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January 19, 2016

Ron Johnson Agrees With Trump: Cruz Should Get Declaratory Judgement On Eligibility

"I heard Donald Trump say, have Ted Cruz go to the court and get a declaratory judgement, maybe that's the best way to take care of this and get it out of the way," the Wisconsin senator said.

Is It Okay For Women To Propose To Men?

Are you the proposer or the proposee?

18 Conversaciones que todo hombre gay se muere por tener

De verdad nos encanta cuando nos preguntan quién es la mujer de la relación.

Lamborghini Belonging To Contractor Threatened Over Confederate Statues Is Torched

The FBI has been asked to investigate death threats received by the owner of a company that was hired to remove four Confederate statues in New Orleans. On Tuesday, his Lamborghini was found burning outside his company.

The Cast Of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Plays "Never Have I Ever"

Never have I ever been handcuffed ~off set ~.

First Republican U.S. Senator Co-Sponsors LGBT Equality Act

Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois told BuzzFeed News that discrimination on the basis of being gay is illegal in his state "and should be against the law nationwide."

Netflix Hits 75 Million Subscribers, Gloats As TV Execs Freak Out

The streaming company's stock has doubled over the last year, and millions are still signing up each month.

This British Man's Husband Died On Honeymoon But Australia Refuses To Recognise Their Marriage

Exclusive: Marco Bulmer-Rizzi told BuzzFeed News about the "outright discrimination" that denied him next-of-kin status following his husband's death last week – and the pain of the death certificate that read "never married".

How Well Do You Remember The First "Harry Potter" Movie?

The first Harry Potter movie turns 15 this year. How well do you remember it?

Sarah Palin Links Son's Arrest To PTSD From Military Service

On the campaign trail for Donald Trump Wednesday, Sarah Palin addressed "the elephant in the room" regarding her son, Track, being charged with domestic assault in Alaska.

This Photographer Tied A Model Up In Shark-Infested Waters And It Was More Beautiful Than Scary

"Sharks get a lot of crap and don’t get nearly enough love."

Ted Cruz: Establishment Is "Beginning To Support Donald Trump"

The Texas senator reacts to opposition from Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad with a sharp attack on Donald Trump.

Does Thread Count Make A Difference With Bed Sheets?

"I would feel bad banging in these... risking not feeling this again".

17 Cosas que prueban que la comida japonesa es una locura

¿Alguien quiere fresas con chocolate de té verde?

27 Señales de que Juego de Gemelas cambió tu vida para siempre

Querida Lindsay Lohan: vámonos de regreso a 1998, cuando todo estaba bien.

You Have To Watch These Actors Hilariously Impersonate Cher From "Clueless"

May I please remind you, it does not say RSVP on the Statue of Liberty!

Introducing The BETS: Four Tech Companies Wall Street Hates

Investors love the FANG stocks — Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google — as proxies for the best of the tech industry. But the knives are out for the BETS stocks.

This Saskatchewan Newspaper’s Front Page Says There’s No News Worth Reporting

"To be truthful, there isn't really anything happening..."

Brutal Letter To Facebook Shows Indian Regulators Are Fed Up

"Equally of concern is your self-appointed spokesmanship . . ."

15 Cosas que hacíamos antes que ahora no tienen sentido

No leer si no sabes qué es Napster y/o Limewire.

21 "Pocahontas" Tattoos That Are Breathtakingly Beautiful

Sometimes the right tattoo is not the easiest one.

Woolworths Forgot To Put Tasmania On Its Australia Day Merchandise

"You want Tassie's money so how 'bout you include us in your merchandise?"

ISIS Confirms "Jihadi John" Was Killed In U.S. Drone Strike

The masked militant became one of the most infamous members of the terrorist group after appearing in a number of beheading videos.

22 Tipos de personas que te encuentras en los sitios de citas online

¡Ah, pero quería buscar el amor en linea!

22 Hechos que prueban que el mundo es más raro de lo que piensas

El mundo es más raro y hermoso de lo que jamás te puedas imaginar.

