj, "Up in Flames" (2013)

MTV / Via BuzzFeedVideo

That seems like a looooooooot of dollars.

Very exaggerated! Nicki's so optimistic!


Shoot for the stars! And if you miss at least you'll hit the moon — or something like that.

3. Drake, "No Tellin'" (2015)

Getty Images / Via BuzzFeedVideo

Congratudraketions! Which bodies of water did your real estate agent take you to first?

Not an exaggeration! Pics or it didn't happen, though.


Well damn, OK. Does he really HAVE to sail to them though? Seems like he has private helicopter money to spare.

4. Pitbull, "Feel This Moment" (2012)

RCA Records / Via BuzzFeedVideo

On the off chance he doesn't actually make billions of dollars, are we to question his genius as well?

Very exaggerated!


That’s roughly 1% the amount of money that Pitbull says he makes. By this logic, should we assume that he's about 1% as brilliant as he thinks he is?

5. Fetty Wap, "679" (2015)

300 Entertainment/RGF Productions / Via BuzzFeedVideo

OK, now these seem like reasonable goals for a successful artist.

Not an exaggeration! (Eh!)


6. Kanye West, "Mercy" (2012)

The Island Def Jam / Via BuzzFeedVideo

Kanye, no!!!

Oh good, it's the jet part of this that we're focusing on. Not an exaggeration.


It turns out "suicides" is a reference to a type of door. Yeezus Christ don't scare us like that!

7. Lil Wayne, "Ballin'" (2011)

Getty Images / Via BuzzFeedVideo

That's a lot of money, but this IS the person who was given $1 mil in cash just for having a birthday in 2008!



Who can really keep track after the first $10 mil anyway?!

Not everyone can eat like Diddy, the highest-paid rapper in 2015!

Sometimes our mouths are bigger than our wallets.