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If Disney Princesses Were Pregnant, This Is What Would Happen

Who is that pregnant person I see, staring straight back at me and in stretch pants?

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Being pregnant comes with a lot of ups and downs. Disney Princesses seem like they have perfect lives. So we decided to imagine what would happen if they were pregnant.

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Mulan would be better suited than others for kicking butt when people invade that personal space.

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Mulan doesn't care if you think her tummy is mysterious as the dark side of the moon. Do. Not. Touch. Her.

Disney Princesses would have to worry about all the same kinds of decisions that non-princesses do, but maybe they could rely on some magic to tell them the "right" answers.

One way Ariel would have it worse? SHE ONLY HAS ONE OUTFIT.

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Sorry, Ariel. Gotta head over to the Mermaid Maternity section at Target. I hear they even have nursing shells. Or wear your on-land dress; that looked comfy.