Mexico Investigates Actress Kate Del Castillo For Possible "El Chapo" Money Ties

Mexico's attorney general, Arely Gomez, told El Universal that del Castillo is being investigated on suspicion of money laundering.

44 Secret Sentences All College Students Will Understand

You THINK you understand these, but unless you're an don't!

Republican Frontrunner For Montana Governor Has An Extreme Anti-LGBT Past

Since entering the political spotlight, Greg Gianforte has avoided questions about social issues. But he has personally lobbied against an LGBT rights bill, and tax documents show his foundation has given more than $1.1 million to leading organizations that oppose LGBT rights.

Anti-EU Labour Campaign Website Is Secretly Run By Former Gove Adviser

Dominic Cummings, a former Tory director of strategy, is the registered owner of, the website for the apparently independent left-wing campaign group urging Labour supporters to vote to leave the EU.

Khloé Kardashian Played A Game Of Shag, Marry, Kill About Her Brothers-In-Law

What if you had to choose between Kanye, Scott Disick, and Tyga?

11 Personas que están cansadas de ser confundidas con celebridades

Desde Maluma a Britney Spears, todos los famosos tienen un doble.

16 Products You Probably Own If You Were Slightly Obsessed With "High School Musical"

If you never owned these products, then man, you gotta get'cha head in the game.

Ted Cruz In 2013 On Sarah Palin: “She Can Pick Winners”

Cruz listed off Palin's successful endorsements in a glowing introduction speech.

17 Things Zac Efron Wore In "High School Musical" Ranked

♫ I can't take my eyes off of your track jacket. ♫

Retail Workers Beware: This Robot Is Coming For Your Jobs

Pepper, the "humanoid robot," was showing off its personal stylist capabilities at an industry convention in New York Tuesday.

This Giant House Cat Is Getting Attention Because He Looks Like A Bobcat

Spock weighs 27 pounds and eats about a pound of food a day.

Esponja em forma de cabelo afro está entre acessórios de cozinha na casa do BBB

Cenas com objeto polêmico apareceram no "Mais Você". ATUALIZAÇÃO: a Rede Globo informou, em nota por e-mail, que outras esponjas da coleção serão usadas no programa.

7 Reasons Why Tesla Doesn't Want To Sell Through Dealerships

"Our opposition comes from two groups, primarily from dealer groups and secondarily from General Motors," Tesla General Counsel Todd Maron said at an FTC conference on Tuesday.

Sarah Palin Says Donald Trump Will "Kick ISIS' Ass"

The star of Sarah Palin's Alaska backed Donald Trump of The Apprentice at a rally in Iowa Tuesday, and with it, brought her folksy style back to the campaign trail.

25 músicas que você provavelmente esqueceu que ouvia em 2006

Uma ótima forma de acessar a sua versão pessoal de anos atrás.



16 Pruebas de que Bubbaloo fue lo más importante que comimos en los 90

El chicle relleno de un líquido perfecto que odiábamos compartir.

Elderly Woman Dies Of Hypothermia While Trying To Help Her Husband From A Fall

Maria Riffe, 74, was trying to help her husband after he fell from his wheelchair when she fell herself fell on their property in Putnam County, Georgia.

The NDP Are Rallying Around Their Old Leader For A New Start

Tom Mulcair gets a show of caucus support after his tough election loss.

What's One Literary Magazine Everyone Needs In Their Life?

So much great writing, so little time.

11 dramas de quem ama maquiagem, mas não tem o menor dom para isso

Você sempre esquece que passou alguma coisa nos olhos e só se lembra após coçá-los.

10 comidas prontas que têm MUITO sódio e açúcar

Você sabe que alimentos industrializados têm muito mais açúcar e sódio do que o recomendável. Mas já parou para olhar QUANTO?

Are Your Shopping Habits Normal?

You're (probably) not alone.

