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These 7 Androgynous Models Are So Freaking Beautiful

"Androgyny is definitely spicing things up."

Becky Catherine Harris 3 years ago
selormkploanyi 3 years ago
Steven Lim 3 years ago

These Men Felt Emotions For The First Time

"I've been hungry before... Is that an emotion?"

StevenKanter 3 years ago
Ricky Sans 3 years ago

If Donald Trump Quotes Were In The Movie "Mean Girls"


Sophie Carter-Kahn 3 years ago

These People Literally Smashed The Names They Were Bullied With And It’s Amazing

"We're all in this together. We should be kind to each other and make it as pleasant as possible while we're here.

Sara Rubin 3 years ago

Women Wore Vibrating Panties For A Week And It Was Explosive

"Men are going to become irrelevant."

Ciara Allen 3 years ago

This Couple Dressed Each Other For A Week And It Got Tense

"You want me to look like a giant piece of brown turd!!"

Ned Fulmer 3 years ago
Michelle Khare 3 years ago
Sophie Carter-Kahn 3 years ago
Sophie Carter-Kahn 3 years ago
Kelsey Darragh 3 years ago

One Man Tried To Prove His Friends Should Be In Love

"Yeah, I mean, I've thought about it."

Ricky Sans 3 years ago

We Translated Spanish Insults Literally Into English And It's Hilarious

Warning: This post contains foul language that also kind of doesn't make sense, you solitary pubic hair.

JennyLorenzo 3 years ago

The 8 Shameless Lies All Parents Tell Their Kids

"That animal by the side of the road was!"

Chloe Zak 3 years ago

These Guys Tried The Pregnancy Diet And Whined Like Hell

Because when there's a bun in the oven, you can't eat deli meat. (That's the saying, right?)

Safiya Nygaard 3 years ago
Niki Ang 3 years ago

Men Tried Contouring And Realized How Much Freaking Work It Is

"It kinda looks like poop on a face. But I mean, if it makes me pretty..."

Gustave 3 years ago

15 Beauty Problems Black Women Struggle With

Please give me the strength for wash day.

Daysha Edewi 3 years ago