The reservist was a member of the famed SEAL Team 6 and had recently worked as a soldier for hire in Yemen.

Aram Roston • One day ago

“There was a targeted assassination program in Yemen. I was running it. We did it.”

Aram Roston • One day ago

Michael Cohen, Trump’s fixer and Falwell’s friend, was also at Liberty University when Trump and the pool attendant met.

Aram Roston • 3 months ago

The White House announced Joe Hagin's plan to leave government a day after a BuzzFeed News report.

Tarini Parti • 3 months ago

Craft beer, a business partner in the FBI, and “Dear Failure.”

Aram Roston • 3 months ago

Joe Hagin saw Libyan expatriate Basit Igtet as a golden goose. Igtet was more than that.

Tarini Parti • 4 months ago

Trump’s fixer Michael Cohen helped arrange Falwell’s pivotal endorsement of Donald Trump, the first by a major evangelical.

Aram Roston • 4 months ago

A gun dealer that sells firearms to the CIA has been shopping for napalm — but won’t reveal the customer or how it will be used.

Aram Roston • 5 months ago

“We would call him ‘Little Napoleon.’”

Aram Roston • 5 months ago

The investigation into Jose Irizarry comes as the agency has been battered by multiple misconduct and corruption allegations.

Aram Roston • 6 months ago

“Small teams are locating and killing bad guys. That’s what we are doing.” The official in charge of the hit teams was a senior aide to CIA Director Mike Pompeo, who Trump just nominated to be secretary of state.

Aram Roston • 7 months ago

Thomas Hicks Jr., a wealthy friend of the president’s son, discussed the plan in the “Tinfoil” room at Trump International Hotel, touted as safe from electronic surveillance. The radical intelligence plan, which also had the support of Iran-Contra veteran Oliver North, has not been implemented but was considered by the Trump White House and CIA.

Aram Roston • 9 months ago

A new report on how ISIS built its arsenal highlights how the US purchased munitions, intended for Syrian rebels, that ended up in the hands of the terrorist group.

Aram Roston • 10 months ago

BuzzFeed News is publishing the slide presentation by the founder of Blackwater to privatize the Afghan war and mine Afghanistan's valuable minerals. He pitched the proposal to the Trump administration. Prince told BuzzFeed News, "You're a fucking hack."

Aram Roston • 10 months ago

The president's son-in-law prompted the Dec. 22, 2016, call to Russia's ambassador that is the focus of Flynn's guilty plea Friday.

Aram Roston • 10 months ago

A private company has proposed that the US government pay it millions to undertake intelligence and covert operations.

Aram Roston • 10 months ago

Michael Barry once worked on a CIA assassination program that had been contracted out to controversial security contractor Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater.

Aram Roston • 11 months ago

Two years after a BuzzFeed News investigation, the Senate introduces the Child Welfare and Accountability Act to track foster care contractors.

Aram Roston • 12 months ago

Prosecutors investigating possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign are bearing down on the president’s son, attempting to figure out his intent when he attended a meeting in which he was promised dirt on Hillary Clinton as part of Russia’s support for Trump’s campaign. The question of intent could be crucial in determining if Donald Trump Jr. violated the law.

Aram Roston • One year ago

William Regnery II, a man who inherited millions but struggled in business, tried for 15 years to ignite a racist political movement — and failed. Then an unforeseen phenomenon named Donald Trump gave legitimacy to what Regnery had seeded long before: the alt-right. Now, the press-shy white separatist breaks his silence.

Aram Roston • One year ago