Tennis Authorities Ignored "Extremely Damaging Evidence" Over Fixing, Says Detective

New files show the tennis authorities were urged to launch a "vigorous" investigation into match-fixing evidence — but did nothing.

24 programas para você assistir no mesmo horário do BBB

Esta é para quem odeia o Big Brother mais do que qualquer coisa na vida.

When You Suck At Flirting

Do you suck at flirting?

24 Deliciosas razones para que comas más miso

La sopa es solo el comienzo.

15 Ways To Work Out Harder And Actually See Results

For everyone who's ready to take their fitness to the next level.

Trump In 2014 On Bill Clinton: "What's Not To Like?"

"I play golf with him and I like him."

9 Reasons Rey Is Totally Not A Skywalker

What's the smell? Is that...a red herring?!

Jamie Foxx Pulls Man From Burning Truck

The Django Unchained star rushed to save a man trapped inside his overturned vehicle outside his Los Angeles area home.

Ben Carson Staffer Killed In Car Crash, Campaigning Suspended

The 25-year-old was among a group of four campaign staffers injured when the van they were in crashed Tuesday in icy conditions in Iowa.

Are You An Introvert Or A Wintrovert?

Are you only staying home because it's cold out?

Tea Time Around The World

"Did you just eat a mouthful of balls?"

Quatro cidades brasileiras estão em créditos de filme indicado ao Oscar

"Spotlight - Segredos Revelados" conta como o jornal "Boston Globe" denunciou casos de padres pedófilos que foram encobertos pela Igreja Católica.

23 coisas que todo jovem gay fazia quando ninguém estava olhando

Pegar o catálogo de roupa íntima para conferir "aquelas" páginas.

Marine Freed From Iranian Jail: "I Feel Alive For The First Time In Years"

"As soon as we got out of Iranian airspace, the champagne bottles were popped" Amir Hekmati said.

25 Monos obsesionados con perros

Oh, ¿pensabas que a TI te gustaban los perros? Pues estos monos de veras que los adoran.

A 21-Year-Old Woman Froze To Death After Leaving A House Party In Shorts

Elizabeth Luebke died in Wisconsin after going outside in temperatures as low as -27.5 degrees with the wind chill.

18 fotos de maquiagens que vão te dar arrepios

Atenção: Este artigo contém algumas combinações de sombra muito ruins.

As pessoas estão tentando encontrar este garoto para darem uma camiseta verdadeira do Messi para ele

Um garoto, que dizem ser de uma cidade no Iraque devastada pela guerra, foi fotografado vestindo um saco plástico com "Messi" escrito nele.

16 coisas que só quem não é tímido, nem extrovertido vai entender

Você até dança na balada, mas subir no queijo, jamais.

Russia Is Bombing Syria's Children — These Are Their Stories

Moscow claims its airstrikes target ISIS in Syria, but the reality on the ground is that hundreds of children, rebels, aid workers, and civilians have been killed. BuzzFeed News' Borzou Daragahi talks to victims of Russia's campaign.

Student Grants Will Be Scrapped After Labour Efforts To Halt Government Plans Fail

Labour failed in a last-ditch attempt Tuesday to halt Conservative plans to do away with the grants.

The Creator Of "Master Of None" Thanked Straight White Guys In His Acceptance Speech

"You guys just crushed it for so long that anything else seems kind of different."

28 Reasons To Never, Ever Visit Lanarkshire

It's just a grubby suburb of Glasgow, basically.

Rick Perry: "We All Make Fun Of New York"

"I mean, come on, ‘New York City? Get a rope.’ Remember that ad, for the picante sauce?"

Internet está tratando de encontrar a este niño para darle una camiseta de Messi

Un niño, de quien se dice que es de una ciudad devastada por la guerra en Iraq, se le tomó una foto usando una bolsa plástica con el nombre "Messi" escrito en ella.

La langue française est complètement wtf, la preuve

Décrits par un Anglais qui aime autant la France qu'il déteste le subjonctif.

