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January 21, 2016

¿Qué playa mexicana es perfecta para ti?

Sol, arena, mar y ni un segundo más en esta oficina.

Rahm Emanuel To Announce Minority Recruitment For Chicago Police Is "Through The Roof"

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said he’s optimistic about data that will show “heavy recruitment” of black and Latino residents testing to be police officers. It’s part of a broader plan his administration hopes will regain the trust of Chicago residents.

21 Dads Who Were Clearly Meant To Be Dads

"Private caller? We only pick up for Lieutenant Caller or higher." —a dad

These Truthful Posters Of The 2016 Oscar-Nominated Movies Are Gold

Fucked by a Bear: The Leonardo DiCaprio Story

Colombian Drug Lord "El Loco" May Avoid Life In Prison

Daniel "El Loco" Barrera has pleaded guilty for a third time to trafficking tons of cocaine to the U.S., but the terms of his extradition from Colombia may disqualify him from a maximum life in prison.

17 Animal Hugs To Get You Through The Day


Deadpool Finally Admitted His Role In "X-Men Origins" Was A Fucking Mess

"Only one teeny problem, you gave us Wolverine."

12 Tips de ex-fumadores para dejar el cigarro

A cada quién le funciona algo distinto. Lo importante es querer dejar el vicio.

47 De las tomas más impresionantes de películas de Quentin Tarantino

"Cuando la gente me pregunta si fui a la escuela de cine les digo: "no, fui al cine". - Quentin Tarantino.

Ways To Open A Beer In 'Straya

For when ya don't have a light

When You Take A Joke Too Far

It’s all fun and games till…

Jury Selected For Trial Of NYPD Officer Accused Of Fatally Shooting Akai Gurley

A jury of 7 men and 5 women was selected. The trial begins on Monday.

21 Times Billy Connolly Was Absolutely Fucking Hilarious

"My star sign's Pyrex. I was a test tube baby."

23 Productos para los desordenados que buscan orden en su vida

Con un poco de ayuda todos podemos organizarnos.

A Group Of Sorority Girls Are Fighting Back Against People Who Think They Are "Spoiled" Partiers

"Society says sorority girls are tall, blonde, and perfect, but I am who I am."

19 Signs You're Slightly Obsessed With Cabin Socks

And no, they're not just regular socks.

Here Are The Things That Michigan's Government Said About Flint

One state official referred to those voicing their concerns about lead levels in Flint's water supply as "the anti everything committee."

Leader Of Armed Oregon Standoff Meets With FBI Officials

FBI officials reached out to the leader of the armed group Wednesday, the same day Gov. Kate Brown blasted federal authorities for their handling of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation.

28 Of The Most Canadian Crimes Ever Committed

Featuring a moderate-speed canoe chase.

Signs You're Dating The Wrong Person

When you look at them and they aren’t who you thought they were.

12 Remarkable Pictures Of NYC's Fifth Ave In 1911 Vs. Today

New York, New York — so good they named it twice.

Blizzard Death Toll Rises To At Least 45

A historic winter storm pummeled the Mid-Atlantic, burying parts of the nation in two feet of snow and triggering emergency declarations from Virginia to New Jersey. The storm became the second largest ever in New York City.

What '00s Hit Best Describes Your Love Life?

We know if you're "Crazy In Love" or in a "Bad Romance."

This DIY Doormat Will Give You Instant Curb Appeal

All you need is a little paint and creativity.

Would You Use A Switch That Turns Off Your Sperm?

"You can control pregnancies now!"

Here's How Australia Said Farewell To Lleyton Hewitt

If only the David Ferrer was a little more Rusty.

Can You Pick The Right Canadian Best Friend?

Be careful: They'll all be polite, but they might not be your best friend.

Are You More Troye Sivan Or Shawn Mendes?

Get in touch with your inner internet sensation-turned-international pop star.

These Are The 7 New Breeds Competing At The Westminster Dog Show

Finally, the Bergamasco will get its moment.

