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Take It Back To The '90s With These Nostalgic AF Pancakes

Yummy, yummy childhood.

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Saturday mornings as a kid were the best. If you were super lucky, your parents would make you pancakes while you watched cartoons. So... here's a mashup of those two amazing things.

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How... how? Let's find out.

First, outline the figures in black pancake batter.


Obviously, before this point you've expertly whipped up a bunch of perfect batter. Also, you have a flat pancake pan thing, and squeezy condiment bottles, and all the food colorings. Obviously.

Next, fill in the outlines with different colors of pancake batter.


Make sure you do it super quick so that the pancake doesn't overcook or cook unevenly... but also make sure the colors are perfect. NBD.

Wait for it to cook the perfect amount of time and get those lil bubbles rising up...


... Then flip it over and look at the beautiful portrait you've created. BAM! You're the Emeril of pancakes. The Emeril of Hey Arnold! pancakes.

Seriously though, these took some real skill. Here's our old friend Courage from Courage the Cowardly Dog, looking the most appealing I've ever seen him.


That green outline, tho.

Everyone's favorite bro, Johnny Bravo, makes quite a DISH.


;) ;) ;)

The dumbest friends in the world, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, go great with maple syrup.

Look at Eddy's hairs!!

And, of course, the classic kid-friendly animal-mash-up monster, Catdog. Yum!!!


(How do they poop?? Doesn't matter; it's a pancake.)