15 Iconic Items For Everyone Who Loves Kim Kardashian’s Crying Face

Everything a Kardashian tear touches turns to gold.

1. Kim Crying on a Mug, $13.42-$35.79

PooSparkles / Via etsy.com

Sip those tears of luxury.

2. Kim Crying on a T-Shirt, $19.99

Subliworks / Via etsy.com

Have a good cry in comfort.

3. Kim Crying on Earrings, $8.00

TheNaughtyNarwhal / Via etsy.com

Ya hear that? It’s the sound of joyful crying.

4. Kim Crying on a Candle, $14.00

RadRarities / Via etsy.com

Burn the candle, say a prayer, take a selfie.

5. Kim Crying on a Pin, $1.50

ughhhmegan / Via etsy.com

Perfect for that power suit that says “I believe in myself, but also Kim.”

6. Kim Crying on a Dictionary Phone/Wallet Case, $18.90-$20.90

HarryDesign / Via etsy.com

You can look up a sad word and then cry right alongside Kim.

7. Kim Crying on an iPhone Case, $7.44-$10.42

RawBillions / Via etsy.com

Carry a collage worthy of being in the Louvre.

8. Kim Crying on a Set Of Stickers, $2.00

sassycelebs / Via etsy.com

Three times the weepy fun!

9. Kim Crying on the Pocket of a T-Shirt, $18.00

fybrs / Via etsy.com

Subtle, but significant.

10. Kim Crying All Over Another T-Shirt, $26.00

TshirtFoundation / Via etsy.com

You’ll get compliments, believe me.

11. Kim Crying on a Choker, $6.99

DollyEyess / Via etsy.com

Chockers may be back in style, but good ‘ol Kim here never left.

12. Kim Crying on a Poster, $17.99-$27.99

artofot / Via etsy.com

Perfect for the living room or a newborn’s nursery.

13. Kim Crying on a Birthday Card, $5.89

diamonddonatello / Via etsy.com

Give this to only your closest friends that have “K” names. It’ll be fun.

14. Kim Crying on Stud Earrings, $7.90

moonsunandstarstoday / Via etsy.com

Fashion isn’t easy, but I know couture when I see it.

15. Kim Crying on Nails, $4.00

TheMoonGoddessMarket / Via etsy.com

Have Kim scratch the haters who dare make fun of your crying face.

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