23 Bizarre Sex Toys That’ll Confuse The Hell Out Of You

Because everyone needs an Obama dildo. [NSFW, obviously.]

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the weirdest sex toys they’ve ever seen. Here are the eye-opening results.

1. The Ovipositor


This cute dildo ejaculates alien eggs into you.


2. The Jackhammer Jesus

Divine Interventions / Via divine-interventions.com


You know what to do with this. Put it in feet first.

—Dani Garcia, Facebook

3. My Little Pony Sex Dolls

These dolls have a special pocket for… activities. Live your life.


4. Enema Pants


To allow you to have an enema with your own pee.


5. The Growler

Primal Hardwere / Via primalhardwere.com


This dildo is created to exemplify “what a werewolf’s cock might be like.”


6. The Concubine


For ~between-the-breast~ fans.


7. The “Pussy Pump”

Adam & Eve / Via adameve.com


Using this will apparently make your vagina more sensitive, so you can enjoy sex more. The downside? There will be a lot of swelling at first.

—Kelly Hutchins, Facebook

8. The Vibrating Vomiting Mouth Stroker

This thing comes with “realistic vomit chunks,” because, why not?

—Lex Gore, Facebook

9. The Zeus Electrosex Urethral Sound

It plugs into the urethra, running a current through the whole rod for ~extra pleasurable sensations~.


10. The Neigh Sayer

Primal Hardwere / Via primalhardwere.com


For those of us who have partners “hung like a horse” and want to practice while he’s not around.


11. Just-In Beaver Blow-Up Doll


It’s officially too late to say sorry.


12. The Basilisk “Were-able”


Made to wear on your penis to resemble a more reptile-like dick.


13. The Selfie Stick


It’s a dildo… with a camera. So you can see what an orgasm looks like from behind the scenes.


14. The Pipedream Extreme Fuck My Face


It claims to give better blow jobs than an actual human being.


15. The Great American Challenge

Love Honey / Via lovehoney.co.uk


It might look like your average dildo, but it’s 2 FEET TALL AND 6 INCHES WIDE.


16. Fleshlight Alien Male Masturbator


To explore your primal alien desires. It’s like a fleshlight, but way more out of this world.


17. Mr. Jack With a Moustache

For those of us who like to ride with handlebars.

—Deb Ann, Facebook

18. The Heeldo

Heeldo / Via heeldo.com


It’s a dildo harness that you attach to your heel, for hands-free action.


19. Barack Obama Dildo

Head O State / Via adsavvy.org




20. The Ass Midget


Because you wondered where you could find a gnome that would fit up there.


21. Teddy Love Vibrating Bear

This furry friend vibrates all over and “discreetly blends in with the rest of your home,” so you don’t have to hide him when your friends come over.

Anna Kopsky

22. The Autoblow Robotic Sex Simulator

Auto Blow / Via autoblow2.com

Because sometimes your arm needs a rest.

—Richard Eric, Facebook

23. And The Vajankle

Sinthetics / Via sinthetics.biz


Literally made for people with foot fetishes.

—Anastasia Procner, Facebook

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