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January 27, 2016

21 Times Tumblr Was An Absolute Disaster

Tumblr Logic can be beautiful, but it can also be as fearsome and dangerous as a giraffe.

David Cameron Agrees To Resettle Lone Child Refugees But Not From Europe

The UK will offer sanctuary to some unaccompanied youngsters from "conflict regions", the Home Office has announced.

Back On The Trail To Help Ted Cruz, Rick Perry Says He Never Left

The former Texas governor endorsed Cruz and is stumping for him in Iowa, where he expounded on weed, the Bible, and Donald Trump. Cruz is “best listener I have ever been around in my life,” Perry said.

What It's Like To Re-Create Barack And Michelle Obama Falling In Love

The stars and director of Southside With You, which premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, talk with BuzzFeed News about the challenges of playing the president and first lady before they became the most famous couple in the world.

Rand Paul: Donald Trump "Doesn’t Like A Strong, Assertive Woman"

Rand Paul said this about Donald Trump: "If you watch him do interviews with women, he bullies them, he runs roughshod over them, and he doesn't like a strong, assertive woman."

Washington Turns An Eye To Income Inequality In Silicon Valley

With less than a year of his presidency left, President Obama dispatched Secretary of Labor Tom Perez to Silicon Valley to see what those at work on the future are doing about the future of work.

Venmo Adds Support For Merchant Payments

Now you can use Venmo to pay for food on Munchery and tickets on Gametime.

Duke University Suspends All Sorority Activities After Student Is Hospitalized

The student is expected to recover from an alcohol-related issue, the university said, but concerns remain about alcohol and rush events.

This Surprising Video Shows How Depression Isn't Always Obvious

Why you can't judge a book by it's cover.

Which Male Student Would You Date At Hogwarts?

Everybody is hooking up at Hogwarts.

29 Los Angeles Sentences And What They Really Mean

"Did you feel it?" = The earthquake.

17 Words That Take On New Meaning When You Have Periods

There's cramps... and then there's CRAMPS.

19 Times Canadians Were Condescending To Americans About Winter

A snowball fight between two neighbours.

"G.I. Joe" Cop's Wife Charged With Helping Him Steal Money From Police

Melodie Gliniewicz is accused of taking part in her husband's fraud scheme in Illinois before he carried out an elaborate suicide that was meant to make seem as if he'd been killed.

15 Things You Just Might Have In Common With Helga Pataki

She's the most relatable 4th grader ever created.

We Bet You Don't Know Which TV Shows Are Filmed In Canada

That's the thing about Canadians: We look just like you.

32 Love Songs From The Late ’00s You’ll Never Forget

“Search around the world but you will never find another shorty like mine."

Weird Things Siblings Believed Growing Up

“Are you really going to tell the internet about our weird childhood?”

17 Preguntas que le tenemos a la gente que ha tenido sexo anal

Disculpen nuestra ignorancia, chicos y chicas.

Ferguson, Justice Department Reach Agreement On Police Oversight

The proposed settlement, which still must be signed off by a federal judge, will force the city department to reorient its policing to be more accountable to community input.

I Don't Owe Anyone My Body

My Tinder date stopped seeming like a nice guy the second he couldn't hear me say "no."

Suspect In American Nanny’s Death Arrested At Refugee Center

Authorities in Vienna said the death of 25-year-old Lauren Mann, originally from Colorado, was the result of suffocation. A suspect was arrested at a refugee center.

Twisted And Broken: "The Big Short" Director On The Worst Of Wall Street

In Anchorman, Adam McKay targeted the inanity of TV news. In documenting the madness of Wall Street, he says his new film poses a simple question: "how did we miss this?"

17 Regalos de San Valentín maravillosamente geeks

Muéstrales cuánto te interesas (por la precisión científica).

This Is What The Cast Of "A Cinderella Story" Looks Like Now

Spoiler alert: Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray are just as perfect as ever.

El mundial de atletismo en Doha está bajo la mira por acusaciones de corrupción

Tanto la oferta para el campeonato del 2019 como la del 2017 serán investigadas.

Mosquitoes Could Open The Door To A New Debate Over Abortion

El Salvador's deputy health minister tells BuzzFeed News the spread of the Zika virus could lead to a new debate over abortion.

15 segredos que os supermercados não querem que você saiba

Spoiler: você não vai mais olhar os mercados com os mesmos olhos.

