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A Guy Trolled Donald Trump With A "Trump Likes Nickelback" Sign At A Rally

Even Trump knows how damaging that position would be.

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At a Donald Trump rally last night in South Carolina, a ripple began to go through through the crowd. A man was getting attention for his handwritten sign. What did it say?

Does that sign behind trump say, "trump likes nickelback"?

Does that poster in the back say "Trump likes Nickelback" 😂😂

Upon closer inspection that is in fact what the sign said.

Johanna Sellers / Via Twitter: @SellersJohana

This egregious accusation has plagued other Republicans on the campaign trail.

On the Cruz bus right now pulling into his next event & this guy just greeted us.

Soon after it appeared, a Trump staffer came and took the sign away.

Trump campaign staffer (in beige jacket) just took away this guy's "Trump likes Nickelback" sign.

The campaign does not allow handwritten signs at events.

That wasn't the only incident during the speech. A Muslim woman stood up in protest while wearing a yellow star with the word "Muslim" written inside. She was escorted out.

CNN / Via

In fact she and the Nickelback sign holder sat close to each other at the rally.

Bonney Kapp / Via Twitter: @bonkapp

As news of the vile Nickelback accusation spread, some Trump supporters stood up for their candidate.

@1fedupvoter @mitchellvii LOL. Nickelback? That's pretty damn offensive. Trump has better taste than that.

People speculated on how his this might hurt Trump's chances.

@JDiamond1 @Toucherandrich Banning all Muslims is completely fine apparently, but people thinking you like Nickleback is way past the line.

Meanwhile, the sign creator attracted some fans.

To whoever made that "Trump Likes Nickelback" sign: can I be your protégé?

Like any good slogan, it seems people like the way it sounds.

Trump likes Nickelback is a catchy slogan.

For the record, this is not an old claim. It appears the first person to tweet this sentiment did so back in 2012.

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