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    If White Men Experienced Racism And Sexism

    "Don't be so sensitive."

    What would happen if white men had to face sexist and racist stereotypes on stage?

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    Anna Akana, an LA-based actress, comedian, and filmmaker, made this sketch showing what it's like to be anything other than a white man in comedy.

    The sketch turns reality on its head, exploring how it feels to experience others' biases on stage over and over again.

    It can be so frustrating to be shown repeatedly that you're seen as nothing more than an ugly stereotype.

    And when everyone else in the room laughs at those judgments, what are you supposed to do?

    You can try to speak truth to power.

    You can try to explain the deep, insidious workings of an unfair system.

    But Akana told Buzzfeed she wrote this sketch after facing pushback when she tried to discuss the sexism and racism she has experienced in the comedy community.

    With a successful YouTube channel, Akana can write her own material now: "I get to play any role I want... showing myself as a lead has given me opportunities I otherwise wouldn't have."