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Posted on Jan 26, 2016

24 Makeup Milestones For Anyone Obsessed With Beauty

The switch to proper makeup brushes is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

1. When you start using primer.

Because when you are working all goddamn day you want that makeup to stay on as long as possible.

2. When you're able to do a smokey eye without looking like a panda.

Might still take a whole load of concealer and cotton buds, but you get there.

3. And when you forgo eyelash curling and three coats of mascara, for some beautiful false lashes.

4. When you use foundation that actually matches your skintone.

Kazzakova / Getty Images

R.I.P the days when you wore foundation a shade too dark or too light. On purpose. :/

5. When you finally master liquid eyeliner.

6. When you invest in a fancy makeup bag.

Ted Baker

A make up bag so pretty it could be your regular purse tbh.

7. And when your makeup collection becomes so impressive, it warrants a display case.

8. When you understand make upvocabulary.

Gizgizmooo / Getty Images / BuzzFeed
Getty Images / BuzzFeed

9. And when you learn to blend, blend, blend.

And then when you think you're done blending, blend again.

10. When you learn how to create that coveted "dewy glow".

11. And when you've got your morning routine perfected.

I don't mean to brag, but I can do my entire face on a moving bus in seven minutes.

12. When you make the switch to more "natural" looking makeup.

Same amount of products but still.

13. But when you know how to use bright colours without looking like a clown.

14. When you buy your first luxury item.

15. And when you make the switch from bargain, to high-end make up.

Bye-bye all your money. Hello to a new life-long addiction.

16. When you wear red lipstick for the first time.

17. And when you rock an even bolder shade.

18. When you upgrade your make up tools.

This is literally how you can improve your makeup by a like a million percent but washing them is a BITCH.

19. When you find your "can't live without it" product.

20. And your must-have beauty bargain.

21. When you incorporate lipliner into your routine.

Vladimirfloyd / Getty Images

That makes 13 make up products now on my face. Thanks Kylie.

22. When you can apply nail polish without getting it all over your cuticles.

Lynzy Billing / BuzzFeed

It's like colouring inside the goddamn lines.

23. When you learn how to fill in your eyebrows.

24. And whenever you learn a life-changing tip.

Nude eyeliner FTW.

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