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    7 Cast Secrets Revealed By The Stars Of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

    Biggest prankster? "Dirk went a little too far. He set the whole set on fire and we had to rebuild it."

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    Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

    It's no secret that the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is filled with an ~array~ of larger-than-life personalities, so in addition to playing some intense rounds of Never Have I Ever, we had the show's stars — Stephanie Beatriz, Melissa Fumero, Joe Lo Truglio, Chelsea Peretti, Dirk Blocker, and Joel McKinnon Miller — assign superlatives to their castmates. The result was HIGHLY entertaining.

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    1. Who is most likely to be found at craft services?


    Joe: Dirk.

    Dirk: Me.

    Melissa: Dirk.


    Joe: Cruisin' the crafts table.

    Dirk: They actually put my chair right by the crafts table.

    2. Who takes the longest to get ready?


    Melissa: The ladies?

    Stephanie: The ladies, generally. Yeah.


    Chelsea: No, the guys show up two hours later than we do...

    Stephanie: ...because, patriarchy.

    3. Who is most likely to be found at the gym?


    Stephanie: Terry.

    Joe: Probably me.

    Melissa: Terry.

    Joe: Oh, Terry.

    4. Who is most likely to pull a prank on set?


    Chelsea: Ugh, this set is a prank sanctuary.


    Chelsea: If she [Melissa] ain't prankin' us, she's [Stephanie's] prankin' us. If [Stephanie] ain't prankin' us, these guys are prankin' us. It's just an all day thing.


    Joe: We're prank-a-files.

    Chelsea: We're prank-a-files! That's our thing. Dirk went a little too far. He set the whole set on fire and we had to rebuild it.

    Stephanie: Yeah, that was unfortunate.


    Dirk: It was an accident! That was an accident.

    Chelsea: that was intense.

    5. Who is most likely to break character while filming?


    Chelsea: God, I've fallen off this season a little bit.

    Melissa: I would say that on Season 3 it's Chelsea.


    Melissa: It was me.

    Chelsea: Yeah! We shifted positions. I started strong and then this season I've really started losing it a lot more frequently.

    6. Who is most likely to give relationship advice?


    Chelsea: Terry.

    Stephanie: Oh yeah!

    Chelsea: Married 25 years.

    7. Who is most likely to correct your grammar?


    Chelsea: No one's annoying. We're all cool.

    Catch Brooklyn Nine-Nine every Tuesday night at 9/8c on Fox!

    Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

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