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January 12, 2016

What Do People Love About You The Most?

Because there's only one of you.

Esta serie de fotos ridículamente machistas hizo enojar a los mexicanos

Se manifestaron en contra del contenido del proyecto, pero a favor de la igualdad.

The Cast Of "Pretty Little Liars" Think The Wine Moms Are Still In The Basement

"They’re just having trouble working the knob; they’ll sober up eventually."

Here's The Dramatic Video Footage Of The "El Chapo" Raid In Mexico

A 15-minute clip captured on a GoPro camera shows Mexican marines shooting and throwing grenades inside Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán's hideout.

Let's Take A Moment To Appreciate "Save The Last Dance"

It did give us Kerry Washington after all.

¿Qué puedes rentar por $10,000 en México?

¿Prefieres un depa en la ciudad o una mansión en los suburbios?

People Are Angry At How “Celebrity Big Brother” Handled David Bowie's Death

Viewers saw Angie Bowie, the first wife of the late David Bowie, telling Tiffany Pollard, a fellow housemate, that "David" had died. Tiffany assumed this meant David Gest, another contestant. Update: Two hundred and eleven people have complained about the episode to Ofcom, which said it will assess the complaints before deciding whether to investigate.

Ted Cruz Says Trump "Embodies New York Values"

"I think he may shift in his new rallies to play ‘New York, New York' because he comes from New York and he embodies New York values."

Just 15 Really Funny Tumblr Posts About Being A Dog Person

Me when I see a puppy: "aw lil baby." Me when I see a human infant: "ew."

The One Person You Probably Never Noticed In Britney Spears' "Piece Of Me" Music Video

I will honestly never watch this music video the same way again. Everything has changed.

Aeropostale Will Fire 13% Of Its Corporate Staff

The teen retailer has struggled to compete, and is now resorting to cost cuts and layoffs.

Steven Avery Of "Making A Murderer" Files Motion For New Trial

Steven Avery's new attorney on Tuesday said she was confident his name would be cleared, tweeting: "Won't quit until he's out."

Lyft Is Now Taking Patients To The Doctor

In New York City, patients can now hail a Lyft to doctor's appointments.

15 Hot Ginger Men Who Will Sexually Awaken You

Because every day should be "Kiss A Ginger Day."

El paraíso de los amantes de los gatos existe y está en la Ciudad de México

El lugar en dónde todos somos la loca de los gatos.

La gente está compartiendo el increíble vídeo de David Bowie que se lanzó días antes de su muerte

"Look up here, man, I'm in heaven. I've got scars that can't be seen," canta el músico fallecido en "Lazarus".

Weird: Bernie Sanders Campaign Photoshops Out Organizer's "I Love Van" Shirt

Last week, the Sanders campaign posted a photo with a staffer or volunteer wearing a T-shirt made by NGP VAN, the data company at the center of December's big spat. On Tuesday, the shirt was photoshopped out!

Dear People Who Aren't Doing Sober January

You booze, you lose! Haha.

25 Adorable Presidential Pet Photos That Will Melt Your Heart

It's the land of the cute and the home of the cuddly.

Here's A Look At The New Shake Shacks

The burger chain offered a look at six new U.S. locations in opening in 2016.

16 Ways To Teach Your Kids About David Bowie (And The World)

“Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming.”

17 "Fixer Upper" Moments That Prove Chip & Joanna Are The Cutest Couple Alive

Chip and JoJo are the shiplap marriage of our dreams.

Los 17 mejores bares en Buenos Aires que debes visitar este 2016

Este año tiene 366 días por una buena razón.

Here's The Leonardo DiCaprio Movie We Should Really Be Talking About

Forget The Revenant, it's all about The Man In the Iron Mask.

A Farm Got Too Many People Volunteering To Snuggle Baby Goats

"I have found my true calling in life. Professional baby goat snuggler."

23 Times Canadian Tinder Got Super Weird

"In a past life you had to be a carrot."

