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January 14, 2016

19 Insanely Delicious Cookies That Also Happen To Be Vegan

Sure to satisfy even the most hardcore butter lovers.

Hot New Game "Stolen" Is Already Dead

The viral success that let you own other people shuts down after just two weeks.

Wisconsin Senator Calls Nikki Haley An Immigrant (She's Not)

"And Governor Haley is an immigrant. She has powerful stories of being an immigrant," said Sen. Ron Johnson of Nikki Haley, who was born in South Carolina.

Can You Guess Why The Gilmore Girls Are Crying?

Grab some ice cream and put on a sad movie, it's time to wallow.

Istanbul Suicide Bomber Went From Dental School To ISIS

Sources tell BuzzFeed News’ Mike Giglio that Nabil Fadli, who blew himself up in Istanbul’s tourist district this week, was a former dental student who appeared to leave deliberate clues about his identity.

Glenn Beck Confronts Rand Paul For Questioning Cruz's Eligibility In Brutal Interview

"If you're not a constitutional scholar, if you're not a constitutional expert, then what the hell are we voting for you for," Beck said to Paul.

17 Photos That Perfectly Sum Up Snapchat Vs. Instagram

Two completely different people, TBH.

How Many Alan Rickman Films Have You Seen?

He's more than just Snape and Gruber.

When You Hate PDA

Just don’t do it in front of me!

If The Beatles Were Scientifically Accurate

Is love really all you need?

Are You More Carly Or Sam?

"Leave it all to me..."

21 Maneras fáciles de lograr que tu dormitorio se vea mejor

Todos sabemos que has estado sintiendo sin brillo a tu habitación durante todo el año.

The 7 Most Horrific Fanfictions You'll Ever Read

Pretty much every phanfiction titled "The ____ fic", tbh.

A New Way To Avoid College Debt?

SeekingArrangment may have your answer.

15 Easy Healthy Dinners For People With Literally No Time To Cook

Delicious tacos, pastas, and skillets you can whip up in no time.

Congressional GOP Tries To Build A Policy Shield Against Trump

Washington Republican leaders are stressing a broad policy agenda that could help those up for re-election, as lawmakers face the prospect of running on the same ballot as Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. They are also pointing to Clinton losing ground in new polls to show Democrats, too, have problems unifying.

Where's The Best Place To Have A Picnic In Sydney?

We're talking parks, beaches, and hidden wonderlands.

Some States Are Holding Out Against Erasing Historic Gay Sex Convictions

"It should never have been a crime in the first place.”

20 Great Ideas That Ended In The Worst Possible Way

Pride comes before a fall. And every now and then, pride also comes before accidentally setting someone on fire.

Do You Have More Punk Or Hipster Tendencies?

The deep questions in life.

22 Of The Most Incredible "First" Pictures From History

Well, you have to start somewhere.

15 Ridiculous Ways The Characters On “Friends” Found Dates

Once upon a time, in a world without Tinder, six friends found people to date in totally improbable ways.

Estas fotos de Daniel Radcliffe despertarán tu patronus

1,000,000,000 puntos para Gryffindor.

Celine Dion's Brother Dies Two Days After Her Husband

The singer's 59-year-old brother, Daniel Dion, reportedly died of cancer.

What Is The Best Underrated Game App?

Tell us about the next Angry Birds!

Netflix Wants To Stop You Accessing Other Countries' TV Shows And Movies

Say goodbye to your favourite overseas content.

We Need To Start Giving Out Oscars For These Categories ASAP

They don't but they definitely should.

5 Ways To Mourn The Death Of Someone You Never Knew

Celebrity deaths can hit us hard. It's been a particularly rough week, so here are some ways to cope.

27 Signs You're Slightly Obsessed With Dogs

We live in one nation, under Dog.

People Are Cheering A Councilwoman For Her Response To A CNN Anchor's Rape Victim Questions

"Whether you're on the Upper East Side or in Brownsville, all women matter and we're here to make sure that message is sent loud and clear."