Sister Of ISIS Jihadi Tells MPs Her Brother Was "Influenced" While Vulnerable

Konika Dhar said she did not want to "give up on her brother", who is suspected of appearing in the latest ISIS hostage video.

Several Indians Came Together To Send This Message Called "Dear Terrorists"

"From here onwards, I'm not going to let you enjoy my fear."

Immigrant Groups Accuse Federal Agencies Of Not Providing Information On Deportation Program

A lawsuit filed Tuesday says ten federal agencies failed to provide enough information on a deportation program after filing a Freedom of Information Act request.

Crianças negras participam de campanha "não me vejo, não compro"

Tudo começou com embalagem de fantasia do Finn de "Star Wars" ilustrada por modelo branco.

Tentative d'explication de la «malédiction des Michel»

Principale hypothèse: la démographie du prénom -et pas le mauvais œil.

So sah es in Hannover vor 120 Jahren aus

"Entschuldigung, wo geht's denn hier zu Karstadt Sport?"

21 choses qui arrivent quand on a un très gros chien

RIP les tasses cassées à cause de votre chien.

La música de España, en un mapa

¿Qué fue de Huecco?

16 Mapas honestos que cambiarán tu percepción de México

No es como te lo enseñaron en la escuela.

24 Cosas sobre el lubricante que realmente deberías saber

Es algo más que tan solo untarse con alguna cosa para que todo se humedezca.

17 pequenos prazeres se você adora roupas básicas

Sentir um quentinho no coração ao ver roupas cinza.

Jeb Bush Says Chris Christie "Has To Own Up To His Record"

Christie has recently denied certain aspects of his record.

Justin Bieber's New Purple Hair In Six Instagram Photos

This is the Museum of Modern Justin Bieber Instagram Art.

22 Things All Emo Girls Owned In The '00s

Fingerless skeleton gloves so you could be like Frank Iero.

Disability Rights Advocate Files Discrimination Complaint Against Uber

Disability rights advocate Dustin Jones alleges an Uber driver refused to give him a ride because he could not accommodate his wheelchair.

Janet Hubert Called Out Will And Jada Pinkett Smith For Suggesting Black Actors Boycott The Oscars

"You ain't Barack and Michelle Obama, and you all need to get over yourselves."

Here's The Trailer For The New "Pee-wee Herman" Movie

He's still got the Pee-wee Herman laugh.

Testing Twitter Optimizer

Image requirement

Alcohol Seized In Prisons Has Trebled Over The Past Five Years

Data shows that in addition to alcohol being confiscated at alarming rates, mobile phones, and SIM cards are also being retrieved in record numbers.

Drones Bought In Supermarkets Could Be Used In Terror Attacks, Warns Peer

Lord West warned that passenger jets are at risk of attack.

What Can You Buy For $1 In Your Country?

*orders off the dollar menu* Inspired by this Reddit thread.

Donald Trump Actually Reversed Support For Late-Term Abortion In 2000

"When Tim Russert asked me on Meet the Press if I would ban partial-birth abortion if I were president, my pro-choice instincts led me to say no. After the show, I consulted two doctors I respect and, upon learning more about this procedure, I have concluded that I would indeed support a ban."

61 Impossibly Tiny And Tasteful Tattoos

Because small ink can still have big meaning.

29 Canciones que olvidaste por completo que te encantaban en 2003

2003 fue un excelente año para la música.

The New Oreo Flavor Is Cinnamon Bun And They Taste Like Dunkaroos

AND a fan-favorite flavor is making its way back to shelves — permanently.

17 Easy Slow Cooker Soups That Will Warm You Right Up

Simple and delicious. Bonus: All the recipes are specifically for slow cookers, so you don't need to convert them.

How Ivy League Admissions Are Stacked Against Poor Kids

A new report looks at why Ivy League and other top schools are still out of reach for many high-achieving, low-income students.

19 Gadgets Every Adult Needs In Their Kitchen

Kitchen gadgets are the toys of adulthood.

