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January 5, 2016

Ted Cruz Says Trump Jumped The Shark By Questioning His Citizenship

Cruz tweets out the literal jumping the shark scene.

A Montreal Couple's Wedding Night Was Ruined By Airbnb Renters Who Had A Coke-Fuelled Orgy

Justine Smith said she threw away the "cum-caked carpet" afterward.

Gunmaker's Stock Hits Record High As Obama Boosts Background Checks

Smith & Wesson rose 11% Tuesday, with investors anticipating another gun buying spree.

17 Away Messages Every Emo Kid Used In 2007

Dreamin' of Pete Wentz <33

18 Roscas de Reyes que tienes que probar antes de morir

"Que no me salga el muñequito, que no me salga el muñequito".

The Hilarious Full Names Of "30 Rock" Secondary Characters

A lot more thought went behind naming these secondary 30 Rock characters than you may think.

Huckabee On Oregon: Handful Of Extremists Shouldn't Negate Federal Lands Issue

"The actions of a handful of extremists don't negate a very serious issue."

Jeb On Oregon Stand-Off: It's Inappropriate And They Should Cease And Desist

"I think people's frustrations there are ill-served by militia and at the same time I think there needs to be a much different approach as it relates to the western lands issues."

Tourists Led An Injured Lion To Safety By Alerting Authorities On Facebook

Thanks to the quick thinking of some tourists, the lion was treated and is on the mend.

Victims Of Chicago Police Torture Receive Reparations Decades After Abuse

The $5.5 million reparations package went out Monday to 57 people who endured electrical shocking, suffocation, and beatings as police attempted to get confessions from the 1970s to the 1990s.

El mapa definitivo de los estereotipos madrileños

Nos han llamado centralistas después de lanzar el mapa de los estereotipos españoles. Aquí demostramos que en la ciudad donde vivimos también hay tela que cortar: Y EN DETALLE.

Twitter Is Playing With Fire By Reconsidering Its 140-Character Limit

If Twitter implements the 10,000-character limit it's considering, the value of its service might take a hit.

Toma 23 fotos de Benedict Cumberbatch haciendo movidas

Por si los Reyes te han traído carbón.

11 Crappy Ways To Dump Someone

“I once got dumped during sex…”

People Tried Their Own Urine For The First Time And They Were Disgusted

"I'm kinda drunk, I don't even know what happened."

¿Cuántas Naves de 'Star Wars' puedes identificar?

“Es la nave que cruzó el corredor Kessel en menos de 12 parsecs”.

15 Pictures That Sum Up Trying To Be An Adult

LBH, the whole adulting thing is a struggle.

Dolce & Gabbana Debuts High-End Hijab And Abaya Collection

The famous Italian fashion house is joining the ranks of those targeting Muslim customers.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin May Have Just Made Things Official

May we say Selena who....Caught with their lips kissing!!!!

18 Times Tumblr Absolutely Ruined Pokémon Forever

"Oh shit he learned SLEEP POWDER."

We Made A Ridiculously Big Cat Fort For My Cat

This is a story about a lifetime's supply of cardboard, duct tape, rope, and string, a full day of construction, and one very happy cat named Jenkins.

There's a New Mary Poppins Movie in the Works

And Social Media is having a Fit!!!!!

Bernie Sanders And His Fans Are Literally Finishing Each Other's Sentences Now

It's like a Jimmy Buffett concert or one of those Sound of Music sing-a-longs. People just chant everything together.

Answer These Questions And We'll Tell You Which "Bring It On" Cheerleader Audition You Are

Are you the girl who cries about her breakup, or perhaps the guy who thinks he's auditioning for Pippin?

What's The Best Fast Food Burger In America?

Let's settle this once and for all.

Are You More Barry White Or Luther Vandross?

So much romance, too much romance.

26 Veces en las que México fue un WTF para el resto del mundo

“Esta unidad está protegida por Batman, El Chapulín Colorado y uno que otro polecía panzón.”

Do You Know Who On Earth These People Are On "Celebrity Big Brother?"

This is the third time we've made this poll post, asking you whether you know who any of these celebrities are, because arguably this question is valid as ever.

Are You More Usher Or Justin Timberlake?

Either way, you're a certified badass.

We Know Your Vice Based On These Three Questions

Do with this information what you will.