Egypt Is Making A Habit Of Arresting People With Facebook Pages They Don't Like

Over the last six weeks, Egyptian officials have arrested at least five individuals for creating Facebook pages which call for revolution.

The Anti-Trump Cavalry That Never Came

Conservative groups and Republican donors were supposed to spend millions to take out The Donald before things got out of hand. What happened?

21 Formas de olvidarte de tu ex para siempre

Déjalo en la basura de 2016.

Here's How To Hookup With Anyone

Sex can be meaningful... even with someone you never see again.

Anglican Church Suspends Its US Affiliate Over Same-Sex Marriage

The American branch of the 80-million-member Anglican Communion has been suspended for allowing priests to perform same-sex marriages.

Which "Buffy" Episode Should You Watch Based On Your Mood?

There's an episode for every mood your could ever possibly be in.

21 Times The "Gilmore Girls" Cast Redefined Friendship Goals

♫ All you have to do is call my name... ♫

Tom DeLay Says Ted Cruz Will End Up In The Courts On Citizenship Issue

“They'll sue him,” DeLay said of Cruz, “He'll end up in the courts one way or another.”

27 Of The Best "Meanwhile In Canada" Tweets

There's truth behind the memes.

23 Hilarious Tumblr Posts That Show Just How Strange Canada Truly Is

"In Canada, you don't say, 'I love you.' You say 'EH EH MAPLE LEAF QUEEN HAM BACON MOOSE ANTLER EH.'"

16 Leo Moments To Prove It's Oscar Time

Near...far...we want to know where the Oscars are.

How Well Do You Know The Jonas Brothers?

Because we're all still in denial that they broke up.

34 produtos de beleza que você talvez não botasse fé que são tão bons

Achados de verdade, segundo as leitoras do BuzzFeed Brasil.

Super Samurai Power Ranger Charged With Killing Roommate With Sword

The man who once played Super Samurai, a member of a fictional team of superheroes, is now charged with murdering his roommate with a sword.

13 Roles magníficos para recordar la carrera de Alan Rickman

Rickman, que falleció a la edad de 69 años, fue uno de los actores más versátiles y talentosos que jamás hayan salido de Gran Bretaña.

21 "Sailor Moon" Tattoos That You Will Truly Fall In Love With

In the name of the moon, these tattoos are awesome.

Why These 12 Canadians Support Abortion Rights In P.E.I.

"Bottom line: if it’s not your body, then it’s not your choice."

Fuck, Marry, Kill: The Dude Names Edition

This isn't about specific people, but about names. Like, would you marry a Trevor?

15 Things You Never Knew About The Cast Of "Pretty Little Liars"

Your favorite Liars answer all of your burning questions!

16 coisas que só quem é calorento vai entender

Parece que o aquecimento global está dentro de cada um de nós.

When You Binge-Watch "Making A Murderer" And Think You Can Solve Crimes

“I’ve seen Making a Murderer…I think I’d know a murderer if I saw one.”

What Your Favorite Pop Divas Looked Like In 2006 Vs. Now

So many hits and so many flops. What a time to be alive.

A Homeless Man In Montreal Just Showed Us All The Meaning Of Kindness

"He was young, and it was cold. I went through that situation."

These Gadgets Will Make You Believe In The Future Of Food

Latte selfies! Solar-cooked ribs! Let me tell you, it's a brave new world.

Show Us The Funniest Picture You've Taken Of Your Dog

You can never have too many dog pics.

Best Fireplace Videos

These are the best fireplace videos available on Youtube or for download on other websites. Using one as a virtual fireplace is a great way to make use of your TV or computer screens. Especially on big screen UHD TVs.

11 Quotes From Harry Potter To Help You Cope With Loss

"The ones that love us never really leave us."

Do You Know The Names Of These "Scandal" Characters?

Take this quiz to test your knowledge!