22 dramas que toda mulher alta já enfrentou

Uma vida se abaixando para fazer foto com as amigas.


BuzzFeed UKのスコット記者が選んでくれました。



Try These Tasty Treats For Your Super Bowl Party

Surefire hits that will turn up your Super Bowl party so many notches!

23 fotos que mostram São Paulo como você nunca viu

A Augusta acarpetada, um Fusca dentro do lago do Ibirapuera e o Masp SEM as colunas vermelhas: sim, é tudo real.

Which Kanye West Throwdown Tweet Are You?

You have distracted from my creative process.

The FCC Wants You To Choose Your Own Cable Box

To lower consumers’ cable bills and enhance innovation, federal regulators want companies to design and sell new types of set-top boxes.

Joseph Fiennes Has Responded To The Backlash Over Him Playing Michael Jackson

"I'm as shocked as you may be," the actor told Entertainment Tonight in response to the outrage over his playing the king of pop in an upcoming comedy special.

Kanye West Called Out Wiz Khalifa On Twitter And It Was Incredible

"I went to look at your Twitter and you were wearing cool pants." —Kanye West. UPDATE: BuzzFeed News ran into Kanye at the airport and asked him to comment on the whole sordid ordeal.

19 coisas que pessoas que adoram dormir cedo entenderão

Porque ficar acordado até tarde é A PIOR COISA.

Coisas que seus animais de estimação fazem quando você sai de casa

Alguma vez você já se perguntou o que seus animais de estimação fazem enquanto você está no trabalho? É isso aqui.

66 Objetos que toda adolescente de los noventa tuvo alguna vez

Desde los chinitos de la suerte hasta los piojitos en la cabeza...

23 imagens que não vão fazer sentido se você for filho único

Quando sua mãe chama você pelo nome de todos os outros membros da família antes de falar o seu.

18 celebridades que eram muito atraentes quando jovens

Na verdade, elas ainda são lindas, para falar a verdade.

What's The Most Delicious Thing You Can Eat In Atlanta For Less Than $10?

♫ Boy check the resume, it's tasty business in the A. ♫

Lego Reportedly Responds To Requests For Inclusivity With New Toy In Wheelchair

The company's new "City" set features a young person in a wheelchair, according to a fan blog.

How Can You Lose 50+ Pounds?

If I can do it, so can you!

What It's Like To Kiss Another Woman For The First Time

"When I first kissed her...I kept thinking, "'We should do more of this.'"

Which Lady Are You Most Similar To?

Check which friend you are most similar to in this friend group?

22 Libros que necesitas leer si te interesa la moda

Una cosa es vestirse bien, otra es saber de lo que estás hablando.

Oprah Talking About Her Love For Bread Will Leave You Weirdly Inspired

I have no idea why, but it's like the most inspiring speech of our time.

An 11-Year-Old Died After Reentering A Burning Home To Try And Rescue Other Children

A 7-year-old child also died and a 10-year-old is in critical condition after being injured in a fire at their Wisconsin home.

10 Binge-Worthy Shows That Prove Canadian Netflix Isn't That Bad

Because it's cold AF and leaving the house isn't an option.

21 Times Larry David Spoke For Everyone Who Hates People

Anti-social frozen yogurt lovers, unite.

12 coisas que só quem está sempre sem dinheiro vai entender

Nenhum filme de terror te dá mais medo do que ver o saldo no internet banking.

There's Now A Concert Venue Named After The Store Express

Express Live! You know, named after that store in the mall.

What's The Craziest Thing That Happened To You During Oral Sex?

"Honey, they don't call it a job for nothing."

Kid's Jokes

Hahaha...these are so funny!

Meet One Of The Filthiest Female Characters You'll See Onscreen This Year

Melissa Rauch tells BuzzFeed News why her new movie could make “taint lockets” the new best friend charms. Watch the exclusive premiere of the green band trailer for The Bronze.

Sky News Just Tweeted Saying Tennis Star Johanna Konta "Isn't All That British"

She has a passport and everything! What more do you want!

Facebook se está volviendo loco con la publicación de este chef mexicano

En menos de tres días, la publicación alcanzó más de 20,000 shares en Facebook.

Can You Pass This Cat-Themed Art History Quiz?

Art History Quiz: Cat Edition.

