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These Adopted Sons Got To Meet Their Birth Mother For The First Time

"I'm so grateful."

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Many children who are adopted wonder about their biological parents. Robbie and Doug were adopted as babies, and never knew their birth mother. They decided to find her and meet her.

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This is Robbie. He and his biological brother, Doug, were adopted by the same family as children. He never knew his biological mom.

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"I didn't really care, because the adoptive parents were my parents and I didn't think any other way."


Robbie's childhood friend expressed some concerns the night before, saying that he was worried it would "be a shitshow, but I hope it's not, because you guys don't deserve that."

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Robbie admitted to also having some reservations, saying, "It was kinda hard to get a read on her the last couple times we talked on the phone."


The guys told her they were "extremely thankful for the chance you gave us."

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In return, Suzanne noted, "You fulfilled my deal with God, because I wanted a better education, a better life [for you]... and you did."