Os gatos mais importantes de 2015

Este foi um ano difícil e tumultuado para os gatos, mas não passou sem triunfos felinos, perseverança felina e – ouso dizer – redenção felina. Estes foram os gatos mais importantes de 2015.

25 celebridades que talvez você não sabia que são bissexuais

Quando se trata de sexualidade, estes atores, escritores e ícones encontram-se em algum lugar entre os dois extremos.

17 gifs científicos que vão te impressionar

Contemple o esplendor da ciência!

19 Fluffy Puppies Who Might Actually Be Bears

It has been scientifically proven that these might be bears.

Trump Says He'll See The New Benghazi Movie If He Finds The Time

"I've spent so much time campaigning, I don't have a lot of time to do things that I used to do."

Twitter Might Expand Its Tweet Character Limit To 10,000

Just when you finally got off Facebook...

We Know What You Should Name Your Dog Based On Your Sign

Because your pet is a total star, obviously!

Take This Quiz To Make Your Brain Orgasm

Because brains deserve orgasms too.

18 American Girl Books That Literally Saved Your Life Growing Up

The care and keeping of EVERY aspect of your life.

Washington Is Actually More Annoyed With Saudi Arabia Than Iran Right Now

A burgeoning regional crisis has Washington more worried about its alliance with Saudi Arabia than its thawing ties with Iran.

What Should All Newbies Should Know Before Hitting The Gym?

Also, what exactly do you do with a barbell? Asking for a friend.

Hilary Duff Was Spotted Coming Clean In El Niño


¿Te va a salir el muñequito en la rosca?

Descubre aquí si tendrás que comprar los tamales este 2 de febrero.

Finalmente puedes borrar las tontas aplicaciones de fábrica de tu iPhone

Para todos los que nunca han usado estas apps.

The Affordable Care Act Hasn't Led To More Part-Timers, Study Says

Researchers found little evidence employers cut back on full-time hours to avoid new healthcare costs. But those who have had hours reduced can least afford it.

Lumosity To Pay $2 Million To Settle Claims Its Brain-Training Is Bogus

The Federal Trade Commission accused Lumosity of preying on consumers' fears of cognitive decline.

FBI Says There's An 18-Minute Gap In The San Bernardino Shooting Timeline

The investigation into the Dec. 2 shooting that killed 14 people has also found no evidence that it was "foreign-directed," the FBI said Tuesday.

Donald Trump Is Feuding With Samuel L. Jackson Regarding Golf

Jackson questioned Trump's integrity on the golf course.

33 Healthy Things To Eat After You Work Out

Recover with these easy recipes. Personal trainer not included.

These Retro "Star Wars" Posters Will Take You Back To The Days Of The Original Trilogy

Every spaceport cantina needs a set of these retro-inspired original trilogy Star Wars posters hanging on the wall.

Can You Guess The Beatles Song From Its Opening Lyric?

"The Queen says no to pot-smoking FBI members."

17 Winter Hacks That Canadians Swear By

Kitty litter? Yes. Seriously.

Los mejores 21 memes de la instalación de la Asamblea Nacional venezolana

Este 5 de enero se hizo historia, sin abandonar el humor en el camino.

People Who Are Always Cold, How Do You Stay Warm?

Warm meaning "still cold but surviving."

Apple And Fitbit Sued Over Wearables Patents

A company is accusing Apple and Fitbit of investigating its biometric sensor tech with the underlying purpose of copying it for their own devices.

Jewel Staite Has The Best Twitter Account Ever

Take your whole wheat donut and get the frig outta here.

In Celebration Of The Most Underrated Character On "Mr. Robot"

"Joanna, I love you. You're the one, the one for me."

10 Words That Came From Nahuatl

Straight outta Aztlan.

19 Life-Changing Kitchen Products That'll Up Your Chef Game In 2016

BuzzFeed reader recommended, foodie approved.

Are You Finn Or Poe From "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"?

There is literally no losing this unless you have no soul and are neither.

Trump: It Would Be Interesting To Ask Bill Clinton The Difference Between Him And Cosby

Trump added that he respects women and that he would protect them.

18 Things Everyone With A Beard Will Understand

Every ice cream cone is a challenge.

