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24 Awesome Things You Really Wanted And Never Got, But Can Still Totally Buy Today

You're a fool if you don't buy those dolls.

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1. Von Dutch Trucker Hat


Yeah, sure, wearing this out in public today would probably make you look like you're trying to relive the glory days of Kitson and Paris Hilton — but, for less than 15 bucks, you can secretly wear it around the house while dancing along to Justified and Dangerously in Love, and pretend that it's 2003.


4. Back issues of Teen People


If you're confused and wondering who the fuck the newest tweeny pop band or rando young celeb is, then this is the best way to instantly time-travel back to when celebs were actual CELEBS (and you knew their names!).


11. Nintendo Gameboy Color


Nothing made you feel more outdated than with this bad boy came out and all of a sudden your old Gameboy seemed like something out of the '50s. And of course your parents refused to upgrade you since yours was "perfectly fine."


16. Easy-Bake Oven

Who wasn't jealous of that ONE neighbor who had this but wouldn't let you play with it? Although, obviously, this would just be a novelty as an adult, 'cause I don't think you could even cook a Bagel Bite in this thing.

17. Nickelodeon Time Blaster Digital Alarm Clock


When you were a kid NOTHING was cooler than Nick — it was basically a designer brand to you — which, of course, meant anything released by them was coveted. And this clock was the most MUST-HAVE item. I mean, just look at that design! The pinnacle of '90s Nickelodeon design.


18. The iPod Nano

iPods are mad cheap on eBay nowadays and you know these things are going to make some sort of ironic comeback in a few years. There's also a real satisfaction with spinning on the click wheel and pressing buttons. Remember buttons?!

19. The iZone Camera

For about $20 you can take 12 tiny sticker pictures and put them like all over your notebooks and stuff. If you think about it, a photo booth would cost way more than this. Also, you'd look mad cool taking pictures with one of these.

20. A Juicy Tracksuit

Can you imagine going grocery shopping wearing one of these? You would literally be the star of Target. People will be like "OMG is that Britney Spears?!" You're lying if you don't want one.


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