Desafiamos você a acertar o máximo que puder neste teste de futebol no nível HARD

Criamos versões falsas de alguns escudos para testar se você é muito bom em reconhecer os times do Brasil.

Donald Trump's "Freedom Kids" Will Make You Regret The Invention Of Music

Harmonizing "cowardice." From a recent Trump rally Wednesday in Pensacola.

This Couple Remarried Each Other 23 Years After Getting Divorced

Looks like lightning can strike the same place twice.

Un usuario compiló todas las referencias de Pixar a películas clásicas

Una prueba más de que sus creaciones son oro molido.

Bill Clinton Accuser Juanita Broaddrick: "People Are More Ready To Believe Victims”

Broaddrick says the treatment of sexual assault accusations has "changed tremendously."

If You Won The Lottery

I would buy Kobe a new body.

Russian Parliament To Take Up First Anti-LGBT Legislation Since “Gay Propaganda” Law

“Do you start pitching a tent in your pants every time you see another man?" the bill’s author said. "So you can shove it into the guy's backside?”

19 Cremosas y deliciosas recetas veganas de pasta

Lo siento queso, pero los macarrones siguieron con su vida. Ya no te necesitan.

Dinner For Two: Steak And Salad

For you and your favorite sous chef!

Planned Parenthood Is Suing Undercover Video Anti-Abortion Group

Planned Parenthood is suing the anti-abortion group that secretly filmed its doctors and released videos claiming abortion clinics sold fetal tissues illegally.

13 "Gilmore Girls" Storylines The Fans Demand To See In The Revival

We asked the BuzzFeed community to tell us what they envision for the eventual return of Gilmore Girls. Here's what they want.

When Rubio Worked To Stop DREAMer Deportations Before Obama Got Around To It

During the 2012 election, Marco Rubio worked behind the scenes with activists on a DREAM Act alternative. Those advocates say Rubio's involvement worried the Obama administration and forced their hand on executive action on immigration.

This Clever Artist Makes Hilarious Collages With His Dogs

Artist Jay Riggio has a delightful hobby he's sharing with the world!

How Empathy Takes Us Out On A Limb

When a friend is vulnerable, we must be too.

Why How You Do What You Do Matters

Journalism is a public service and a reader service.

What Group Chat Member Are You?

See which member of the legendary group chat you are

13 David Bowie Things To Add To Your Shrine

Why live in a house when you could live in a David Bowie shrine?

Este vídeo da manifestação de terça-feira filmado com uma GoPro é impressionante

Fotógrafa registrou ação violenta da PM com uma câmera fixada a sua cabeça.

If Your Illegal Airbnb Listing Is Robbed, You Should Still Report It

BuzzFeed News asked police departments in cities around the country whether they would report hosts whose illegal rentals had been robbed or vandalized. These are their stories.

35 choses que vous vous allez découvrir sur la mode

Et que vous serez content-e-s de découvrir!

President Of Ithaca College Resigns Following Protests Over Race Relations

The move comes after nearly 72% of the student body expressed "no confidence" in his leadership abilities.

16 Confessions From Librarians That'll Surprise You

"In my first year as a librarian, I've had to clean up human feces three times." All confessions courtesy of Whisper.

"Rhodes Must Fall" Campaign Rejects Claim It Wants To Rewrite History

"Cecil Rhodes committed crimes against southern African people – this is not a revisionist approach to history, it is history," one student told BuzzFeed News.

Chipotle Has A Plan To Woo Customers Back Into Restaurants. Will It Succeed?

The burrito chain is preparing a marketing campaign in February to slowly draw back customers who left in droves amid a food safety crisis.

22 Imágenes que volverán loco a todos los que tienen un iPhone

Los términos y condiciones han cambiado... OTRA VEZ.

22 tuítes com foto que vão te fazer rir demais

Uma imagem vale mais do que 140 caracteres.