Stop What You’re Doing And Watch Vin Diesel Playing With Street Sharks In 1994

And those sharks got fast and furious when kicking some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ass.

Serial Killer Admits Rape And Murder Of Milly Dowler For First Time

Levi Bellfield is serving life without parole.

Rubio: Right To Rise Attacks Are "Almost Free Advertising For Hillary Clinton"

"Look, $22 million spent attacking me is $22 million Hillary Clinton isn't gonna have to spend."

28 Things You Need To Know About Dominic Monaghan

The star of Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan takes our Q&A!

Ai Weiwei Has Cancelled A Danish Show Over The Country's Harsh New Refugee Law

The new law requires refugees to hand over any valuables they'd managed to save in order to receive asylum.

Google Beats Facebook In The Race To Defeat The Ancient Game Go

Google artificial intelligence researchers say they've won the game that has stumped many a supercomputer before it.

Women Waxed Each Other’s Mustaches And Bonded Like Hell

We turned handlebar homicide into lady bonding time.

19 Things You Quickly Realize When You Move Into Your First Apartment

"I'm gonna need a lot more of these quarter rolls."

36 Questions Women Have For Men

#NotAllMen, but definitely some of you…

18 Struggles Scottish Lesbians Know Only Too Well

"Are you gay Morag or straight Morag?"

Trump compare Bruxelles à un «trou à rats», des Belges lui envoient des rats

Parce que le candidat à l'investiture présidentielle républicaine a comparé Bruxelles à un «trou à rats».

16 trucs que seuls ceux qui ont des testicules comprendront

Quand vous avez pris votre premier coup de pied là où il ne faut VRAIMENT pas.

Indiana School Principal Dies Saving Children In Bus Accident

Susan Jordan was struck by a bus Tuesday afternoon as she pushed several children out of harm's way.

"Genio Iñárritu" es la nueva cuenta favorita de los amantes del cine

Es una mente incomprendida, producto de la pasión y el amor incondicional al séptimo arte.

Here’s How Free Basics Is Actually Being Sold Around The World

BuzzFeed News takes a look at how and why Facebook’s "Free Basics" offering is being used by cell phone owners around the globe.

17 trucs que tous les couples de paresseux connaissent

Netflix est une part importante et très précieuse de votre relation.

A letra de "Vamo Pulá!" ilustrada pelo Instagram do Neymar

Vamo pulá, vamo pulá, vamo pulá, vamo pulá #toiss

Wie scheiße war Deine Schule?

Richtig scheiße oder Mittelscheiße?

18 Struggles That Are Way Too Real For People Who Cry Easily

Going to the cinema can be really, really stressful.

A Dad Who Confiscated His Daughter's Cell Phone Was Found Not Guilty Of Theft

“I was being a parent. You know, a child does something wrong, you teach them what’s right."

18 dos piores foras que a raça humana já testemunhou

Perguntamos em nossa página no Facebook: "Qual foi o pior fora que você já levou?" e este foi o resultado.

13 Ways University Was Nothing Like You Planned Or Expected

It's nothing like the pictures on the website.

20 Cosas que entenderás si alguna vez has tenido sexo anal

Te mereces una medalla. Todas las medallas.

15 Detalles que tal vez no notaste cuando viste Space Jam hace 20 años

Este clásico del cine contemporáneo cumple dos décadas de vida.

Cher Destroys Donald Trump In One Little Tweet

How does she even come up with this shit.

16 vídeos fantásticos que vão destruir o seu mau humor

Você está legal, você está legal, você está bem, você está bem.

21 coisas que todo mundo que tem uma vagina deveria saber sobre Kegels

Aposto que você não vai terminar de ler este post sem contrair a sua vagina.

Meet The Guy Who Solved Uber's Insurance Problem

Gus Fuldner had no insurance background when he joined the ride-hailing company two years ago. His secret? An unusually high tolerance for fine print.

The Government Will Review The RCMP's Secretive Public Complaints System

The Public Safety Minister says he's launching an investigation into who's watching the watchmen.

23 Things You'll Understand If You’re Dating A Teacher

They're going to use the teacher voice on you.

Trump Campaign Manager Likens Megyn Kelly To Debbie Wasserman Shultz

"We're not asking for anything other than what's fair and equitable across the board, but if you have a biased moderator up there, it'd be like asking Debra Wasserman Schultz to be a moderator."