Elle atteint le «bonheur ultime» après avoir gagné un an de pizzas gratuites

La Canadienne Emily O'Keefe s'est immédiatement autoproclamée «Reine de la Pizza».

26 Of The Funniest Things People Have Said In Their Sleep

“My husband farted and said, 'Damn, girl, shut your ass.'"

7 Shocking Statistics That Reveal The Levels Of Violence Against Civilians In Iraq

The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq released a report Tuesday that said 18,802 civilians have died in the country's conflict in 22 months up to Oct. 2015.

Oh My God There's A Drake Coloring Book

Started from the bottom now we're...coloring.

People Are Mourning The Death Of This Photographer Who Was Killed By Al-Qaeda

Leila Alaoui, 33, a French-Moroccan photographer, was shot during the deadly terrorist attack in Burkina Faso.

7 Reasons Rey Is Definitely Luke Skywalker's Daughter

Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

New Anti-Extremism Website May Target Vulnerable Children, Lawyer Says

"The government is still thinking about extremism in the same way as they were a year ago," the attorney representing the families of three British girls who ran away to Syria said of the Department for Education website.

The 27 Most Exciting Books Coming In 2016

Here are the books we can't wait to read in 2016! (Ranked in no particular order.)

Encontre alguém que te ame como a Xuxa e o Junno se amam

O segredo é piada de tiozão, sexo em público e conversa durante o "número dois".

These Extremely Talented Children Are All Refugees From Syria

A British photographer follows a chess player, a speed reader, a poet, and three rapping brothers — all children who have fled the war in Syria.

21 Videos Of Eggs That Are Actually Porn

And are somehow completely safe for work.

Obamacare Veterans Say Sanders Is Overstating His Role In Crafting Law

Bernie Sanders says he “helped write” the Affordable Care Act.

Junior Doctors Will Not Go On Strike After BMA Puts Walkout On Hold

The British Medical Association has suspended a strike planned for 26 January after renewed talks made "progress", but a February walkout could still go ahead.

Voici à quoi pourrait ressembler la couverture du livre de Sarkozy

«La France pour la vie. (Je ferai mieux la prochaine fois).»

14 Questions British People Have About The French Language

France, your language is beautiful but it causes us so much pain.

31 Times Khloé Shut Down The Other Kardashians

"You're scared Kim won't be able to use her big fat ass to get you 10%."

Political Polls Could Be Banned Close To Elections, Suggests Peer

"Political polling has been manipulated by people with money ... and it can change the course of history," said Lord Foulkes.

Fabletics And JustFab Keep Growing In Face Of Criticism

The company's CEO said it's "changing the way women and hopefully men are going to shop for fashion in the future."

47 cosas que estamos haciendo todos mientras Twitter está caído

1. Comprobar Twitter para ver si había vuelto.

What's Going On Around The World Today

China’s economy grew by 6.9% in 2015, its slowest rate since 1990. A water crisis is ongoing in Flint, Michigan: Residents are now completely avoiding their lead-contaminated tap water. And almost two years later, a small community in Nigeria is still waiting for the rescue of more than 200 abducted schoolgirls.

36 lindas paisagens que provam que os videogames são arte

Pseudo topofilia é um forte sentimento de fazer parte de um lugar que não existe realmente. Agora você sabe disso.

47 coisas surpreendentes que você não sabia sobre Kim Kardashian

Ela usa uma bolsa de grife que custa $ 20 mil para guardar as fraldas de North, para começo de conversa.

Esse gato tem a melhor coleção de selfies que você já viu

Sem brincadeira, essas selfies são ótimas.

Diga o que você acha destas imagens e vamos dizer se você é muito perfeccionista

Você é bem chatinho ou não dá a mínima pra nada???

18 Things That Happen If Your Friendship Group Is Way, Way Too Close

You have an in-depth knowledge of their bathroom habits.

Vegetarians Are Pissed Off With Gourmet Burger Kitchen For Its Pro-Meats Ads

Gourmet Burger Kitchen's "offensive" ad campaign has kind of backfired.