Chicago Releases Videos Showing Fatal Police Shooting Of Unarmed Black Teen

A judge ordered the release of videos showing the fatal police shooting of a 17-year-old Cedric Chatman in 2013.

David Bowie's Family Releases Statement Welcoming Celebration Of His Life

Family members said they will be remembering him in a private ceremony.

Saudi Arabia Sentenced This Poet To Death For Abandoning Islam

In addition the death sentence for apostasy, Ashraf Fayadh was convicted of violating the Anti-Cyber Crime Law by taking and storing pictures of women.

People Have Banded Together To Buy Jeremy Corbyn His Dream Bicycle

"Let's annoy the right wing press and buy Jeremy Corbyn his dream bike for his birthday."

I Keep Getting Mistaken For The Mayor Of Ottawa On Twitter

He's Jim Watson, I'm Jim Waterson, and someone on Twitter is angry about a Canadian bus stop.

Iñárritu se convirtió en Iyatitu durante las nominaciones al Óscar

El director de The Revenant fue rebautizado durante las nominaciones al Óscar.

Sprichst Du Kölsch?

Oder biste en Duselkopp?

BuzzFeed WKND: 01.15.16

Warm up to your winter weekend.

This Woman Found The German Couple Who Left Their Camera In A Hong Kong Cab

"Everybody has lost a camera, but we're in an age now where there is potential to get something back."

Daniel Radcliffe's Tribute To Alan Rickman Is Completely Heartbreaking

"Film sets and theatre stages are all far poorer for the loss of this great actor and man."

A Mom Is Speaking Out About Vaccines After Her Baby Died Of Whooping Cough

"I don't want any more babies to die from this disease, or any disease that can be prevented too easily."

BF WKND -- 01.14.15

Testing the weekend!

Devin Brugman Is Hot

you should follow her on instagram @devinbrugman

13 papéis magníficos para lembrar a carreira de Alan Rickman

Rickman, que morreu aos 69 anos, foi um dos atores mais versáteis e talentosos da Grã-Bretanha.

O carro de um cara congelou completamente após ele estacionar às margens de um lago

Precisaram de quase 160 quilos de cloreto de cálcio para derreter o gelo do carro, que se soltou 15 minutos depois.

Esta mulher tira as fotos de pênis mais fofas que você já viu


O Carpool Karaoke da Adele com o James Corden é simplesmente demais

Ela até virou uma xícara de chá em uma golada só. Que lenda.

28 Onion Headlines That Basically Sum Up Your Life

The Onion truly is America's finest news source.

Backstreet Boys Singer Nick Carter Arrested For Bar Fight In Florida

Carter allegedly punched a bar employee after being refused service for being too drunk.

Esta foto se tornou viral porque as pessoas acreditaram que este canguru estava de luto

A foto ficou famosa como um momento de luto de uma família de animais. Acontece que o canguru só estava tentando cruzar.

L'extrême droite défend les droits des femmes pour dénoncer les étrangers

Le parti de Marine Le Pen évoque peu ce thème... sauf pour dénoncer l'immigration.

Test anti-drogue au lycée: la promesse en l'air de Valérie Pécresse

La présidente de la région Île-de-France veut mettre en place des dépistages après la rentrée 2016.

12 Unexpectedly Bizarre Moments From British Court Cases

@CourtNewsUK chronicles the often surreal goings on of the British judicial system. We decided to illustrate a few of the most memorable tweets.

18 schlechte Witze, über die Du trotzdem lachst

"Geht ein Keks um die Ecke und fällt um."

Are You More Severus Snape Or Albus Dumbledore?

Either way, you're an unforgettable wizard!

How Eva Longoria And America Ferrera Took That Golden Globes Bit Into Their Own Hands

I'm just saying, if they're looking for 2017 hosting candidates...

32 tweets que seuls les adultes peuvent comprendre

Le regard plein de jugement de la caissière quand on commande un Happy Meal.

