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    Kate Hudson And Jimmy Fallon Played A Perfect Game Of Dubsmash Together

    Kate and Jimmy are the new Sonny and Cher.

    Last night Kate Hudson stopped by The Tonight Show and played around with the Dubsmash app with host Jimmy Fallon.

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    Jimmy started the game off and adorably mimed an iconic moment in pop culture history.

    Can you guess what it was?

    It was Oprah's ~classic~ "YOU GET A CAR" moment.

    After that, Kate Hudson gave it a go and did a pretty good job of mimicking Adele's "Hello."

    Perfect execution.

    Finally, the two decided to join forces and mime their final Dubsmash moment together.

    The. Look. On. Their. Faces. Tho.


    And the song they mimicked was "Who Let The Dogs Out," an anthem all '90s kids will remember.

    Kate and Jimmy make a great team.