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January 9, 2016

20 Times Kimmy Schmidt Was Actually You

"We are going to pay the rent, I'm going to get my job back, and I'm going to kiss a boy!"

Which Fictional Couple Do You Ship More: Love Triangle Edition!

Because two is love and three is a crowd.

18 cosas que te pasan cuando eres incapaz de ahorrar

Lo único mejor que tener dinero es gastar dinero.

16 deliciosas recetas con calabacín que te van a alegrar la vida

Flipados de los calabacines: estáis de enhorabuena.

16 fotos que demuestran que como borracho eres lo puto peor

Cuando vas pedo eres tu peor enemigo.

These Women Hurt Their Vaginas While Biking

And one of them blacked out from it.

These Women Hurt Their Vaginas On The Monkey Bars

And they lived to tell the tale.

10 Makeup Brushes That Every Makeup Lover Should Own

Your bank account wont thank us, but your makeup will.

Twitter Unverifies Writer Amid Speech Wars

The company won't explain the removal of Milo Yiannopoulos's verification badge. A campaign against harassment, and allegations of speech policing.

Alyssa Milano Shut Down Wendy Williams On Her Own Show

The actress didn't back down when the talk show host claimed she "didn't need to see" mothers breastfeeding in public.

Uber Just Cut Fares In 80 North American Cities

The company promises the cuts won't hurt driver pay.

6 Little Victories

Don’t you love it when you find cash in your pocket?

17 Cats On Craigslist That Will Make You Go "Me"

"Loves attention. Loves eating."

Which Ed Sheeran Song Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Are you more "Thinking Out Loud" or "Sing"?

These Surreal “Catfishing” Texts May Have Prompted The UVA Rape Scandal

Lawyers for a UVA employee say text messages between Jackie, the accuser from the notorious Rolling Stone article "A Rape on Campus," Ryan Duffin, her alleged love interest, and Haven Monahan, a made up student, suggest Jackie may have fabricated her assault to get closer to Duffin.

Which Valentine's Day Anthem Matches Your Birth Month?

"Love me like you do, lah lah love me like you doooooo."

Are You More Drake Or Josh?

"Hug me brotha!"

Can You Guess Which Celebrity Sibling Is Older?

See if you can tell who's the older and younger celeb sibling.

A Guy Photoshops Himself Into Kendall Jenner's Instagram And It's Hilarious

Kendall's got a new BFF — she just doesn't know it yet.

8 Weird Things Only Gamers Do

You don’t have to like… move yourself.

Only True New Jerseyans Will Ace This Quiz

Can you ace this quiz? Fuhgettaboutit.

Record-Breaking Powerball Jackpot Now At $1.5 Billion

The next drawing will take place Wednesday, and the new prize now stands at $1.5 billion. Lottery officials said it is the world's largest jackpot.

People Get Real About The Best And Worst Parts Of Sex

Wait, I thought the clitoris was inside?

Donald Trump Praises Man He Once Called A Neo-Nazi

In 2000, Trump called Pat Buchanan a neo-Nazi. In 2015, he's singing his praises.

Can You Finish These Music Puns?

There's no turning Bach.

19 Things Only Cat Owners Know To Be True

If the cat falls asleep on your lap, you're not moving until they do.

18 Reasons Gryffindors Are The Absolute Worst

Written by a would-be Slytherin.

Are You More D.J. Tanner Or DJ Khaled?

Everywhere you look, there's a major key.

Murdered "EastEnders" Actor's Partner Arrested In Ghana

Police in London wanted to speak to Arthur Simpson-Kent over the death of Sian Blake and their two children.

How To Handle A Food Thief

No measure is too extreme when it comes to food!

17 Hot Breakfasts For When You Need To Warm Up

It's cold as balls. Eat breakfast.

17 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Here's what you missed this week.

23 Bizarre Sex Toys That’ll Confuse The Hell Out Of You

Because everyone needs an Obama dildo. [NSFW, obviously.]

Can We Guess Your Personality?

How well do you really know yourself?

People Confess Their Love For Pizza

Pizza is the only love triangle I want in my life.

15 Iconic Items For Everyone Who Loves Kim Kardashian's Crying Face

Everything a Kardashian tear touches turns to gold.

31 Brides Who Absolutely Rocked Short Hair On Their Wedding Day

Sings: Here comes the bride, nailing it with a pixie cut...

Chicks Nuzzle Under Cat's Paws!

A lovely bunch of chicks snuggling under a cat's paw.

The Best Superhero TV Series

vote for your favorite superhero tv series

Do You Know The Names Of These Obscure Disney Characters?

Put your Disney knowledge to the test.

19 Songs That Are Actually Fuckboy Anthems

The fuckboy playlist you didn't know you needed, and maybe still don't need.

This Is What It's Like To Be Christian And Live Under ISIS

“I was in my home, and it was like a grave," said 57-year old Sarkis Kirbukiyle, who lived under ISIS. BuzzFeed News' Mike Giglio reports from Syria.

21 Pictures Smart People Will Never Understand

I don't even understand what I don't understand.

Dolphin Sex Is Disturbingly Similar To Bro Sex

They've got wingmen... Or would a better term be fin-men?

27 Moments From "The Simple Life" That Belong In A Damn History Textbook

Pull up a chair, because they didn't teach this in high school!

19 Popsicle Stick DIYs That Are Actually Awesome

Still feel free to throw some googly eyes on there.

15 Women Show Off Their Most "Unflattering" Hair, Makeup, And More

"IDGAF what dudes think. I'm wearing this for me."

