"Androgyny is definitely spicing things up."

Becky Catherine Harris • 2 years ago

"I feel like my fatherhood is being threatened."

selormkploanyi • 2 years ago

"I am EXTREMELY awkward."

Steven Lim • 2 years ago

"I've been hungry before... Is that an emotion?"

StevenKanter • 2 years ago

"I'm so grateful."

Ricky Sans • 2 years ago


Sophie Carter-Kahn • 2 years ago

"We're all in this together. We should be kind to each other and make it as pleasant as possible while we're here.

Sara Rubin • 2 years ago

"Men are going to become irrelevant."

Ciara Allen • 2 years ago

"You want me to look like a giant piece of brown turd!!"

Ned Fulmer • 2 years ago

"My heart is racing!!"

Michelle Khare • 2 years ago

You're welcome.

Sophie Carter-Kahn • 2 years ago

"Is it too late to back out?"

Sophie Carter-Kahn • 2 years ago

Time to shit talk.

Kelsey Darragh • 2 years ago

"Yeah, I mean, I've thought about it."

Ricky Sans • 2 years ago

Warning: This post contains foul language that also kind of doesn't make sense, you solitary pubic hair.

JennyLorenzo • 2 years ago

"That animal by the side of the road was just...um...sleeping!"

Chloe Zak • 2 years ago

Because when there's a bun in the oven, you can't eat deli meat. (That's the saying, right?)

Safiya Nygaard • 2 years ago

"That's a real problem."

Niki Ang • 2 years ago

"It kinda looks like poop on a face. But I mean, if it makes me pretty..."

Gustave • 2 years ago

Please give me the strength for wash day.

Daysha Edewi • 2 years ago