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21 Reasons Northern Couples Are Better Than Southern Couples

Where do I even begin, pet?

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6. Talking of the weather, we've learned to never to rely on the sun turning up on our dates, so we have a long list of all-weather date plans.

8. Because our dates in the pub come in at under £20.

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Which means there's change to spare for a kebab on the way home.


11. We also know that shopping in places like Leeds and Liverpool is just as good as shopping on Oxford Street.

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It's just a bit less busy. That's all.

12. The middle-aged men in our families are some of the most practical, wise men you’ll ever meet.


Northerners are born with the ability to put up a shelf, erect a shed, and tell the difference between 67 different drill bits. Fact.


18. We’ll save a fortune on houses, because we know that buying in the North is the only sensible option.

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A 7-bed mansion in Huddersfield for the price of a 2-bed flat in Tooting? Oh go on then.