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These 7 Androgynous Models Are So Freaking Beautiful

"Androgyny is definitely spicing things up."

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Modeling and the fashion industry can hold to some pretty severe and strict beauty standards. Here are seven androgynous models who are completely changing the game.

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Oh yeah, and they're FREAKING HOT. Photography by Christophe McWhorter.


When you know you look good, you take multiple leather jacket and choker selfies.

Instagram: @grey

OK, like I've woken up with smeared makeup but never with this much ability to WERQ immediately.

Instagram: @tyeolson

6. Tyler Aubrey looks like she might kill me but I also might like it.

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"It’s kind of beautiful that we can all just be ourselves now, and we can have jobs where we don’t look like everyone else."

And her sister is just as gorge as she is. GOOD GENES, I GUESS.

Instagram: @christinakartchner


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