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January 24, 2016

Which Planet Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

The answer is written in the stars.

12 Unique Hotels From Around The World

These crazy hotels embrace what travel is all about--the new experiences!

Everyone's Making Jokes About Louis Tomlinson's Rumoured Baby Name

"I hope the other band members name their kids Brisbane Cloudy, Melbourne Windy, and Darwin Humid."

Match-Fixing Suspicions Raised At Australian Open

Betting was suspended for a mixed doubles match on Sunday after a major gambling website reported detecting irregular patterns that indicated possible fraud.

J.K. Rowling Compared Trump's Spokeswoman To A Death Eater

J.K. has had just about enough of this shit.

18 Things That Are Way Too Real For People Who Stay Up Late

Why be an early bird when you can be a night owl?

Executive Turmoil And Turnover At Twitter

Twitter's heads of product, media, and engineering are all on the way out, and two new board members are joining, according to reports.

The Liquid Candy Bar Taste Test

Because we've all found that wrapper in our pocket the next day.

People Want The Greek Islanders Who Helped Refugees To Win A Nobel Peace Prize

Organizers said they are working with academics to secure a nomination for the Greeks who worked on rescue missions, provided aid, and opened their homes to refugees.

Why Trying To Be Cool Is Pointless

It's all a buncha baloney.

The "Growing Up With My Name" Hashtag Captures What It's Like Having A Unique Name

Struggle 1,234,198 of having a unique name: Just letting people mispronounce your name because you're tired of correcting them.

Which Marina And The Diamonds Song Are You?

You know exactly what you want and who you want to be.

These Floating Bonsai Trees Look Like Actual Magic

It's hard to believe it's not an optical illusion.

11 Cards That Will Win Over Your Valentine

A Hallmark card isn't good enough anymore. Time to step up your game this Valentine's Day.

People Are Outraged After A Group Of Teen Girls Posed For A Photo In Shirts Spelling A Racial Slur

The photos caused wide outrage on social media after they began to circulate on Friday.

16 Truths For People Who Fucking Love Naps

Don't get between me and the nap, OK?

That Woman's Crazy Death In "Jurassic World" Shocked Sam Neil

"Boy, what did the English girl do wrong? She got eaten by like three dinosaurs at once."

Caucusing In Iowa Is Much More Involved For Democrats Than Republicans — Here’s How It Works

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are both counting on first-time caucus-goers to push them over the edge in Iowa. That could prove more challenging for Sanders.

22 BuzzFeed Readers Share How They Actually Spent The Snowstorm

You guys. YOU GUYS really know how to live.

Some Dudes Built A Giant Cardboard Fortress In The Middle Of Their Office

*Pulls up drawbridge to keep the haters out.*​

The Prosecutor From "Making A Murderer" Is Writing A Book

"The one voice forgotten to this point is Teresa Halbach," Ken Kratz said.

Imogen The Kitten Is The Most Expressive Cat

My cat, Imogen, is very expressive so I’ve been able to photograph her making a variety of funny faces. She has an underbite and her default face is pretty grumpy so she usually looks angry. She is also very vocal, however, and loves to eat so she is often meowing, which makes her look like the happiest cat ever. Follow her at @imogenthekitten

25 Yummy Cake Recipes With More Holes Than A Poorly-Written Hollywood Blockbuster

A poke cake is, funnily enough, a cake that you poke holes in so that you can pour syrup/jello/pudding/other liquid substances over it to make it extra delicious. And if you've never had one, you're really missing out.

Adorable Dog Dances After Seeing Owner

This little pooch is excited to see its owner when being picked up from doggy day care and does a little dance!

Three Whales Have Washed Up On A Beach In Skegness

They are thought to all be from the same pod.

This Is What Happens When Exes Ask Each Other Intense Questions While Forehead To Forehead

"Just because a relationship ended doesn't mean that the relationship has ended."

MPs "Need Protection From The Public" As Most Say They've Been Victims Of Abuse

A study has found at least 36 MPs fear going out in public.

Jeremy Corbyn Wants 3,000 Refugees From Calais Camps To Come To Britain

"We’re not doing anything about the refugee crisis that’s actually happening in Europe," said the Labour leader.

How Lazy Are You Being Today?

How many episodes of Come Dine With Me have you watched so far?

We Know Which Female Disney Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac

Be our guest, be our guest, take this magical test.

18 Punk And Grunge-Themed Shops You Need To Check Out ASAP

Denim jackets and patches and combat boots, oh my.

15 Datos que demuestran que la gente que ama los gatos no está loca

La próxima vez que te acusen de ser un "loco que ama a los gatos", aquí está tu armamento. Los estudios realizados por y el Departamento de Psicología de la Universidad de Texas han demostrado una cosa: las personas que aman a los gatos son lo mejor de lo mejor.

Show Us Your White Ink Tattoos

The tattoo addiction is real.

7 Bizarre Facts You Didn't Know About This Week In History

Do you have what it takes to pass this test? Time to take out your No. 2 pencil.

