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    Alyssa Milano Shut Down Wendy Williams On Her Own Show

    The actress didn't back down when the talk show host claimed she "didn't need to see" mothers breastfeeding in public.

    Alyssa Milano has been a vocal advocate of breastfeeding since catching ire in October 2014 when she began posting selfies with her nursing daughter to Instagram.

    This week, Wendy Williams invited Milano to be a guest on her eponymous talk show where she told the actress bluntly, "I don't need to see that."

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    Wendy went on to suggest that perhaps more mothers should feed their babies in the car and called breasts "fun bags."

    Alyssa's response was GLORIOUS.

    "You have to realize that all over the world ... you're the not normal..." Milano shrugged, "You're lucky the baby's not here — I'd whip 'em out and feed him right on your show."

    "I know it's my issue," the talk show host concluded, before cutting the conversation short to discuss what yet another woman should do with her body.

    "[Ice T's wife] Coco is dressed very sexually...and people have a problem with this..." Williams began, and with that I got so depressed that I had to stop writing this post.

    Keep up the good fight, Alyssa.

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