22 Adictivas series que se (re)estrenan en 2016

Prepárate para darle otro año de tu vida a Netflix y HBO.

バービー人形の顔 56年間の進化






Tinder Just Added An STI Testing Locator To Their Website

Your next chlamydia screening: 4 miles away.

BET Fires Back At Stacey Dash Over Oscars 2016 Boycott Comments

UPDATE: Stacey Dash has responded to BET. "Quick. Name the top shows on BET. Drawing a blank? I think I’ve made my point.”

Veterans Blast Sarah Palin For Linking Her Son's Alleged Domestic Abuse To PTSD

"I am a veteran with severe PTSD and I know not to beat my family."

20 Adorables animales de peluche para verdaderos adultos


The 22 Funniest Profiles On Tinder

Want someone to swipe right on your profile? Be up-front about how many s you own.

This Teen Is Fighting Back After She Said She Was "Humiliated" In School For Wearing This Dress

Amanda Durbin said she felt "embarrassed" and "humiliated" when she was forced to kneel because she was told her sweater dress was too short.

Koch-Backed Americans For Prosperity Invests In Red States To Take On GOP

The sprawling, Koch-connected conservative group Americans For Prosperity is loathed by Democrats. But the group is now increasingly challenging GOP politicians, too. In South Carolina, AFP activists are hammering state Republicans over a proposed gas tax hike.

A Hairy Canadian Man Just Made The Sexiest Boudoir Photo Album Of 2016

The racy pics were a birthday gift to his wife.

How "Bitmoji" Saved Me From Disaster.

Bitmoji: Your own personal emoji -- that can get you out of just about anything.

37 Cozy Sweaters For People Who Are Literally Always Cold

Let's not freeze this winter, mmkay?

Heidi Cruz Offers Explanation For Loans To Husband’s Senate Campaign

"I think at the last minute people bring up things that they think will divert voters' attentions, but Ted and I are a partnership."

10 fatos interessantes sobre a 2ª Guerra Mundial que talvez você não saiba

Banco Imobiliário teve um papel muito importante durante a guerra.

21 fotos de gatinhos muito importantes que você precisa ver

Conteúdo de gatinhos é o melhor conteúdo.

Manny The Selfie-Taking Cat

This cat takes better selfies than you! MEOW!

18 Chelsea Handler Quotes For When You Need A Sassy Comeback

Chelsea ~does~ what we wish we could.

19 Bookish Valentine's Day Gifts Every Literature Lover Will Appreciate

Book lovers come in all tastes, genres, and dreams.

Here's Why The Price Of Cauliflower Is So Damn Expensive In Canada

The prices of select produce have skyrocketed across the country.

Which Stevie Nicks Song Are You?

Said to my friends, "Baby, nothing else matters."

Here Are All The Celebrities Supporting The Oscars Boycott This Year

#OscarsSoWhite is becoming more than just a hashtag.

Daniel Holtzclaw Sentenced To 263 Years In Prison

He was found guilty of raping and sexually assaulting women in the community he patrolled.

23 Trucos fáciles y baratos para darte el mejor baño

Y quítarte todo ese estrés de encima.

248 Things I Have Learned From Living In The UK

Marmite is made from yeast and is the same stuff that you find oozing out of the sides of draft beer pumps.

Lawsuit Claims Chipotle Tried To Cover Up A Norovirus Outbreak Last Year

A new lawsuit alleges the burrito restaurant tried to "conceal all evidence" before contacting health officials in California last summer.

14 mulheres brasileiras que fizeram história para inspirar o nome da sua filha

Dandara, Tarsila, Quitéria e outros nomes com histórias arrasadoras.

Turns Out There Was A Happy Ending For This New York City Runaway Cow

The slaughterhouse turned the cow over to an animal sanctuary in New Jersey on Friday morning.