Si sos fanático de Harry Potter vas a querer tener estas varitas hechas a mano

Harry, Hermione, Ron, Malfoy, Dumbledore, Voldemort. Elegí la que quieras.

Trump Says Removing Qaddafi Was Mistake, But Pushed For Libya Intervention In 2011

"Now we should go in, we should stop this guy, which would be very easy and very quick." The comments leave an opening for rivals like Ted Cruz, who has panned the intervention.

An NHL Team Gave A Liberal MP A $600 Ticket To A Political Fundraiser

The NDP's ethics critic says the gift is problematic: "A $600 gift is way too high."

23 Bilder, die jedes Mädchen völlig kaputt machen

Wimpernzangen und Lockenstäbe sind Folterinstrumente

1 In 10 Witnesses In Domestic Abuse Cases "Inappropriately" Summoned To Court

The Crown Prosecution Service has been criticised by its official watchdog for calling vulnerable people to give evidence without assessing the risks.

Esta é a melhor forma de ensinar história do Brasil para quem é viciado em internet

Cabral fazendo checkin na Ilha de Vera Cruz e WhatsApp do Marechel Deodoro decidindo o futuro do país.

21 Greeting Cards That Need To Calm Down

Happy Father's Day "Dad".

21 categorias escondidas da Netflix que você precisa conhecer

Acesse um monte de gêneros alternativos, como "Besteirol cult" ou "Filmes obscuros para chorar".

15 Photos Of What Actors See When They’re Onstage

Photographer Klaus Frahm has documented the eye-opening views seen from theatre stages.

Older People Believe More In Gender Equality Than People In Their Twenties

The Fawcett Society, which carried out the survey, admitted the results were "surprising".

Can You Pass This Really Tricky Spelling Test?

There are 20 questions, and you need 70% to pass – are you ready?

Can You Help People Find This Kid So They Can Give Him A Real Messi Shirt

A kid, who is said to be from a war-torn town in Iraq, was pictured wearing a plastic bag with "Messi" written on it.

Tennis Australia Rocked After Three Board Members Suddenly Resign

Dr Janet Young, Peter Armstrong and Kerryn Pratt stepped down from the organisation before the Australian Open.

15 Tweets That Capture The Internet's Reaction To Sunny Leone's Interview With Bhupendra Chaubey

"Here's hoping Mr Chaubey's next interview explores something other than his own prejudice."

16 cosas que entenderán los amantes de la cerveza

Las cosas divertidas no acaban en -ium; acaban en -aberna o -erveza.

20 Times Emma Watson Shut Down Sexism In The Best Damn Way

"If you stand for equality, you're a feminist. I'm sorry to tell you."

Amy Schumer Perfectly Shut Down A Film Critic For His Sexist Comment

"I get it. Cause I'm a whore? Glad I took a photo with you."

27 "Scrubs"-Momente, die Dich jedes Mal zum Lachen bringen

"Ich liebe diesen Moment so sehr, dass ich mit ihm schlafen möchte."

15 Iconic Sunny Leone Moments That'll Make You Fall In Love With Her

"For porn, all you need is half a brain and a pretty face. It's the same for Bollywood."

47 Things Everybody Did While Twitter Was Down

1. Checked Twitter to see if it was back up.

Fall-Winter Children Online Shopping

If you are searching for exclusive children's clothing this winter, then online shopping brings convenience. An online children's clothing boutique will provide you a myriad range of products in the most creative and exceptional designs you could ever imagine. The goal of these shopping portals is to create an exceptional shopping experience for you.

How Reputation Management Strategies Are Monitored And Why Online Reputation Management Is Important

Online reputation management involves a number of strategies including the development of positive SEO content, link building strategies, social media management and various other processes. The effectiveness of each method must be measured and monitored so that adjustments can be made if necessary and the most useful methods can be further enhanced.

Ce test du point rouge va déterminer à quel point vous êtes colérique

Êtes-vous plutôt maître zen ou Hulk en puissance?