44 Of The Most Breathtaking Shots In Michael Mann Movies

The director of Heat, Collateral, and Manhunter turns 73 next week. Here is some of his most memorable work.

Two Men Charged With Murder Of Homeless Man Found In Burning Tent

Both men appeared in court charged with the murder of Daniel Smith last week – and BuzzFeed News has learned that homeless people in the city are now scared for their own safety.

Lo que esconden las fotos que subimos a nuestras redes sociales

Porque detrás de toda gran foto se esconde una gran mentira.

Cet ado a frôlé la mort à cause du défi YouTube du scotch

Sa mère, Sarah Fish, veut alerter sur les dangers du «défi du scotch».

This UKIP Peer Is Worried He'll Be Arrested If He Reads The Bible In Public

A polite government undersecretary assured Lord Pearson that reading the Bible is "not a crime".

Podemos adivinar tu personalidad por tu cereal favorito

Esas 8 vitaminas dicen mucho sobre ti.

Apple Says It Has Fixed The Bug That Was Crashing Safari

Apple's proprietary browser was crashing on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

This Guy Never Actually Quit His Job And Stole A Bunch Of Chicken Nuggets

“Nobody contacted me to see if it was true or not."

What's The Unluckiest, Weirdest Or Stupidest Way You've Failed Your Driving Test?

Tell us the most spectacular way – or ways – you didn't manage to get your driving licence.

22 People Who Managed To Fuck Up A Sandwich

What did the sandwich ever do to us?

"Affluenza" Teen Ethan Couch To Be Held In Juvenile Facility As He Awaits Court Date

Couch dropped his appeal against deportation and is being held in a juvenile detention facility in Texas.

Тест: Верните себе 2006-й

Насколько хорошо вы помните реальность 10-летней давности?

21 Tweets About Makeup That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

Repeat after me: "You look better without makeup" is not a compliment.

BuzzFeed Crossword: It's Freestyle Time!!!

Bout to drop this medium freestyle.

What Item Should You Splurge On?

Set some goals for your savings account!

This Site Is Trying To Combat Online Harassment Of Women

Heartmob aims to help women document and flag abuse.

Here's How To Try Black Tap Milkshakes Without Spending $15

Because why miss out on all the fun? And why spend all that $$$?

11 fatos sobre daltonismo que você provavelmente não sabia

Como por exemplo, que existem mais de três tipos de daltonismo.

29 Caras que reconocerás si alguna vez fuiste la ginecólogo

Es todo divertido hasta que te meten un espéculo en la vagina.

Let's See Just How Obsessed With Makeup You Truly Are

Let's ~highlight~ your love of makeup.

21 Worte, die in Chemnitz was anderes bedeuten als im Rest von Deutschland

Karl Marx: Ein Mann ohne Beine, dafür aber mit riesigem Schädel.

16 Times Winners Just Lost

Those garbage too-sticky price tags have got to go.

15 Karten von Tokio, die Deine Stadt total winzig erscheinen lassen werden

Es gibt Megastädte und dann gibt es da noch Tokio.

15 Male, Als Amazon-Kunden Keinen Bock Auf Sami Slimani Und Co. Hatten.

Jetzt lass doch mal die armen Youtuber in Ruhe.

"Natural" Is A Totally Meaningless Label On Foods

There are no rules on what foods can be labeled "natural," even though many people are willing to pay more for so-called natural products.

5 Tips For A Cheap Virginia Beach Vacation

Going to the beach is possibly one of the most enjoyable vacation activities one can undertake and feel. Some persons will travel great distances to go on a beach vacation. Others may have a much shorter trip which doesn't involve international travel. However far you have to go, a beach vacation is always worth the effort.

14 Horrorgeschichten über Vaginas, die Dir Angst machen werden

„Ich habe geschrien, als mein Gynäkologe 18 Dornen aus meiner Vagina entfernt hat, nachdem ich in einen Rosenbusch gefallen bin.“

Des GIFs et des explications simples pour comprendre l'état d'urgence

Cela fait des semaines que vous entendez parler d’état d’urgence, mais vous n’êtes pas sûr de bien tout comprendre. On vous explique.

17 Pictures Of Dogs Just Doing Their Jobs

"Can this really not wait a moment, Peter? I need to finish this report by Wednesday."