Prosecutor: American Woman Found Dead In Italy Was Strangled

Ashley Olsen was found dead in her apartment Saturday. No arrests have been made.

19 Things You Could Buy If Money Were No Object

Or you could just give them to me.

5 Juegos homoeróticos que puedes descargar a tu computador

Ya no necesitas de otro humano para tener sexo. Descarga estos juegos homoeróticos que te proponen actividades eróticas, excitantes y retorcidas. Advertencia: Esta nota es NSFW.

Iran Takes Custody Of Two U.S. Navy Vessels And Their Crew

Officials said 10 American sailors are being held after Iran took their two small boats into custody in the Persian Gulf.

39 Modetrends der 90er, die Du heute nicht mehr mitmachen würdest

Fishbone-Hoodie, Tattoo-Kette oder Helly-Hansen-Jacke.

9 Endless Cycles Every Canadian Gets Stuck In

Be miserable in winter --> Pray for summer --> Be miserable in summer.

21 Pictures About Work Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Workin' the 9 to 5 just to stay alive.

Grindr Has A New Chinese Owner

Gaming company Beijing Kunlun now owns a 60% stake in Grindr after a deal valuing the app at $166 million.

NFL Approves St. Louis Rams' Move To Los Angeles

Team owners voted overwhelmingly to approve the Rams moving from St. Louis to a new stadium in Inglewood, near Los Angeles. The San Diego Chargers will hold an option to share the stadium with the Rams.

"El Reggaeton de El Chapo" existe y es lo más loco que verás hoy

"Me atraparon como al Chapo... sucio y sudado".

Man Who Allegedly Demanded Nanny Surrender Baby Is Found Naked In Therapist's Office

The man allegedly tried to take the baby after insisting it was dead.

Who Would You End Up With In A Wes Anderson Movie?

We're just gonna to have to be secretly in love with each other and leave it at that.

Reminder: This Was Life In 2001

These were some of the biggest things going on 15 years ago!

30 Things Girls Who Are Always Cold Understand

What we really need is a president who will ban air conditioning.

21 Pictures That Prove That Canada Is Not A Real Country

*Squints* Not sure if global nation or really big amusement park.

ISIS Is Changing The Way It's Fighting Its War On Turkey

The bombing that killed at least 10 foreign citizens could draw Turkey deeper into the fight against ISIS. BuzzFeed News' Mike Giglio reports from Turkey.

Foster Care Company’s “Abnormal Level Of Lobbying”

A Senate committee is investigating Mentor, a giant for-profit foster care firm. Now, the firm has hired lobbyists who used to work for the leaders of the very committee conducting the investigation. The company has also hired a former White House lawyer famous for handling Congressional probes.

These 9 Women Are Wearing Exactly What They've Been Told Not To And It's Totally Awesome

"This is me inspiring women all over the world to love themselves as they are, because YOU ARE ENOUGH."

Photographers Took Part In This Touching Tribute For A Saskatchewan Family

In memory of Jordan, Chandra, Miguire, and Kamryn Van de Vorst.

All Major League Baseball Teams Required To Hire Spanish Translators By 2016 Season

Major League Baseball and its players' union are implementing the policy, in part, as a way to ease the transition for non-American Latino players.

Which Male Music Icon Are You?

Which majestic music man matches your plan?

16 Badass Cat Forts

The purest form of artistry.

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Testy test test.


Technology, Inequality & The City

Carly Fiorina, Unlike Rand Paul, Sees Undercard Debate As Opportunity

"So I'll debate anyone, anytime, anywhere and I'll look forward to South Carolina."

Here's What It's Actually Like To Own A Fitbit

Let's take this step by step.

Grandparents Give Love Advice

Should you wait until marriage to sleep with somebody?

Existe um Twitter com as falas do Galvão Bueno no dia do 7 a 1

Para nunca esquecermos o dramático dia na voz do maior narrador do Brasil.