Yankees Pitcher Will Not Be Charged In Alleged Domestic Violence Incident

Former Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman was accused of choking his girlfriend and firing his gun at his Florida home in 2015.

Clinton Casts Race Between Her And Sanders As "Reality" Vs. "Theory"

Days before the Iowa caucus, Clinton questions Sanders' ability to deliver on his proposals, saying, "He’s introduced his health care plan nine times. But he never got even a single vote in the House, or a single Senate co-sponsor. Not one."

Tumblr Is Trolling Jared Leto And It's Hilarious

Is he the joker right now or is he Jared?

Why Do We Call People Douche Bags?

Have I become the douche bag or has the douche bag become me?

19 Sorprendentes imágenes que te dejarán atónito cuando las veas

La evidencia fotográfica lo comprueba. ¡No podrás creer la 13!

Genetic Engineering Will Be A Big Part Of The "X-Files" Reboot

According to the show's science advisor.

Which Member Of BTS Are You?

It's time to see if you're actually your bias.

The Case For Radicalism By A Bernie Sanders Surrogate

Bill McKibben, the man who helped to stop Keystone, explains Sanders’s vision of a constant, roiling political revolution.

More Than 20 People Killed In Siege On Somali Beachfront Restaurant

At least five gunmen stormed the beach after a car bomb went off at a popular restaurant.

Men Wore Makeup For A Week And Looked Glam AF

“My face is all one tone and that only happens when you’re dead.”

We Bet You Don't Know The Toronto Subway Map By Heart

More difficult than getting a relief line.

12 provas de que as Spice Girls fizeram diferença na sua vida

A saída da Geri em 1998 foi o seu primeiro pé na bunda.

How Facebook Stumbled On Its Quest to Give Internet Away For Free

A history of Facebook's highly controversial, completely audacious, and possibly best-intentioned program, Free Basics.

This Mom Shared What Her Body Looked Like Just 24 Hours After Giving Birth

"Baby in sling. Skin to skin. Adult diapers. And a rosy glow."

Which Hogwarts Houses Do These 2016 Oscar Nominees Belong In?

It is our choices that show us what *they* truly are.

Millennials Have It Way Better In Canada Than In The U.S.

"Millennial females narrowed the male-female gap faster than any other cohort before them."

Marco Rubio: U.S. Has No Choice But To Try To Improve Relations With Russia

"We have no choice but to meet with and look for ways to improve the relationship," Rubio said Thursday.

¿Sigues siendo aficionado de las Chivas?

Descubre si tu fanatismo por el Guadalajara también va directo al descenso.

Você sabe mesmo conjugar estes verbos?

Eu erro, tu erras, ele erra. Nós todos erramos.

The Beef Between These Two British Weather Reporters Is Amazing

Shout out to all the fallen meteorologists in British media's needless weather wars. Winter is coming.

18 filhotes olhando para os seus eus futuros

O futuro pode ser uma coisa excepcional: de uma excepcionalidade adorável, fofa. Inspirado pelos maravilhosos Humans of New York.

22 das mais incríveis "primeiras" fotos da história

Bem, você tem que começar por algum lugar.

17 coisas que todas as mulheres percebem ao comprar calças jeans

"Por que nenhuma empresa entende a força das minhas coxas e a rapidez com que elas vão consumir o tecido do jeans comum?"

Tips For Increasing Your Web Traffic

There are the tried and tested methods of getting traffic to your site and there are the new and fancy ones, which involve software. So you've got your website up, now what? We think of the internet as a big place, full of busy users - which it is. So all you have to do is build a website and if it looks nice, people will come flocking to your Home Page. Right? Wrong.

Un utilisateur de dit avoir découvert un gros complexe souterrain

Un internaute français dit avoir trouvé d'immenses galeries sous le sol. Mais c'était trop beau pour être complètement vrai.

Jeremy Corbyn To Hold Talks Over Safety Of Muslim Women On The Tube

The Labour leader will meet Transport for London on Friday, BuzzFeed News understands.