De fausses photos de neige en Arabie Saoudite ont piégé les médias

Des sites du monde entier ont annoncé un peu vite les premières chutes de neige dans le centre du pays «depuis 85 ans».

Si a los 19 bebes así, te contamos cómo vas a beber a los 30

Todos somos prescindibles salvo el vodka de Mercadona, que es eterno. Amén.

17 Dishes That Prove Japanese Food Is Totally Fucking Insane

Green tea chocolate strawberries?! あなたを愛してます Japan!

Twitter Still Isn't Working And It Is Still Awful

The social network stopped working on-and-off for more than four hours Tuesday morning.

12 Menschen posieren nackt, um zu zeigen, wie vielfältig Körper wirklich sind

„Du kannst mir antun, was Du willst, aber ich werde immer noch da sein, und zwar in diesem Körper und vollkommen ohne Scham.“

24 Fotos von Tieren, die ganz genau wissen, was Liebe ist

Tiere sind einfach die besseren Menschen!

Des personnes mangent du Nutella n'importe comment et c'est HORRIBLE

Prenez juste un pot et une cuillère, pourquoi compliquer les choses?

Quinze choses à savoir sur l'hygiène dentaire

Passez votre langue sur vos dents pour sentir ce sympathique biofilm bactérien granuleux.

These Eerie Photos Capture The Oddball Beauty Of Suburban America

Ryan Schude's enormous staged photos are filled with weirdness and energy.

Desigualdad social: 62 personas poseen la misma riqueza que la mitad de la población mundial

Nuevos estudios realizados por la entidad benéfica Oxfam muestran que el mundo ha incrementado su riqueza en 67 billones de dólares en tan solo 15 años, pero esta se encuentra cada vez más concentrada.

9 cosas que aún podemos amar ahora que el tenis nos ha traicionado

El tenis profesional te ha apuñalado en el corazón. ¿Qué te puede encantar ahora?

250 Nuns Just Cycled All The Way From Kathmandu To New Delhi

These inspirational ladies undertook the journey to promote gender equality and environmental consciousness.


「そうやって迷うのも楽しいじゃない。好きな人がいるってやっぱりいいことよ」 (『海街diary』より)

Cet imam qui laisse les chats errants venir dans sa mosquée est le chouchou du web

L'imam Mustafa Efe a ouvert les portes de sa mosquée à une famille de félins à Istanbul.

This Compilation Video Of ABC Kids Shows Will Give All Aussies Total Nostalgia

When Bananas In Pyjamas were still in suits and weren't a big old lie.

A 65-Year-Old Woman Told Us About Sex, Love, And Broken Hearts

Liz, a participant in the Sydney Festival show All The Sex I've Ever Had, spoke to BuzzFeed News.

This Indigenous Woman Is The Face Of A Growing Number Of Aboriginal Doctors

Indigenous doctors key to closing the health gap.

This Is How Martin Luther King Jr.'s Legacy Was Celebrated Across The U.S.

From traffic-stopping demonstrations to packed church gatherings, thousands gathered across the U.S. on Monday to remember slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

Cruz Escalates His Attacks On Trump — In Front Of Voters

"If you didn’t stand up and fight amnesty when the stakes were live or die, when the stakes were do we lose this permanently or do we win, then I would suggest as voters you have reason to doubt the credibility of the promises of a political candidate..."



The Australian Open Got A Betting Partner At The Worst Possible Moment

William Hill's debut as the Australian Open's first ever "wagering partner" comes as the tennis world is shaken by evidence of high-level match fixing.



Here's How The Tennis Match-Fixing Expose Played Out On Front Pages

BuzzFeed News published a yearlong joint investigation into match-fixing in professional tennis. Here's how it played out in newspapers around the world.

Government Launches Website To Prevent Muslim Pupils Being Radicalised

Education secretary Nicky Morgan will make the announcement at the Tower Hamlets school four students allegedly fled to join ISIS.

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