WTF: Cuauhtémoc Blanco le dio las gracias al licenciado Benito Juárez

Un agradecimiento al alcalde de Cuernavaca por esta maravilla de video.

19 lendas urbanas da internet que irão te deixar de cabelo em pé

E você achando que iria conseguir dormir hoje à noite.

10 Amazing Candid Wedding Moments You Won't Believe Were Captured On Camera

The winners of the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers' humor photography contest are pure gold.

¿A qué carrera realmente perteneces?

Es momento de descubrir tu verdadera vocación.

This 11-Year-Old Kid Can Shoot Hoops Better Than You

There is a new MVP on the court.

21 Things You Should Actually Do If You Win The Lottery

Bye student loan debt. Hello dog ranch.

Scottish MPs Stopped From Voting On Westminster Law For The First Time

"So, this is what an English parliament looks like," said an SNP MP in a furious speech.

The British Military Employs Nine Animals

Lance Corporal Cruachan IV reports for duty. Despite being a Shetland pony.

Should You Go Goth?

The dark side is calling.

25 músicas de amor das quais você não se lembrou nos últimos 10 anos

Estes eram tempos mais simples, crianças dos anos 2000.

McDonald's Hit With Antitrust Complaint In Europe

Backed by a powerful American union, three Italian consumer groups have asked EU regulators to open a second investigation into the burger giant.

27 fotos de astros do rock quando eles eram jovens

"Você não pode ganhar nem perder se não participar da corrida." – David Bowie

47 das melhores imagens de filmes do Quentin Tarantino

Quando as pessoas me perguntam se fiz escola de cinema, eu respondo: "Não, eu fiz cinema." - Quentin Tarantino.

Um dos gêmeos de "Teen Wolf" assumiu que é gay da forma mais bonita possível

"Eu devo a mim mesmo, mais do que qualquer coisa, ser a pessoa de quem eu precisava quando era mais novo."

22 motivos pelos quais o design dos anos 1980 era incrível

Pode até ser que eles tenham sido mais avançados que nós. Aviso: Se você não ama unicórnios e arco-íris, é possível que você discorde.

Two Water Voles Gave David Cameron A "Personal Epiphany"

"At that moment two water voles appeared on the riverbank, almost in conversation."

Here's The Complete List Of David Bowie's 100 Favorite Books

From On the Road to The Life and Times of Little Richard, the late musician had a wide-ranging love of literature.

Largest U.S. Jail On Lockdown After 142 Officers Don't Show Up To Work

The Cook County Jail in Illinois restricted the movement of inmates Tuesday when 18% of its morning staff called out of their shifts.

These "Jeopardy!" Contestants Couldn't Tell The Biggest Martial Arts Actors Apart

"Who is Jackie Chan?" Nope. "Who is Bruce Lee?" Sigh.

22 Things You'll Just Get If You're From Peterborough

Where's Peterborough? Does anybody know?

Your Very Own RSS Watchdog

A tool for monitoring RSS feeds, and how we use it keep tabs on the SEC.

19 Lugares deliciosos que debes probar en la colonia Nápoles

La ruta definitiva de restaurantes bares y cafés de una rebanadita de la CDMX.

A Man Who Sold Mounted Dead Monkey Heads Has Been Jailed

George Bush, from London, sold body parts of endangered species on eBay.

29 Hilarious Literary Internet Puns

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Instagram. Thanks to #InternetABook on Twitter.

People Come Out In Support As Junior Doctors Stage 24-Hour Strike

"I think every man, woman, and child should be out here today supporting them," a patient told BuzzFeed News.

22 choses que vous ne pouvez pas faire sans passer pour un snob du cinéma

Pour les gens vous êtes «snob» mais en fait vous êtes «exigeant».

Wie gut kennst Du noch die alten Computer-Firmen?

Das schwierigste Logo-Quiz aller Zeiten.

17 Tumblr Posts About Yoda Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

“Won the Powerball you did not. Spent that money better, you could have!”