Watch 19 Male Celebrities Speak In Other Languages

Can you feel your thirst levels already rising?

Dieses eingepackte Auto in Marburg lässt die Menschen extrem ratlos zurück

"Hallo Ex-Fremdgeher. Du Sack. Ich möchte ein Spiel spielen."

Can You Identify These Animals From Only Their Paws?

Paws for a moment and complete this quiz.

25 Things We Learned From The Alexander Litvinenko Inquiry Report

Shortly before his death, Litvinenko had accused Vladimir Putin of being a paedophile, according to the 328-page report released on Thursday.

Cruz Says He Won't Reciprocate Trump's Schoolyard Child Antics

"I don't think the American people want to hear politicians behaving like schoolyard children throwing taunts at each other."

Will Smith Appeared On "Good Morning America" To Talk About The Oscars

"This is about children that are going to sit down and watch this show and they're not going to see themselves represented." — Will Smith

Are You Sia?

Do you have thick skin and an elastic heart?

13 bichos de estimação brasileiros que você precisa ver

Cachorro comendo danoninho igual bebê e papagaio mais afinado do que muito cantor por aí.

Senators To Obama: The CIA Owes Us An Apology And You Know It

A new letter renews calls for the CIA's acknowledgement that an unauthorized January 2014 search of Senate computers was improper.

17 phrases de drague qui ne marcheraient que dans OSS 117

Me laisserais-tu découvrir une partie de toi... Aussi intime soit-elle?

Conservative Provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos Starts "White Men Only" Scholarship Fund

The Yiannopoulos Privilege Grant exists because, its founder says, "young white boys are suffering."

12 coisas que você precisa saber para ser um churrasqueiro de responsa

Pode ser que é por causa da falta destes passos que o seu churrasco ainda não está perfeito. Mas tudo está prestes a mudar!

14 Disgustingly Honest Confessions From Couples Who Enjoy Doing Gross Things Together

Yeah, these are all super weird. All confessions courtesy of Whisper.

"Cats" The Musical Is Returning To Broadway

♪ Let the memory live again. ♪

Ce concours de câlins de Darty sur Facebook a complètement dégénéré

Des gens ont câliné leur grille-pain ou leur fer à repasser pour gagner un bon d'achat de 40 euros.

How Stereotypically Canadian Is Your Wardrobe?

Sorels, flannels and cabin socks, oh my!

OMG You Guys, There Is A Dress Version Of Those Mermaid Pillows

Perfect excuse to touch yourself all day.

The Canadian Government Sued Uber To Force It To Open Its Books

The government says it tried to audit the ridesharing company but Uber stonewalled for six months.

This Map Shows Where New Yorkers Buy The Most Lottery Tickets

All it took was a few sunny days — or some Mets wins — to make supposedly savvy New Yorkers start betting on the lottery, statisticians report.

22 situations que connaissent TROP bien ceux qui sont souvent à découvert

Quand votre carte ne passe pas au resto et que vous avez peur qu’on pense que c’était calculé.

These Syrian Artists Build Replicas Of The Country's Ancient Buildings

"This site represents our history and culture, not just for Syrians but all of humanity. If it is destroyed it can never be rebuilt.”

Student Nurses Will Walk Out During Junior Doctors Strike In February

The nurses' walkout is part of a week of protests over cuts to their bursary. "This isn't going to be an overnight win," one student nurse told BuzzFeed News. "It's our right to speak out and protest."

What Keeps You Motivated While Writing A Novel?

The Snowflake Method? Bourbon? Classical music? TELL US YOUR SECRETS!

This 102-Year-Old Man Has Perfect Advice For A Long-Lasting Marriage

They have some sweet advice for a long-lasting marriage.

What Percent Single Are You?

Do you put the "I" in "single"?

Here's What The British Girl Bands Of The '90s And '00s Look Like Now

We've got A LOT better at makeup in the last 10 years.

What Advice Do You Wish Someone Had Told You Before You Got Married?

