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January 24, 2016

My Year Without Makeup

As a trans woman, my relationship to makeup — and accompanying cisnormative beauty ideals — has been particularly fraught. My 2015 resolution was to stop wearing it entirely. Here's how things turned out.

10 Easy Ways To Add Character To Your Home

If there is one thing that Carafina knows how to do, it has to be how to add character to your home. Whether you are looking to completely overhaul the entire house or perhaps just add some finishing touches; we are on hand to help you with your interior design inspiration.

The Changing Face Of British Aid For Syrian Refugees

With no end in sight to the Syrian civil war, Britain is changing the way it thinks about aid. Making sure refugees have jobs and schooling – and keeping them in the region – is now the key aim. BuzzFeed News visited Jordan and Lebanon to find out more.

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