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19 Things That Happen When You Get Back Together With Your Ex, As Told By Miley Cyrus

La da di da di, Liam and Miley <3

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1. When you tell everyone you're back together with the person you've been bad-mouthing for months.

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2. When you convince everyone (including yourself) that you made the right decision.

Walt Disney

3. When you're wondering if you really love them or you're just afraid of being alone.

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4. When you explain how you got back together over and over again.


5. More importantly, when you tell your mom — the woman who called your ex "good-for-nothing," that you're back together.

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6. When people are all over you and are like, "TELL ME MORE!" even when you already told them everything.

Walt Disney

I mean, like, that's it.

7. When people say things like "There are lots of fish in the sea! Why take a step back?!"

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YOU should step back.

8. When you try to get your ex-now-not ex's approval back. And their family's, too.

Walt Disney

Especially if you're the one who, ahem, broke their heart.

9. When you're out with their friends and you say something, but they share some sort of conspiring look.

I&#x27;m trying, OK?!
Walt Disney

I'm trying, OK?!

10. When people ask you how long you've been together and when your anniversary is.

&quot;Umm, well, long story short... I HATE MATH.&quot;

"Umm, well, long story short... I HATE MATH."

11. When you try to get over the hurtful things you've said to each other in the past.

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12. When you're not sure if you wanna know what happened during your "break."

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13. And when you finally find out who they dated when you guys weren't together.

Walt Disney

14. When you reconnect with each other on social media and you see the things they posted about you when you broke up.

It&#x27;s OK it&#x27;s OK I&#x27;m OK it&#x27;s fine I&#x27;m fine.
Walt Disney

It's OK it's OK I'm OK it's fine I'm fine.

15. When you regret ever deleting all those cute couple photos on Instagram.

16. When you have the talk with your ex about building your relationship for the better this time and you're afraid you'll catch feelings.

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17. And when you actually see good changes in your relationship now.


18. And you realize that everything you went through was worth it.

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19. And you couldn't be any happier.

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