Tell us how you keep your marriage rock solid!

Which Gay Tribe Do You Belong To?

Are you a twink or a muscle daddy?

I Let Twitter Run My Life For A Day, And Here's What Happened

After moving to Berlin, I decided to see if living my life according to Twitter polls could help me mix things up and get to know my adopted city better.

16 cosas que te amargan la vida cuando eres creativo de publicidad

El único león que has visto de cerca ha sido en el zoo.

Clinton Surrogate Jeanne Shaheen Says New Hampshire Polls “Don’t Mean Much”

"They're gonna fluctuate. They're gonna go up and down."

This New Syfy Show Is "Harry Potter" For Grownups

Syfy's new fantasy drama The Magicians explores what happens when young adults find out they have powers. “You’re drinking and you’re fucking. What does magic do for you then?” co-creator Sera Gamble asked aloud.

We Know Which Food Is Your Bae With This One Question

Your one true food love is waiting.

Kendall Jenner Told Kim Kardashian She's "Pregnant," And Kim Gave No Fucks

This is peak Kim Kardashian. Luckily it was only a prank call.

Bist Du ein „Scrubs“-Experte, auf den selbst J.D. neidisch wäre?

Dieses Quiz kannst Du nur schaffen, wenn Du alle Folgen gesehen hast!

Esta piñatería mexicana puede convertirte en piñata

Como una foto, pero en papel maché.

Gap Plans To Halve Its Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 2020

The ambitious commitment covers the companies stores, offices and distribution facilities, but not the third-party factories that produce its clothes.

23 Formas Inteligentes de alimentar tu friki interno

No mates al Pac-Man dentro de ti.

15 Vagina Horror Stories That'll Send Shivers Down Your Spine

"I screamed while my gynecologist removed 18 thorns from my vagina after I fell into a rosebush."

24 Hilarious Tweets About Kids That Are Way Too Real For Every Parent

"Parenting is like being a juggler except all the balls are screaming."

Here's All The Evidence Of Amy Schumer "Stealing" Jokes

A video showing her apparently stealing the jokes of four comedians has gone viral and has led to her releasing a statement defending herself against the accusations.

Literally Just 21 Mr Burns Quotes On Pictures Of Donald Trump

"Well, for once, the rich white man is in control."

Husband Charged With Murder After Pediatrician Is Stabbed To Death In Mansion

This is the first homicide since 1977 in Scarsdale, an affluent New York suburb.

29 Times Tumblr Had Jokes About "High School Musical"

"Tumblr is really just a big blue High School Musical fansite and everybody knows it."

61 Tätowierungen, die winzig und wunderschön sind

Weil kleine Tätowierungen trotzdem eine große Bedeutung haben.

Can You Identify These Meryl Streep Movies By Their IMDb Descriptions?

"A smart but sensible new graduate lands a job as an assistant to Miranda Priestly, the demanding editor-in-chief of a high fashion magazine."

The Government Is Selling Weapons In Bahrain Today But You Probably Didn't Know About It

The country has attracted criticism for its appalling human rights record, but that hasn't stopped Britain doing business with it.

39 cosas muy realistas para todos los que somos vagos

Llevaba meses dejando este artículo para luego.

Savile Abuse Report Leak Stopped BBC Plan To Publish "After Charter Renewal", Says Editor

Exaro News published leaked findings from Dame Janet Smith's long-running inquiry into how the BBC handled allegations of sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile – and the news website's editor says the corporation was planning to wait until after this year's charter renewal before publishing it.

On a enlevé les acteurs blancs des affiches des nommés aux Oscars

Et du coup, il n'y a presque plus personne.

16 Veces en las que la policía colombiana ganó en Twitter

Manejar redes sociales es casi tan difícil como atrapar criminales.

16 Pictures Of Gals Just Being Pals

Because the G in LGBT stands for gal pals.