15 Valentine's Day Gifts For People Who Love The "Making A Murderer" Attorneys

If you can't have the real Dean or Jerry, I guess these are the next best thing.

7 Facts About History That Will Blow Your Mind

Mammoths were alive when Egyptians built the Great Pyramid!? Seriously?

19 Words That Mean Something Completely Different When You're Obsessed With Makeup

Don't mind me — I'm gonna get Naked and bake for a while.

Here's How To Eat Just A Little Bit Healthier

Don't let those winter blues get you down.

My Year Without Makeup

As a trans woman, my relationship to makeup — and accompanying cisnormative beauty ideals — has been particularly fraught. My 2015 resolution was to stop wearing it entirely. Here's how things turned out.

7 Easy Organizing Tricks You’ll Actually Want To Try

Still counts if you only pick one!

Flight From Houston To Istanbul Makes Emergency Landing In Ireland After "Security Alert"

Turkish Airlines flight TK34, a Boeing 777-300, landed at Shannon Airport at 11 a.m. local time.

America's Snowy Mega-Storm Is Heading For The UK

It will have turned to rain by the time it gets here.

The Hardest WWE Royal Rumble Quiz You'll Ever Take

Friend vs friend! Foe vs foe! It's every man and woman for themselves in this battle (royal) for WWE knowledge supremacy.

7 Dinners To Make This Week

So you can eat ~all~ the tasty things.

Watch A Massive Amount Of Snow Fall In This Incredible Timelapse Video

A Virginia man filmed his back deck over 24 hours as it was blanketed by a massive amount of snow.

Public Support Of Junior Doctors Grew During Strike

53% of people polled on the day of the strike thought it was justified compared to 41% in October.

Magnitude-6.8 Earthquake Hits Southern Alaska Early Sunday

The earthquake struck about 1:30 a.m. Alaska time and was centered 55 miles southeast of the town of Iliamna.

Nicola Sturgeon Mocks Jeremy Corbyn's "Ridiculous" Trident Plan

"I don’t think Labour as a government right now is a credible notion in any sense," said Scotland's first minister.

Voici la recette de deux desserts mythiques de Top Chef

Et on vous dit comment les refaire chez vous!

Ce dessinateur a illustré nos phrases sur le sexe et c'est très drôle!

C'est vrai que «tailler une pipe», quand on y pense, c'est plutôt chelou comme expression.

J'ai essayé des cabines photos japonaises et le résultat est inoubliable

Bienvenue dans le monde bizarre et adorable de Purikura.

Zayn Malik's First Solo Single Is Coming Out This Week

"Pillowtalk" is out on Friday 29 January.

Press Regulator With No One To Regulate Spends £590,000 Regulating No One

The Press Recognition Panel was founded in the aftermath of the Leveson report but, one year on, has yet to approve any press regulator.

10 Easy Ways To Add Character To Your Home

If there is one thing that Carafina knows how to do, it has to be how to add character to your home. Whether you are looking to completely overhaul the entire house or perhaps just add some finishing touches; we are on hand to help you with your interior design inspiration.

The Changing Face Of British Aid For Syrian Refugees

With no end in sight to the Syrian civil war, Britain is changing the way it thinks about aid. Making sure refugees have jobs and schooling – and keeping them in the region – is now the key aim. BuzzFeed News visited Jordan and Lebanon to find out more.

"SNL" Mocked The Overwhelming Whiteness Of Hollywood Awards

The sketch came amid growing criticism that Hollywood overlooks people of color.

Tina Fey Was Sarah Palin, Again, And It Was Amazing, Again

“I belong in a cabinet, ‘cause I'm full of spice, and I got a great rack!”



17 Things Only '00s Disney Kids Will Remember

Brace yourself for the nostalgia feels.

5 People Arrested In Hunt For Escaped California Inmates

The three inmates who cut through half-inch steel bars, climbed through plumbing to a roof, and rappelled down the high-security jail must have had outside help, the Orange County sheriff said.

Do You Know Which Social Network Is Older?

Because we all have our online presence.

¿Qué ven los actores cuando están en el escenario?

El fotógrafo Klaus Frahm ha documentado cómo se ven varios teatros desde el punto de vista del escenario.

Esto es lo que deberías comer cuando tienes resaca

Una razón más por la cual la tostada de aguacate es Dios.

17 cosas que solo recordarás si fuiste universitario en Madrid

Era el mejor de los tiempos, era el peor de los tiempos.

Anthony Weiner: "I Wouldn't Be Surprised" If Bernie Sanders Won Iowa, New Hampshire

Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, is a close adviser to Hillary Clinton.

17 Thoughts Of Binge-Watchers

We all know the feeling of loving a show so much that hours slip away watching one episode after another. Our brain doesn't tune out everything completely--here are 17 thoughts of binge-watchers.

We Know Which Member Of Your Friend Group You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Are you the hothead, the comedian, or the genius?

What's Your Snowpocalypse Storyline???

It's time to uncover your destiny.

When The Country Your Family Migrated From No Longer Exists

How could I properly understand my heritage when I didn't know where my dad came from?

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