Scottish Parliament Rejects Call For Compulsory LGBT Lessons In Schools

Campaigners have condemned the "shocking" decision to reject a petition for LGBTI+ teaching in Scottish schools.

21 Pruebas de que el chicharrón preparado es amor

Es el mejor amigo del aguacate y los cueritos.

Sian Blake's Partner Charged With Three Counts Of Murder

Arthur Simpson-Kent has been formally charged with the murder of the ex-EastEnders star and their two children. He has been remanded in custody until 26 January.

Fizeram uma legenda "realista" para o vídeo da dupla sertaneja do "Encontro"

Agora ficou fácil compreender tudo que foi dito pela dupla Bruno e Barreto nessa versão alternativa para sua própria música.

10 vezes em que a problematização foi além do que você imaginava

Problematizando ao desconstruir a problematização.

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I'm testing some stuff.

Can You Get A Perfect Score On This Ron And Hermione Quiz?

Ron + Hermione = sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

27 rockstars emblématiques quand elles étaient petites

«Vous ne pouvez ni gagner ni perdre si vous ne participez pas à la course.» —David Bowie

24 Things You Know If You're Always Hosting Dinner Parties

"Just bring yourself!" Translation: Bring booze or you're never coming back.

39 Things You Always Wanted To Know About "Harry Potter" Star Matthew Lewis

There's more to him than Neville Longbottom, guys.

26 Scottish Dads Literally Just Being Dads

"Don't worry bout food in Maga av got you pot noodles and coco pops."

This Woman Finding Out Her High School Crush Has A Hot New Girlfriend Is All Of Us

"She's a model, and I'm just sitting here in my shitty apartment."

What Christmas Food Sales Tell Us About The Future Of Supermarkets

The supermarket sector is going through a period of structural change that has seen more shoppers turn to Aldi and Lidl.

Body Cam Footage Captures Alabama Police Officers Shooting Unarmed Black Man

Body camera footage obtained by BuzzFeed News shows an officer firing at an unarmed black man in the passenger's seat of a car during an Alabama traffic stop in 2013. The footage had not been previously released publicly.

16 Datos alucinantes de "Game Of Thrones"

¡Westeros es aún más rico y complejo de lo que pensabas!

Stop Angrily Tweeting At Airlines With Service

With Service, you’ll (almost) never have to listen to hold music again.

University Student Cleared Of Rape And Sexual Assault Charges

Louis Richardson, a 21-year-old former student at Durham University, was found not guilty at Durham crown court on Tuesday.

Can You Guess The Numbers Missing From These Book Titles?

How many Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest?

This Test Will Work Out If You're A British '90s Or '00s Kid

Salt & Shake or Wotsits? Crazy Bones or pogs?

Congressman Didn't Know He Invited Kim Davis To The State Of The Union

Rep. Jim Jordan confirmed tickets from his office made it to Kentucky county clerk and her attorney by way of the anti-LGBT Family Research Council.

Il envoie un selfie à la police car il ne s'aime pas sur l'avis de recherche

«Ils ont mis une photo où je ressemble à un "Cosmocat" ou quelque chose du genre»

26 YouTube Comments That Will Actually Make You Laugh

"It's 3 a.m. I don't even have dreads. What am I doing here?"

22 Really Weird Things Dogs Actually Do

Honestly, dogs are SO weird.

Connaissez-vous bien les stations de métro de Montréal?

Encore plus difficile que de trouver un siège libre pendant les heures de pointe.

Look At What Syrian Men Are Telling Germans After New Year's Eve's Assaults

"Our cultural values were trampled by these crimes."

21 Insanely Colorful Meals That Are Healthy AF

Taste the (healthy) rainbow.

94 expressões que são sinônimos de fazer sexo

Existem muitas maneiras de você dizer que quer.

12 Things You Probably Didn't Know About The "Shadowhunters" Cast

In which we learn Dominic Sherwood is quite the prankster on set.

15 Productos que cambiarán la forma en que duermes en 2016

Recomendado por algunos lectores de BuzzFeed increíblemente bien descansados.