Muslim Women Should Pay For Their Own English Lessons, Says Tory MP

"If I decide to go and live in Spain I wouldn't expect the Spanish government to teach me Spanish," said Philip Davies.

24 Forgotten Trends All Mid-'00s Teen Girls Were Slightly Obsessed With

Your hair didn't look good unless you had two greasy strands framing your face.

What's Going On Around The World Today

It’s official: 2015 was Earth’s warmest year on record. Stock markets around the world continued their sharp falls on Wednesday. And should you invest in a (very expensive) Birkin bag? BuzzFeed News’ Sapna Maheshwari has the answers.

Asda Is Consulting On The Future Of 5,000 People's Jobs

The supermarket giant said it had been "a tough year" for the industry.

Part 3 - A Tale Of Caution: Student Loan Hell

“We all think we’re going to get out of debt.” - Louie Anderson

How The Rhodes Must Fall Campaign Brought Oxford's Free Speech Wars To Boiling Point

How did an argument over a statue turn into a focal point for the debate about free speech in British universities?

Le prix d'une location: Paris Vs. Rennes

Venez on va tous à Rennes.

Los 13 argentinos más famosos en el mundo

Los exponentes nacionales de las más múltiples disciplinas que trascendieron fronteras.

"Her Story" Is The Groundbreaking Trans And Queer Web Series You've Been Waiting For

Her Story, the new six-episode series about trans and queer women navigating their professional and dating lives, is setting out to change the way we think about high-quality trans media.

Voici à quoi devraient ressembler nos claviers

Toujours en Azerty, mais avec des émojis.

Isto é o que você precisa para fazer um hambúrguer imbatível em casa

E vai custar um terço do preço das hamburguerias.

What Percentage Cat Are You?

We'll find out right meow.

Girl, 3, Choked To Death On A Kinder Egg Toy, Says Mother

French prosecutors are investigating whether the tragic death of a toddler was caused by the toy inside the children's chocolate.

The Real Story About The Lover Of Puppies In Party Hats

"Sometimes I do questionable things and they end up going viral."

14 Times Russell Howard Nailed It

"Women still have to pay 5% VAT on tampons because they are a luxury item. A luxury? THEY'RE TAMPONS."

Voici à quel point le climat sur Terre s'est réchauffé

2015 a été l'année la plus chaude jamais enregistrée depuis le début des mesures en 1880.

Here's Where You Should Eat In London This Week

Apollo Banana Leaf is the Pride Of Tooting.

Britain Condemns Russia Over Litvinenko But Is Reluctant To Impose Sanctions

The government has promised limited actions citing diplomatic reasons, one of which would be the need for Russia's cooperation in tackling the spread of ISIS in Syria.

22 Photos That Prove Britain Is A Fictional Country

What kind of a country would want to fuck bread?

Iain Duncan Smith Keeps Avoiding Questions About A Child Tax Credit "Rape Clause"

Alison Thewliss MP has asked eight times whether women who have children as a result of rape will have to prove it to a government official. She is yet to receive an answer.

19 Incredibly Satisfying Pictures For People Who Really Love Eyeliner

When you get those wings even on the first try.

50% Of Young People Don't Know Where To Get Help Over Sexual Abuse

Children are being let down by a "heads or tails" approach to sex education, a survey has warned as calls grow for the subject to be made compulsory in schools.

Russia Dismisses "Politicized" U.K. Inquiry Into Murder Of Ex-Spy

Putin's spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, said the report would "poison" Russia's relationship with the U.K.

Cómo hacerte buenas fotos desnuda

Preparar el decorado lo es TODO.

15 Fotos, die zeigen, was Schauspieler sehen, wenn sie auf der Bühne stehen

Der Fotograf Klaus Frahm hat die aufschlussreichen Bilder gemacht, die den Ausblick von Theaterbühnen zeigen.

40 cosas que hacemos en Internet que no pasan en la vida real

"Pero, caballero, no se vaya, que todavía no ha escuchado mi teoría sobre quién es el padre de Rey la de Star Wars".