Meet The Very First Transgender Bride On "Say Yes To The Dress"

"I’m marrying my king, and we will start our family together. That is my activism."

Scottish Nationalists Staged A Bizarre Protest Against "Traitorous" Tunnock's Tea Cakes

"Some people say what we do is a waste of time," said the leader of the Scottish Resistance during his protest against the manufacturer of the caramel wafer.

How Well Do You Really Know "Mr. Dressup"?

Are you a true Canadian kid who grew up with this icon? Take our quiz to find out.

Here's DJ Khaled's Inspirational Advice For Jeb Bush

"You a leader. You a Bush. Another one."

The Dating App That Knows You Secretly Aren’t Into Guys From Other Races

Even if you say "no preference" for ethnicity, the dating app tends to show you people of your own race.

21 Stunning Photos That Will Make You See America Differently

Photographer Jeffrey Milsten leant out of a helicopter to pay tribute to places "where humans gather".

What Lady Gaga Song Should Be Your Anthem?

♫ I'm on the right track, baby, I was born this way ♫

9 Actors Who Actually Have More Oscar Nominations Than Leo DiCaprio

Congrats on your fifth acting Oscar nod today, Leo!

Ellen And Portia Named Their New Puppy "Kid" For The Best Reason

“There have been rumors forever, 'When are you and Portia gonna have a kid?' So, now I can say we have a Kid."

Please, America, Let's Say Goodbye To Fuckboys In 2016

"Haha and then what ;)" —Every fuckboy ever

Without Alan Rickman These "Love Actually" Scenes Wouldn't Have Been As Heartbreaking

His ability to make us hate Harry made us feel Karen's pain even more.

If "Friends" Quotes Were Children's Book Covers

"Paper! Snow! A Ghost!" would definitely be on the bestseller list.

The 23 Most Iconic Professor Snape Moments In "Harry Potter"

In memory of Alan Rickman, who died on Thursday at the age of 69.

If Wedding Magazines Were More Realistic

Is that bride supposed to be dead?

No Actors Of Color Were Nominated For An Oscar This Year And People Are Pissed

People expressed their frustrations with the lack of diversity in the nominations for the four acting categories from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Emma Watson Is Sharing Perfect Quotes To Remember Alan Rickman By

"There is nothing wrong with a man being a feminist, I think it is to our mutual advantage."

Alan Rickman Wrote The Perfect Farewell To "Harry Potter"

"A lifetime seems to have passed in minutes."

29 Things You Need If You're Mysteriously Evil

Because you're so much smarter than bipeds.

21 Recipes That Will Completely Transform Boring Leftovers

For when you're staring down the same dinner three nights in a row.

23 Maneras de ordenar tus cosas en el 2016

Año nuevo, escritorio nuevo.

Congressman Sends Out Petition To Rename Donald J. Trump State Park

The petition also includes a link to donate to Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney re-election campaign.

Attention à cette fausse citation d'Alan Rickman

La citation, qui a été attribuée à l'acteur pendant des années, vient en fait d'un fan d'Harry Potter.

21 Dogs Named Bob

It's a great name for a dog.

19 personajes que nos provocaron pesadillas de pequeños

La productora de dibujos animados más importante de los 80 era el infierno.

Chloë Grace Moretz, AKA The New Little Mermaid, Isn't A Great Swimmer

♫ Everything's better down where it's wetter, unless you can't swiiiim... ♫

19 Memes de Leonardo DiCaprio que se merecen un Óscar

Chance si él no gana, sus memes sí.

29 Ways To Hack Your College Dining Hall

All the cool stuff you can make with your meal points.

Shake Shack Makes The "Chick’n Shack" Available Everywhere

The fried chicken sandwich until now had been limited to Shake Shack stores in Brooklyn, Istanbul, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.

These Alan Rickman Impressions Show Just How Iconic He Was

Everyone has their own Rickman impersonation.

