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20 Signs You Grew Up In Miami During The '90s

Way back in the city where the heat is on.

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1. You divide your life into "pre-Hurricane Andrew" and "post-Hurricane Andrew."

Flickr: noaaphotolib / Creative Commons

As if this 1992 hurricane itself wasn't scary enough on its own, parts of South Florida were (/are) reeling from the devastation decades later.

4. Everyone you knew had a firm opinion regarding the Elián González situation from the moment he arrived in Miami in 1999.

Flickr: arte / Creative Commons

The boy at the center of one of the most fraught custody battles ever arrived in Miami from Cuba (after possibly maybe definitely having been saved by dolphins) right before the turn of the millennium.


10. You felt a surge of pride when hometown girl Gloria Estefan's song "Reach" was named the official theme of the 1996 Summer Olympics.


13. Nothing beat the rush of trying to participate in (or completely avoid) couples' skate at Hot Wheels.

beyonceVEVO /

Wheeeeee! The venue has been called "Super Wheels" since 2009, but to '90s kids, it'll always be Hot Wheels, a place for pizza and faceplants.

16. Club wear consisted of cycle skirts, spaghetti strap camisoles, and platform heels.

ArchivosBoom /

This also went for school dances, unless you went to a Catholic school that had rules about spaghetti straps. Ugh.


19. Chuck E. Cheese's? No way. You had Pirates, Discovery Zone (Remember those?), Castle Park, and Mark's Twain's Riverboat Playhouse!

Discovery Zone

This truly glorious Miami New Times article from 1993 delves into all of these indoor play areas, kicking things off by noting that "These are the Nineties. The playground, as you knew it, is gone."