An Indian Palace Has Been Declared The World’s Best Hotel; Here's What It Looks Like

Umaid Bhawan Palace in India was picked as TripAdvisor's Travelers' Choice for world's best hotel in 2016.

21 Painful Struggles All Rural Scottish Kids Will Remember

There was plenty of fresh air, but not much else.

Ce magasin à Paris a été visé par une affiche raciste

«On pensait que ça n'existait plus», dit à BuzzFeed la gérante de la boutique, racontant avoir été visée par une affiche disant qu'elle n'est «pas la bienvenue».

So sähe der Berliner Bahn-Plan aus, wenn er ehrlich wäre

Rathaus Neukölln? Hipster-Zentrale!

10 absurde Forderungen, mit denen die CSU 2016 kommen könnte

Einreisekontrollen ins Internet, Weißwurst-Mittwoch, Bayern-Soli: Das sind die rechtmäßigen Nachfolger von Maut und Herdprämie.

21 pruebas irrefutables de que "Galicia" es una mentira

¡Nos han tenido engañados todos estos años!

Putin "Probably Ordered" The Murder Of Alexander Litvinenko, Inquiry Finds

The Russian president "probably" gave his personal approval for the former KGB spy to be killed in London, a British judge said Thursday.

18 Make-up-Fotos, die jedes Mädchen erschaudern lassen

Achtung: Dieser Post enthält sehr fiese Lidschattenvermischung.

22 fois où la science nous a coupé le souffle

Eh! Science, tu me prends pour un débile?

55 tatouages petits et significatifs

Car un petit tatouage peut avoir une grande signification.

Ce test du point bleu va vous dire si vous êtes sociable ou non

Êtes-vous plutôt du genre à faire la fête ou à rester à la maison?



PSA: Get To Japan And Visit The World's Biggest Fucking Fish Market

Set your alarm for 02:00 a.m. 強くなります

Ce chat est tellement grand qu'il ressemble à un lynx

Spock pèse 12 kilos, mais c'est juste un gros chaton.

Here's How Sunny Leone Really Feels About Her Mega-Viral Interview And Aamir Khan's Reaction To It

"I don't have it in my personality to just walk away because I feel uncomfortable with questions."

17 Cocktails To Keep You From Killing Your Roommate During Snowpocalypse 2016

bread, milk and booze: how to survive a winter storm

Common Neopets Misconceptions In 2016!

Neopets, that super popular virtual pets site from 1999, is still up and running! Check out some of the common misconceptions you may have about Neopets!

Ted Cruz Faces Questions About His Tithing History

Evangelicals and political opponents want to know why Cruz gave less than 1% of his income to charity between 2006 and 2010. "It’s hard to say God is first in your life if he’s last in your budget," Huckabee tells BuzzFeed News.

37 Things That Make All Australian People Mutter “Oh, Get Fucked”

Nah mate, you can fuck right off out of here with that shit.

19 Things That Will Give All '90s Kids Back To School Nostalgia

But Muuuum, everyone's wearing Colorado shoes!

Can You Pass A School Certificate History Exam?

Turns out it's a lot harder than we remember.

58 Faces That Show How Beautifully Diverse Australia Is

Nah, we don't all look like Chris Hemsworth.

Washington, D.C., Mayor Declares Public Emergency Ahead Of Blizzard

A major winter storm set to arrive in the nation's capital Friday is expected to dump up to two feet of snow. A blizzard warning is in effect.



1 Year Adoptaversary!

Today is my 1 year anniversary of being adopted!



Priyanka Chopra Is Making A Sitcom About 4 Friends Who Share An Apartment In Mumbai

The show titled In My City will be available exclusively on a mobile app.

疑惑の甘利大臣 注目の国会答弁は?


The Easiest Horcrux Quiz You'll Ever Take

"I, who have gone further than anybody along the path that leads to immortality." —Lord Voldemort