Vous n'avez pas besoin que tout le monde vous aime

Et vous n'avez pas à aimer tout le monde, d'accord?

Rand Paul: Obama Should Say He's A Failure, Then Resign In State Of The Union

"Well, I think from President Obama's perspective, the best thing he could do would be to leave office early."

12 Eventos que no te puedes perder en México este 2016

Hora de planear las escapadas del año.

What Do You Miss The Most About College?

Remember having a month off for winter break? Good times.

This Woman Still Doesn’t Know If Her Rape Kit Was Tested After Five Years

At one point, police told Heather Marlowe that her rape kit wasn’t tested due to a backlog at the lab of “more important crimes,” the suit said.

Which Nail Polish Brands Actually Stay On Your Nails?

Tell us about the ones that don't chip, streak, or stain.

Les moments cool du métro VS la réalité

Quand un musicien joue autre chose que Mon amant de Saint-Jean ou La Vie en Rose.

9 Fucking Ugly Tattoos Transformed Into Something New On "Tattoo Fixers"

Alice, Jay, Paisley, Sketch, and Lou cover up diabolical tattoos for their show on E4. Warning: This article contains quite a lot of bum.

Obama Offered Biden Financial Help During His Son's Illness

"I'll give you the money. Whatever you need, I'll give you the money."

36 Leute, die noch schlechter kochen können als Du

Es erfordert wirklich Mühe, Essen dermaßen zu versauen. Respekt.

13 palavras que vão te fazer voltar diretamente para a escola

Você quase não lembra mais delas porque a vida é uma grande prova sem consulta.

John Sununu Goes Off On Donald Trump: "This Guy Is A Phony"

"The guy has no substance, he has no plan, he's all mouth."

31 Ideas para un tatuaje delicado dentro de la oreja

Es como un arete que nunca perderás.

21 Times Tumblr Was So On Point About Music

"My taste in music ranges from 'you need to listen to this' to 'please don't judge me.'"

17 Hunde, die Dich besser kennen, als Dir lieb ist

Sie wissen, dass Du weißt, dass sie es wissen...

Vamos tirar um momento para apreciar a história de amor de David Bowie e Iman

Eles foram casados ​​por 23 anos, o que é muito raro em Hollywood.

Lorde fez um um belo tributo a David Bowie

"Nunca vou me esquecer do carinho de suas mãos quando falamos, ou da luz em seus olhos."

24 Times Daisy Ridley Was As Badass In Real Life As She Is In "Star Wars"

Shutting down trolls, standing up for women and slaying every red carpet she steps foot on.

27 Ridiculously Cool Projects For Kids That Adults Will Want To Try

These projects are fun whether you're 5 or 35...or 105.

A Physicist Tweeted That Gravitational Waves "May Have Been Discovered" And People Are Excited

Gravitational waves, if directly detected, would be one of the biggest physics discoveries of the century. But no scientific paper has been published yet, so don't hold your breath.

17 People Who Slayed The Eyeshadow Game

The pigments, the blending!

What's Going On Around The World Today

A 28-year-old Syrian carried out the attack in Istanbul, according to Turkey’s deputy prime minister. Hundreds of people could die from starvation in Madaya, Syria, and need to be evacuated for medical treatment. And meet Claire, the dog who travels to abandoned places in Europe.

24 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Everyone With Long Hair

RIP to all your lost bobby pins and snapped hair ties.

Kangana Has Run Out Of F*cks To Give About Celebrity Gossip

"I am a total badass, not a sati-savitri."

Repare melhor nas pessoas do vídeo da dupla sertaneja no 'Encontro'

Contém cenas explícitas de constrangimento.

Le quartier natal de David Bowie a chanté en son honneur et c'est magnifique

À Brixton, le plus émouvant de tous les hommages.