20 Things That Will Make Total Sense If You Lift Weights

Cardio? That's any set over 5 reps, right?

33 Beautiful Things For Your Home That Cost Less Than $40

Decor for people with a *lot* of taste... but only a *little* bit of money.

Sign Up For BuzzFeed's 10-Day Best Semester Ever Course!

Make college a bit easier this semester with BuzzFeed.

We Know Your Favorite Disney Movie Based On Your Favorite Dog

♫ Everybody, everybody, everybody wants to be a... dog. ♫

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Calls For Stricter Deportation Rules After Cologne Sex Attacks

Germany's ruling party has proposed stricter laws to regulate refugees after a series of sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year's Eve were blamed on foreigners.

9 Science Stories You Can't Miss: The Iceman's Troubled Gut Edition

The 5,300-year-old "Iceman" may have had ulcers, and 2015 was the hottest year on record. Here are those and other great science stories from BuzzFeed and around the web.

How Contact Lenses Plucked From A Corpse Helped Close This Murder Case

A North Carolina murder case turned on contact lenses buried with a victim. A forensic scientist now reveals the gruesome methods he used to prove the evidence was real.

A Guy Trolled Donald Trump With A "Trump Likes Nickelback" Sign At A Rally

Even Trump knows how damaging that position would be.

Flüchtlinge entschuldigen sich bei deutschen Frauen nach den Taten von Köln

In der Silversternacht kam es in Köln zu sexuellen Übergriffen auf Frauen. Unter den verdächtigen Tätern haben 18 in Deutschland Asyl beantragt. Jetzt hat eine Gruppe von Flüchtlingen in Köthen einen offenen Brief an deutsche Frauen geschrieben.

Should Vin Diesel Or Dwayne Johnson Be Your Valentine?

Maybe you'll get a ~rock~ on your finger.

The Disappearance Of Hong Kong Booksellers Has People On Edge

Protesters involved in 2014's Umbrella Revolution told BuzzFeed News there had been a depressing lack of change since the demonstrations ended.

33 Important Things We Learned From "Ab Fab"

Science is wrong, you can live a perfectly normal life on nothing but cigarettes and champagne.

A British Woman Flew From The UK To Australia In A 1940s Bi-Plane

The 14,600-nautical mile flight took over three months and 50 stops in 23 countries.

These Portraits Celebrate The Joy Of Having Freckles

Photographer Brock Elbank has sought out “incredible-looking humans” for his photo project #Freckles.

Lemmy's Funeral Is Being Live-Streamed From Los Angeles

"We want you all to be part of this," a spokesperson for his band Motörhead said.

Voici comment on se bourre la gueule dans 9 pays du monde

Quel est le pays qui boit le plus? Où trouve-t-on la meilleure nourriture contre la gueule de bois?

Three Men Arrested Over Alleged Anti-Semitic Incident In North London

The men are in custody on suspicion of committing religiously aggravated public order offences.

21 séries de 2015 que vous devez absolument regarder

Spoiler: Game of Thrones n'est pas dans la liste.

Une pub pour un traducteur automatique glorifie le harcèlement de rue

Cette pub pour un appareil de traduction a suscité l'indignation en mettant en scène ce qui semble bien être du harcèlement de rue.

How Postpartum Psychosis Made Me Terrified Of My Own Baby

"My overriding feelings – psychotic feelings – were that ‘this baby is here forever’, and the idea of forever felt absolutely terrifying".

27 Brilliant Books You Must Read This Winter

Recommended reading from January to March. UK release dates.

Do You Belong In "The Saddle Club" Or "The Sleepover Club"?

A very important question for Aussies from the '00s.

Thousands Of People Are Sharing Diplo's Facebook Post About Filming "Lean On" In India

"We are feeling like the rebel alliance against the death star of pop YouTube. One love."

Which "Shameless" Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Are you more Ian Gallagher or Mickey Milkovich? Fiona Gallagher or Veronica Fisher?

15 Celebrities Who Slayed At The Star Screen Awards

Their style statements were dramatic and magical.

Muslim Woman Ejected From Trump Rally As Crowd Boos And Shouts

Rose Hamid was escorted out of a rally in Rock Hill, South Carolina, after standing in silent protest as Trump made comments about Muslims.

How Well Do You Remember The Names Of These '00 Disney Online Games?

Whatever you do, don't get caught by Mr. Moseby.

Which Weird Google Maps Street View Picture Are You?

What r u even doing, Google Maps?

When Abuela Knows You're Sick

Te voy a leer la oración de San Luis Beltrán… Presented byTelemundo Gran Hermano. Estrena 10 de enero. Domingos 8PM / 7C

Great White Shark Dies After 3 Days In Captivity At Aquarium

The 11.5-foot shark sank to the bottom of the aquarium after refusing to eat since being accidentally caught on Tuesday.

Man Arrested In D.C. Allegedly Planned To Kidnap President Obama's Dog

Police were warned that a North Dakota man planned to take the Obama family dog. He was arrested in Washington D.C. on weapons charges Wednesday.

15 Men Speak Openly About Being Self Conscious About Sex

"I keep my shirt on during sex because I'm not confident with my body." All confessions courtesy of Whisper.

Guys Feel Fake Boobs For The First Time

"It's like a little fish tank!"

10 Hilarious Cat Instagram Accounts To Follow

Because cats have all the power.

Degrassi Poll: Most Favorite Episode?

What's your favorite episode of Degrassi?

15 Tumblr Posts About YA Novels That'll Make You Laugh Every Time

"Now that you are of age, we must split you into two houses - blue and black and white and gold."

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