La bière a enfin l'hommage qu'elle mérite

«En shooter, en demi, ou même mieux, en pinte, tu es là pour panser ma tristesse et mes plaintes.»

Number 10 Has Just Denied That David Cameron Called Londoners "Rats"

A spokesman said Sadiq Khan was "desperate" and "hysterical" to suggest as much.

Why The Hell Is Corbin Bleu Such A Huge Deal On Wikipedia?

The High School Musical star has Wikipedia bios in more languages than anyone except Jesus and President Obama — and we have no idea why. Help us solve this baffling mystery!

What's Going On Around The World Today

The leaders of an anti-government standoff in Oregon were arrested after a shootout. Thousands of legal Hispanic residents are becoming U.S. citizens because of Trump. And meet the comic book superheroes taking Africa by storm.

This Mom Danced Her Way Through A Tough Labor And Has No Regrets

"It took my mind off the pain as I danced and giggled with my family. Laughing is the best for contractions."

16 Productos de panadería clásica argentina que tenés que probar sí o sí

Este post no se hace responsable de la posible adicción a las harinas que cause en los lectores.

Former "Cocaine Congressman" To Pen Insider's Look At Congress

Trey Radel will tell his life story and give a behind-the-scenes look at his time in Congress in a new book for Blue Rider Press.

Journalists Face Life In Prison For Saying Turkey's Spy Agency Armed Syrian Rebels

Can Dündar and Erdem Gül, both from one of Turkey's biggest newspapers, were arrested on terrorism and espionage charges.

Adnet cantando a música do spoiler é uma obra prima da TV aberta

O humorista disparou uma sequência de spoilers em uma paródia de "Royals", da Lorde.

18 trucs qui ont marqué ceux qui ont connu «Il était une fois... la Vie»

La vie la vie la vie la vie, la vie la vie la vie la vie...

12 coisas que acontecem quando você ouve música o dia inteiro

[Tirando os fones] "Desculpa, fala de novo, eu tava ouvindo música".

16 Indians Tell You Why They Believe In A Better India

"I #BelieveInTheBetterIndia because our diversity teaches us acceptance."

20 coisas que você vai entender se já fez sexo anal

Você merece uma medalha. Todas as medalhas.

21 Funny Tweets About Dating That Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

"Someday you'll meet someone amazing who just gets you. And they won't want to date you either."

Despite Jabs And Attacks, GOP Hawks Take Second Look At Ted Cruz

There's one part of the Republican establishment that's not completely cold on Cruz: neoconservatives leaders. Ted Cruz and his top foreign policy adviser talk with BuzzFeed News about his approach and the party's.

Test Your Knowledge Of The MOT

The MOT helps to keep your car safe to drive. But how much do you know how it works?

David Cameron Ridicules Jeremy Corbyn For Visiting "A Bunch Of Migrants"

The prime minister has sparked anger after using "shameful" language to criticise Corbyn for visiting refugee camps in Calais.

29 Beweise, dass Niedersachsen zum bersten langweilig ist

Im Norden Matsch und im Süden Geröll.

19 unfassbar befriedigende Bilder für Leute, die Eyeliner wirklich lieben

Wenn Du diese Flügel gleich beim ersten Versuch hinkriegst.

53 Thoughts All Scots Have When They First Visit London

"If one more wanker calls me mate, I'm going to smack him."

This Is How To Get A Pay Rise (Possibly)

Because you're worth it.

The Bedroom Tax Is Discriminatory, Court Rules

The Court of Appeal ruled in favour of a domestic violence victim and the family of a disabled teenager.

Union Boss Len McLuskey Secretly Investigates Working Conditions In Qatar

The general secretary of Unite was joined by two Labour MPs on a fact-finding mission amid claims migrant workers are being mistreated.

19 Guys Who Failed So Hard At Football They Almost Won

Want to see real talent? Look no further (H/T T5s).

23 Pictures That Won't Make Sense If You're An Only Child

When your mum calls you all the other names in the family before getting yours right.

17 cosas que los estudiantes de Medicina están hartos de responder

Especialmente si tienes en cuenta que todos tienen bisturíes.

Police Investigate Plane Crash Theory In Beauty Spot Death Mystery

It is thought the man, who was found dead on a hill beside Dove Stone Reservoir on 12 December, may have been returning to the site of a 1949 plane crash.