15 Purrfect Gifts To Honor The Crazy Cat Gentlemen

Why should the Crazy Cat Lady get all the glory? The time for gender equality in the Crazy Cat World is right meow.

This Ottawa Man Says He Went A Whole Year Without Tim Hortons After Swearing It Off

The mysterious William Golding says he hasn't had Timmies since last January.

Here's The Story Of The Ranchers Whose Case Sparked A Militia Standoff In Oregon

Dwight and Steven Hammond have for decades clashed with federal authorities in the rugged Oregon landscape over a patchwork of private and public land.

17 Decisions You Should Never Make While Pregnant

You probably can't avoid doing most of these things and it's not fair.

Things Everybody Who Hates The Cold Can Relate To

The cold bothers me in every waaayy

Gay Men Asked Straight Men What They've Always Wanted To Know

"They're just perky, and they're fun."

19 Better Names For Everyday Things

Imagine if the guy who named the Walkie Talkie named everything? h/t AskReddit

7 Incredible Things We Learned About Jennifer Lawrence From Her Glamour Magazine Interview

"Me not dating someone is not a lack of anything in any way. I feel completely fulfilled."

Você finalmente pode se livrar dos aplicativos padrões idiotas do iPhone

Para todos que nunca usaram na verdade os app Stock.

Faraday Wants To Take On Tesla With This 1,000-Horsepower Supercar

Faraday claims the concept car will go from 0 to 60 mph in under three seconds and reach top speeds of 200 mph.

What’s Your Best Tip For Surviving Life With A Newborn Baby?

Because new parents need all the help they can get.

How Many U.S. State Capitals Do You Know?

This quiz includes all 50 states, so it might be harder than you think.

People Are Spending Over $1,000 On A Dozen Of These Gold-Encrusted Doughnuts

The chef behind the pricey pastry reveals how he got the idea to BuzzFeed News.

Man Decapitates Wife, Uses Her Head As Weight To Drown Himself

The murder-suicide took place in a scenic Austrian lake town popular with tourists.

15 Cool And Unusual Maps That Will Change How You Think About Vancouver

What it is, what it was, and what it could be.

10 New Year Resolutions You Can Do At Seton Hall

Whether you're a freshman or a senior, a list of things to make 2017 great!

This Is Why Saudi Arabia And Iran Totally Hate Each Other

The two countries severed diplomatic ties this weekend and that is very, very bad.

Lo que les pasó a las mujeres trans que desaparecieron en El Salvador

El relato de cómo un grupo de mujeres trans desaparecieron en plena guerra civil salvadoreña se ha transmitido de generación en generación, transformándose en una leyenda que les asegura a las mujeres trans un lugar en la historia de un país que a menudo parece desear que desaparezcan del todo. J. Lester Feder de BuzzFeed News emprendió la tarea de documentar este misterioso incidente por primera vez.

Officials Using Intermediaries To Communicate With Armed Group In Oregon

Through backchannels, law enforcement officials told the militia occupying a federal wildlife refuge they "have no intention of going up there and not be peaceful."

Santorum: I'll Bomb Iran If They Don't Dismantle Nuclear Program

"If they do not open them up and begin to dismantle them, each and every one, allow us access to all military facilities, and if they don't, then we will take them out."

Parliament Will Debate Banning Donald Trump From The UK

The Westminster Hall debate will take place on 18 January following two online petitions.

10 Maneras diferentes de ponerte en forma en 2016

Olvídate de esa aburrida caminadora y prueba algo nuevo.

14 Reasons You Still Miss The WB Network

The CW is great, but don’t you just feel nostalgic for Michigan J. Frog sometimes.

Le festival de BD d'Angoulême zappe les femmes, Twitter prouve qu'il a tort

Les internautes répondent à la sélection 100% masculine du festival en donnant les noms de femmes qui auraient pu en être.

17 Things Everyone With Strong Eyebrows Knows To Be True

At last, we get our vengeance for the pencil-thin brows of the '90s.

Everyone Calm Down Because Canada Has Solved The Dog Pants Question

Would you wear pants with only one leg? No. You wouldn't.

19 Books To Read Before The Movie Comes Out In 2016

2016 is going to be an exciting year for books and movies! In order of movie release date.

