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Here's Zayn In A Towel And Other Important GIFs

You're welcome.

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Complex recently featured Zayn Malik in their cover story, and they released this behind-the-scenes video that's from the POV of... a stalker or paparazzi, maybe?

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WHATEVER, let's just look at Zayn.

Here's Zayn if you were looking at him through a plant and he was getting in a car but heard you breathing loudly.

Here's Zayn and his friend, gigglin' on a couch.

Ok, why is it so appealing when guys fiddle with something in their hands??

Here's Zayn taking a casual outdoor shower.

Again, this POV is a lil stalker-ish. But you do you, Complex.

Here's Zayn being unhealthy by a pool. In a sexy way.

That lean though.

And here's Zayn at the end of a long day avoiding the paparazzi, looking out of his huge glass-enclosed house.

This has been your daily dose of Zayn GIFs.