Diese Porträts zeigen, wie wundervoll es ist Sommersprossen zu haben

Der Fotograf Brock Elbank hat sich für sein Foto-Projekt #Freckles auf die Suche nach „unglaublichen Persönlichkeiten“ gemacht.

19 Things People Who Grew Up In Slough Will Just Get

Not to brag, but our Tesco is massive.

Here's The Supervillain Love Story You Didn't Know You Needed

Watch the James Bond-inspired clip now, exclusively on BuzzFeed Music.

Feminism To Remain On Politics A-Level After Government U-Turn

"The final politics A-level will give all students the opportunity to study the core ideas of feminism," the schools minister said.

11 Juegos de mesa que todo argentino que creció en los 90 tuvo o quiso tener

Los momentos lúdicos dejan su marca indeleble en la vida de todas las personas.

What Is It Really Like To Be In A Long-Distance Marriage?

Absence makes the heart grow lonelier.

17 Nifty Products That'll Declutter Your Life

Welcome to space you never knew you had.

27 Momente vom Serienfinale von "Buffy", die Du niemals vergessen wirst

Kannst Du das glauben, dass es 10 Jahre her ist, seitdem "Das Ende der Zeit, Teil 2" ausgestrahlt wurde?

Aquí tienes a 27 estrellas de rock antes de ser estrellas del rock

“No puedes ni ganar ni perder si no corres la carrera” —David Bowie

19 Handys der 00er-Jahre, nach denen Du Dich total zurücksehnst

Das Nokia 3310 – einfach nur schluchz!

Train Delays Blamed On "Strong Sunshine"

Commuters were not happy with "sunshine" being given as the reason for late trains.

Everything You Need To Know About President Obama's Final State Of The Union

BuzzFeed News Washington, D.C., Bureau Chief John Stanton and correspondent Tarini Parti reported from Capitol Hill.

This Indian Dancer Had Sex Reassignment Surgery To Live With Her Boyfriend From Pakistan

"That is the pinnacle of love and devotion that crosses boundaries of caste, creed, and even gender," said Meera, previously known as Gaurav.

27 Lifehacks, die jede Frau kennen sollte

Na ja, einige dieser Tipps können auch für Jungs nützlich sein.

G4S Appoints New Director At Youth Jail Following Abuse Allegations

Updated: G4S has appointed Ben Saunders as director at Medway Secure Training Centre, but the move is controversial.

Philae, The Little Robot That Landed On A Comet, Is Dead

It's kind of like the scene at the end of Wall-E, except that Philae probably won't be revived and help build a new world.

The Mumbai Police Has Identified Various Potentially Dangerous Places As "No Selfie Zones"

Bandra Bandstand, Marine Drive, Gateway Of India, and Worli Sea Face are some of the places on the list.

¿Eres capaz de adivinar estas provincias?

¿De verdad conoces tu país?

35 Dingen Waar Nederlandse Nineties-Kids Mee Zijn Opgegroeid

De jaren negentig = Flippo's, Yogho!Yogho! en Telekids.

15 Places Everyone Must Eat In Aberystwyth

Because who hasn't dreamt of eating Welsh cheese beside the sea?

Revealed: National Crime Agency Ignored Warnings About Illegal Warrants

The National Crime Agency ignored repeated warnings that officers had used illegal warrants to search properties and seize evidence in the five years before BuzzFeed News exposed the agency’s unlawful raids.

You Can Now Watch Periscopes Live On Twitter

Periscope video streams will now display the same way photos, videos, and GIFs populate on Twitter.

Junior Doctors Deny Hospital’s “Urgent" Request To Cancel Strike Action

A Midlands hospital trust recalled doctors because of a "surge in activity" but the BMA said strike action would only be halted for a "major unpredictable incident".

Cadbury Creme Egg Sales Tumble After Recipe Change Backlash

Chocolate giant Cadbury failed to crack sales success with the controversial recipe change.

Le «livret citoyen» de François Hollande ne convainc pas Twitter

Ce document consignera les engagements de chaque jeune, a annoncé le chef de l'État lundi. Mais il n'enthousiasme pas vraiment les premiers concernés.

