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Lisa Wilkinson Opens Up About Her Three Miscarriages In Revealing Interview

"It seems to be the great secret so many women carry."

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Today Show host Lisa Wilkinson has opened up about the three miscarriages she and her partner endured.

Speaking to Show and Tell Online, Wilkinson discussed the ease at which her and her husband conceived their three children and the shock that followed when they were told their fourth child had died in the womb.

"I'm just thinking, 'we've lucked out'," she said, "and then we woke up one morning and something was clearly very wrong."

Wilkinson and her husband, media personality Peter Fitzsimmons, then tried to conceive a child twice more. Both pregnancies also resulted in miscarriages.

"When someone tells you your baby is dead. Nothing prepares you for that," she said.

After talking to her friends about her attempts, Wilkinson said she was shocked at the amount of friends who had also had miscarriages and mentioned the statistic that one in four Australia women suffer miscarriages.

"It seems to be the great secret so many women carry."

"I just turned around and thought: 'I'm so lucky.' I have so many friends that have had fertility issues, and to think I was lucky enough to even have one child... I just thought 'I'm not gonna push this any more.'"

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