19 Popsicle Stick DIYs That Are Actually Awesome

Still feel free to throw some googly eyes on there.

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1. This hexagonal shelf for your most precious of knick knacks:

Jess / Make & Do Crew / Via

Check out how to make one here.

2. This garland for all your important messages:

M.J. / Pars Caeli / Via

Learn to gild one for yourself here.

3. Cut up some minimalist earrings like these:

Baisley & Noir / Via

Oh so modern. Check out the how-to Here.

4. Or get a bit edgier with these pointed studs:

Aki / Minted Strawberry / Via

They almost resemble pencil points, no? Get the guide here.

5. Make your own sidewalk chalk that look freaking delicious:

Agnes Hsu / Via

Just don’t lick ‘em. Learn to make these here.

6. Pile some sticks into mini pallet coasters:

Andrew and Dennis / Crafty Lumberjacks / Via

Perfect for your industrial strength cocktails. Check out how here.

7. Upcycle your sticks into some fun bracelets:

Jessica Barst / Via

The world of popsicle-based jewelry is your oyster. More inspiration here.

8. Create your own custom easel phone stand:

Aki / Minted Strawberry / Via

Give your artsiest Instagrams the display they deserve. Get the step-by-step guide Here.

9. Warp some sticks into an elegant flower vase:

The Cheese Thief / Via

Popsicle sticks are surprisingly flexible when just wet enough. Learn this delicate science here.

10. Or into dainty wall hooks:

Onel / Onelemon / Via

Complete with adorable felt butterflies and flowers! Learn to make them here.

11. Get a whole bunch and make your very own end table:

Craig Wall / Via

Take THAT, Anthropologie. Get the guide to making your own here.

12. Or hang them as a one-of-a-kind chandelier:

Kate Pruitt / Via

Cheapest chandelier ever. Learn how to make it here.

13. This creative table is runner is ridiculously easy to make:

Beverley Jenkins / Via

And still classy AF. Make one on your own with help from here.

14. Or give your plates a glorious popsicle stick glow:

Carmen Taylor Rogge / Via

Use food coloring for an easy gradient effect. Check out how here.

15. Piece together a tiny and lovely frame for menu cards.

Jenn / Build Basic / Via

Instantly up your hosting game. Get the simple steps here.

16. Feel the force with your own wookie birdhouse:

Make Great / Via

Put an empty milk or juice carton to good use. Instructions here.

17. Re-create the popsicle effect with these summery postcards:

Sandra Denneler / Via

Or string them together into a yummy party garland. Learn to upcycle some pool noodles here.

18. Make your own set of uniquely designed magnets:

Brook / Pure and Noble / Via

Brooke / Pure and Noble / Via


As functional as they are fun. Get the simple instructions here.

19. Upgrade your pearls with this popsicle stick statement ring:

Vickie / Adventures in Fashion / Via

Simple elegance is always in style. Learn to make your own here.

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