Emily Blunt And John Krasinski Are Officially Having Another Baby

The cutest family on the planet is about to get a new member.

Что поза, в которой вы спите, говорит о ваших отношениях?

Обняться? Откатиться? Перебраться на другой край?

15 Online Dating Posters That Are Actually Honest

Mark never has his travelcard ready. Twat.

There's A "Real Shortage" Of Driving Instructors In Britain, Ministers Told

Red tape is putting off a lot of wannabe driving instructors, a Tory MP said.

A Man Has Been Charged With Murdering A University Lecturer

The Met has charged a 37-year-old man with the murder of Daniel Young.

What's The Most Underwhelming Celebrity Encounter You've Ever Had?

Seriously, the less remarkable the better.

18 tweets qui ne pouvaient venir que de Christiane Taubira

La ministre de la Justice qui a démissionné ce mercredi a souvent embrasé Twitter de ses tirades en 140 signes. Petit florilège.

French Justice Minister Resigns After Opposition To Anti-Terrorism Citizenship Law

Christiane Taubira stepped down ahead of a parliamentary debate over whether to strip people convicted of terror offenses of French citizenship under certain circumstances.

21 Times Mary Berry Was Actually Fucking Amazing


Aktualisiert: Laut Berliner Polizei sind die Berichte, wonach ein syrischer Flüchtling aufgrund der Wartezeit am LaGeSo starb, nicht wahr

Korrektur: Eine frühere Version dieses Artikels präsentierte den Bericht, ohne Verifizierung durch eine unabhängige Quelle.

#TaubiraDemission: 28 personnes qui ont perdu leur raison de vivre

Christiane reviens, la vie n'a plus aucun sens sans toi.

Frosted Flakes Blocked A Bunch Of Furries On Twitter And Now They're All Freaking Out

Buckle up, this is a weird one. Also, this post contains graphic content.

29 Things Non-Germans Find Bewildering About Germany

"Why do German people crave perfection?"

Mumbai Police Is Totally Winning On Twitter With Their Sass And Puns

BRB, filing an F.I.R. for ~STEALING the show~.

While We're Obsessing Over Weddings, Let's Learn To Talk About Marriages Too

In my four years as a psychotherapist, I've met many clients driven to despair by the secrecy and stigma surrounding marital trouble.

Así es la mesa Lack de 10 euros de Ikea por dentro

Atención: NO es de madera maciza.

わおおおおん! ハマってしまった11匹のわんこたち


Here's How A Cafe Sign And A Facebook Post Pissed Off Australia

"Send these A-holes to set up their coffee shop in the middle of Syria!!"

Une famille sauve un porcelet du blizzard

L'animal a été découvert tremblant le long d'une petite route du Maryland, alors qu'un gigantesque blizzard sévissait dans le nord-est des États-Unis.

15 Of The Most Stunning Red Carpet Looks From 2016 IIFA Utsavam

The 2-day event commenced on January 24 and brought together the Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada Film industries.

Rancher Who Died In Oregon Had A History Of Resisting Government

LaVoy Finicum died in Oregon during a confrontation with law enforcement Tuesday night. He previously participated in a Nevada standoff with federal agents, and that experience appears to have been a turning point for him.

This 11-Year-Old's Incredible Snarky Puppy Drum Cover Will Blow Your Mind

Raghav Mehrotra: nailing drum rolls, winning hearts.

Lyft Class Action Settlement Fails To Reclassify Drivers As Employees

A class action suit against the San Francisco-based ride hail company was settled to the tune of $12.25 million in California.



Which SUBOG Committee Should You Join?

Choosing which SUBOG committee to be on for the first time can be overwhelming. Take this quiz to find out which committee you should start out with!

Hunt Is On For Seattle Homeless Camp Shooter Who Killed 2, Injured 3

Police were searching a wooded area near the encampment for at least one shooter, who remained on the loose Wednesday.

In 2011, Trump Blasted Republicans For Being Too "Afraid" And Skipping A Debate

Trump wanted to know: How could they stand up to China if they were afraid to debate?

Bernie Sanders Puts On Retro #FeelTheBern Rally In Minnesota

It’s much colder than when he was there last time. But the vibe, and the appeal to progressives, was the same days before his big test in Iowa.

Here's What Everyone Ate This Australia Day

Naturally, there were a lot of snags.