Nicki Minaj Would Like The Media To Know That Yes, Actually, She Can Smile

It's almost like she feels there's an agenda here.

19 Tumblr Posts That Prove Pets Are Too Pure For This World

"Hello, Police? I accidentally stepped on my cat's foot and need to be arrested."

This Teenager Got A Massive Ed Miliband Tattoo And Her Mum Stopped Speaking To Her

"It hurt so much – I think it was the shading of his hair."

People Want To Know Where Jeremy Hunt Is During The Doctors' Strike

He's nowhere to be seen. UPDATE: He has popped up on BBC Radio 4.

13 restos parisiens où vous pouvez vous régaler pour moins de 13 euros

De toutes origines et pour tous types de régimes!

Ce post qui défend le scénario de Star Wars VII cartonne sur Facebook

Le Huffington Post disait avoir trouvé 40 incohérences «impardonnables» dans le film, alors il a répondu point par point au site.

16 cosas que te pasan cuando odias ir de compras

Se escribe 'rebajas', pero se pronuncia 'infierno en vida'.

19 héroes que nos hacen sentirnos orgullosos de ser españoles

Si hubiera más como ellos, seríamos potencia mundial.

Les unes des journaux au lendemain de la mort de David Bowie

De nombreux médias du monde entier dédient leur couverture à la légende du rock décédée lundi 11 janvier 2016.

This Duo Is Travelling Across India For A Year To Highlight The Issues Nobody's Talking About

"We often forget that it is not just 'me' that needs to survive, but 'we'."

31 choses sur David Bowie que vous ne saviez sans doute pas

Musicien, chanteur, acteur, visionnaire de génie, mais aussi fondateur de la Société de prévention contre la cruauté envers les hommes à cheveux longs.

21 Dinge, die für jeden Teenager in den 2000ern den Tod bedeuteten

Versehentlich mit dem Handy ins Internet gehen = Tod.

Cet illustrateur a dessiné des expressions françaises, et c'est très drôle!

C'est vrai qu'avoir «le cul bordé de nouilles» c'est un peu bizarre quand on y pense.

27 mariées qui vous donneront envie d'avoir une coupe courte à votre mariage

Les cheveux longs pour le grand jour? Vu et revu...

Voici à quoi ressemblent les acteurs de la série «Hannah Montana», dix ans plus tard

Vous vous rendez compte que la série a commencé à être diffusée il y a presque dix ans???

Turkish Artillery Attacks ISIS In Iraq And Syria In Retaliation For Bombing

The blast took place in the Sultanahmet district — an area popular with tourists visiting the Turkish city's Blue Mosque. Some 15 people were wounded. Turkey's Prime Minister said ISIS were behind the attack.

RED ALERT: This Guy Made A "Hotline Bling" And "What Is Mobile Number" Mashup

Listen to this, then go home. You've officially seen and heard everything.

12 Things Sunny Leone Has Said About Her Past Working In Adult Entertainment

"I can't erase the internet My past is my past, but I'm not ashamed of it."

The Vigil Idiot Reviews “Wazir”, A Thriller With More Chess Puns Than Plot Points

Presenting the plot of Bejoy Nambiar's latest, which is damn stale, mate.

What Do You Want To See Happen On Season 6B Of "Pretty Little Liars"?

Five years forward and a whole lot different.

Do You Know What's Been Happening In Politics During The Holidays?

Put down the beer because it's an election year.

If Real Life Media Reported On "Pretty Little Liars" Storylines


One Of The "Teen Wolf" Twins Just Came Out As Gay In The Most Beautiful Way

"I owe it to myself, more than anything, to be who I needed when I was younger."

Hillary Clinton Calls For End To Obama Deportation Raids

But repeatedly pressed by Iowa Black and Brown moderator Jorge Ramos, she would not commit to not deporting children. She said she believes in "due process" but won't make "blanket" rule.