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Cara Delevigne's Dog Had A More Glamorous Day Than Most Of Us Ever Will

All hail Leo.

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This is Cara Delevigne's dog, Leo. Perhaps you've heard of him, he's the Most Glamorous Dog Ever.

Instagram: @caradelevingne

Leo kicked off his Tuesday by attending the very glamorous Chanel show in Paris with his human. He was, tragically, escorted out for fear he was too beautiful a distraction.*

Instagram: @suzymenkesvogue

*Also there's probably some kind of "no dogs" rule.

But no matter, Leo's glamorous day continued. He mugged as only a true celebrity could.

Instagram: @caradelevingne

He mingled with the beautiful people, completely at ease.

Instagram: @caradelevingne

He sniffed some bushes and seriously debated peeing on them.

Instagram: @caradelevingne