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21 Reasons Northern Couples Are Better Than Southern Couples

Where do I even begin, pet?

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6. Talking of the weather, we've learned to never to rely on the sun turning up on our dates, so we have a long list of all-weather date plans.


8. Because our dates in the pub come in at under £20.

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Which means there's change to spare for a kebab on the way home.

10. And we know that couples beach holidays in Scarborough and Whitby are just as good as those in Devon and Cornwall.

11. We also know that shopping in places like Leeds and Liverpool is just as good as shopping on Oxford Street.

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It's just a bit less busy. That's all.

12. The middle-aged men in our families are some of the most practical, wise men you’ll ever meet.


Northerners are born with the ability to put up a shelf, erect a shed, and tell the difference between 67 different drill bits. Fact.


18. We’ll save a fortune on houses, because we know that buying in the North is the only sensible option.

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A 7-bed mansion in Huddersfield for the price of a 2-bed flat in Tooting? Oh go on then.

20. Basically, we're in total agreement about not living in London, and we get equally frustrated when people question us on it.


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