17 Makeup Facts That Show Humans Will Do Anything For Beauty

Is it time to bring back crocodile intestinal oil, or nah?

19 Quick And Healthy Salmon Dinners That Anybody Can Make

Healthy, delicious food is even better when there's minimal cleanup.

Can You Pass Our Britishness Exam?

If you can't, you lose your passport.

13 Things To Think About The Next Time You Say Sorry


12 Documentales que definitivamente deberías ver si te gustó "Making a Murderer"

Descargo de responsabilidad: Dean Strang y Jerry Buting no están en ninguno de ellos.

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Last Night's Fiery GOP Debate

BuzzFeed News reporters Rosie Gray and McKay Coppins were at the debate in North Charleston, South Carolina.

13 Of The Most Beautiful And Moving Things Alan Rickman Ever Said

"Acting touches nerves you have absolutely no control over."

Listen To "Out There" From The "Hunchback Of Notre Dame" Musical

BuzzFeed has the exclusive first track from the cast recording of the musical based on the 1996 Disney film and Victor Hugo's classic novel.

Cet adorable bébé manchot a été prénommé Bowie

Il a trois jours et il est extrêmement mignon.

Estos son todos los nominados al Óscar 2016

The Revenant y Mad Max: Fury Road lideran las nominaciones.

What's Gone On Behind Closed Doors At Canada's Most-Visited Museum

A BuzzFeed Canada investigation reveals that since plans began to change its name and mandate in 2012, the Canadian Museum of History has experienced internal disputes over major acquisitions, controversial dismissals, and an erosion of the “arm’s-length” relationship with the former government.

11 Classic Movie Lines From Alan Rickman

The actor, who has died aged 69, was responsible for some of the most unforgettable cinematic moments.

Alan Rickman, l'acteur qui jouait des méchants qu'on aimait détester

L'acteur britannique est décédé d'un cancer à l'âge de 69 ans, a confirmé sa famille au Guardian jeudi.

How Much Of A Pasta Lover Are You Actually?

Are you a true fan or just an impasta?

Everything You Need To Know About The £14 Million Hatton Garden Jewel Theft

Two men have been convicted of taking part in the biggest burglary in English history, while a third was found guilty of concealing stolen goods – meaning that seven men now face sentencing for the theft of gold, jewels, and cash worth £14 million.

PETA India CEO Faces Sexual Harassment And Threats For Condemning Bull-Taming As Sport

Once again, a woman had an opinion, and Twitter trolls chose to issue rape threats in place of a polite "I disagree".

Chelsea Handler Shares Her Own Experiences With Drugs In "Chelsea Does"

Check out the new trailer for Chelsea Does Drugs, exclusively on BuzzFeed.

18 Things Everyone Who Had Chunky Highlights Will Relate To

For everyone whose hair idol was Kelly Clarkson.

15 questions à ceux qui portent de la lingerie par quelqu'un qui n'y connaît rien

Pourquoi est-ce que les marques n'ont pas encore réussi à inventer des collants qui se trouent pas en 5 minutes?

Sorry, Alan Rickman Didn't Say That Quote About Reading Harry Potter

The quote, which has been attributed to Rickman for years, was actually written by a Harry Potter fan.

People Are Sharing Their Delightful Memories Of Meeting Alan Rickman

"Hearing that voice in real life was magical."

Here Are The 2016 Academy Award Nominations

The Revenant leads with 12 nominations and Mad Max: Fury Road follows close behind with 10.

What's Going On Around The World Today

A car bomb at a police headquarters in southeastern Turkey killed at least six people. Liberia has been declared Ebola-free — it’s the first time West Africa has been free of the virus since 2013. And the six stars of “Friends” will appear in a one-time TV special this February.

Why Google's Cheap Cardboard VR System Just Got A Lot More Realistic

The cheap, easy-to-use virtual reality headset added support for spatial audio to put your head in the movie.

Este gato es el estudiante más aplicado de la Universidad de Buenos Aires

Se llama 'El gato de la FADU' y con asistencia perfecta lo puedes ver cursando, rindiendo exámenes y tomando siestas.

21 peurs (irrationnelles) qu'ont tous les amoureux des livres

Pas si irrationnelles que ça en fait.

What Are Your Memories Of Alan Rickman?

Many people are sharing their favourite Alan Rickman moments online. Add yours.

This Story About Alan Rickman And Rupert Grint Bonding Is Lovely

The Harry Potter set saw some heartwarming moments.

Die 24 witzigsten Dinge, die je auf Snapchat passiert sind

Vergiss Michelangelo und Da Vinci. Diese Snapchat-Künstler haben mindestens genauso viel drauf!

35 coisas que só quem decidiu parar de fumar vai entender

Em poucos dias você vai sentir que seu fôlego está BEM melhor, mas também vai querer esfaquear alguém por um cigarrinho.

Oil Economists Who Backed Scottish Independence Admit Yes Case "Heavily Dented"

Plummeting oil prices have damaged the independence argument, economists told BuzzFeed News, but some still believe leaving the union is the right choice.

13 Magnificent Roles To Remember Alan Rickman's Career By

Rickman, who has died aged 69, was one of the most versatile and talented actors ever to come out of Britain.

If Adele Quotes Were Motivational Posters

She must have called a thousand times to tell you this.

13 Amazing Vennu Mallesh Quotes You Can Use As Motivational Posters

"Suggest Me a Bank to store all the girls hearts which I have Stolen"

Hundreds Of Women Around India Are Sleeping In Parks To Reclaim Public Spaces

The project aims to create an environment of and by women, who are unlearning warnings. The participants, also known as 'Action Heroes', are asleep, defenceless, trusting, not rushed, not hurried in public spaces.

Les fans d'Harry Potter partagent cette scène en hommage à Alan Rickman

On a appris ce jeudi que l'acteur, connu entre autres pour son rôle de Severus Rogue dans Harry Potter, est mort.

What's Your Favorite Professor Snape Moment In "Harry Potter?"

Alan Rickman, the actor who played Professor Snape, has died at age 69.

Here's How To Go On Holiday For Around £100

Turns out flying from Scotland is the key to a great deal. NB: Prices in this post are based on two people sharing.

Actor Alan Rickman Dies At Age 69

The actor, who won a new generation of fans as Professor Snape in Harry Potter, had been suffering from cancer.

Beantworte Drei Fragen und wir sagen Dir, in welches Bundesland Du gehörst

In welchem Bundesland solltest Du eigentlich leben?

Diese Satire-Wahlplakate in Erfurt trollen die AfD

„Afghanistan ist gegen Frauenrechte. Wir auch!”

Which Piece Of Apparel Are You Based On One Question?

We'll try our best to walk a mile in your shoes.

Dieser Typ dankt seiner Freundin auf ganz besondere Weise

„Ich bin so stolz auf diese Frau, ich könnte platzen.“

People Love This Café's Sassy Response To An Irate Customer

"Perhaps, the rudeness that you perceived in me was triggered by the disrespect that I perceived in you by your presumption that you could use our facilities and be waited on for free."

21 images en solidarité à Jakarta après les attentats

Des hommages venus du monde entier circulent sur les réseaux sociaux.

Emma Watson Has Given A Brutally Honest Interview On Her Child Stardom

"I used to have to go numb and close myself off just to get through it."

New Ebola Case Confirmed Less Than 24 Hours After End Of Outbreak Declared

A dead man in Sierra Leone has tested positive for the virus, within a day of the WHO declaring that neighbouring Liberia, the last country to suffer from the disease, was Ebola-free.

23 komische Sexspielzeuge, die Dich definitiv ratlos zurücklassen

Wolltest Du schon immer wissen, wie ein Obama-Dildo aussieht? [NSFW, offensichtlich.]