This Woman's Wedding Dress Was Made Into Burial Gowns For Stillborn Babies

A spokesperson for the Cherished Gowns charity told BuzzFeed News that they are "completely astounded" by the response to Vyonne Trimble's Facebook post.

Which Hogwarts Houses Do These "Downton Abbey" Characters Belong In?

If our favorite British franchises had a baby...

This Frail Little Kitten Seen At A Pet Store Moved People To Intervene

The pet store says the kitten is healthy, though a bit underweight.

Saudi And Iranian Hackers Are Already On A Cyber Warpath

Saudi and Iranian hackers are already launching small-scale cyberattacks on each other, but both countries have the ability to do more.

The Truth Behind Why Marks & Spencer's Luxury Biscuits Look Like Custard Creams

One biscuit fan accused M&S of simply covering custard creams with topping and calling them luxury – but there's more to it than that.

24 Dinge, die nur verliebte Teenies in den nuller Jahren gemacht haben

"Lass klingeln, ich rufe Dich zurück! Ich hab' BASE."

Turkey Releases Vice News Reporter After More Than 100 Days In Jail

Mohammed Rasool, a fixer for Vice News, was imprisoned in August for 131 days, following accusations of aiding "terrorist organisations." He is out on bail.

Can You Identify These United States Leaders?

It might not be as easy as it sounds.

How Well Do You Really Know The "Harry Potter" Movies?

Can you identify the films from a single GIF?

British Astronaut Tim Peake Is Going To Do His First Spacewalk

Peake is planning to leave his perfectly good spaceship and go outside into actual space.

Esta mujer recreó fotos icónicas de celebridades en Instagram y es graciosísimo

"Quería mostrar lo ridículo que sería para una persona 'normal' recrear algunas de estas fotos".

21 Things Scotland Has That The Rest Of The World Needs To Get In 2016

Pie vending machines and two days off after New Year, for a start.

What's The Strangest Thing You've Ever Put In Your Butt?

♫ Is there any more room for me, in those cheeks? ♫

The Chicken Enthusiast Is The Greatest "Bachelor" Contestant To Ever Exist

Even though she didn't get a rose, her legacy will stay with us for the rest of the season. And all of time.

Here's What It Feels Like Being The Other "American Idol" Host

In his Twitter bio Brian Dunkleman calls himself a "television history footnote."

18 Pictures That Prove Offices Are The Grossest Places On Earth

You'll never want to eat lunch at your desk ever again.

Shopping At 7-Eleven Got Me Through Losing My Father

After my dad died, the junk food we’d shared when I was a kid comforted me in a way that nothing else could.

21 Mentiras terribles con las que has vivido toda tu vida

Viviste engañado todo este tiempo.

31 Adorable Animals Who Will Help Start Your Year Off Right

Just cute animals; nothing more, nothing less.

President Obama Delivers Emotional Speech Outlining Gun Control Actions

"The gun lobby ... cannot hold America hostage," Obama said Tuesday. These are the most aggressive actions Obama has taken since the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut.

Samuel L. Jackson Put His Own Flare On Iconic Film Quotes During "The Late Show"

"Hakuna Matata" — Timon and Pumbaa, but also Samuel L. Jackson, too.

31 signes que vous êtes parisien-ne

Vous savez TRÈS BIEN que Disneyland Paris N'EST PAS À PARIS.

Can You Make It Through The Labour Reshuffle?

As Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet reshuffle goes through its second day with almost no news, play our extremely realistic game.

If The Motivational Posters You See At The Dentist Were Honest

Thanks, this picture of a field really makes me feel motivated.

British Police Failed To Seize Passport Of ISIS Video Suspect, MPs Told

The UK government is under pressure to explain how a Briton suspected of appearing in latest ISIS video was able to flee to Syria while on police bail for terror offences.

15 Bilder, die nur Vegetarier in Deutschland kennen

Fleisch, Fleisch aber auch nicht.

21 Things Girls Who Look Younger Than They Are Will Just Get

"You'll ​love​ looking this young when you're older." Will I, though?

18 Hilarious "Star Wars" Vines

Featuring a Dachshund lightsaber battle. (Warning: Spoilers and puns ahead.)

15 Vibrator Horror Stories That'll Make You Cringe

"I once used an electric toothbrush as a vibrator, and my sister unknowingly used it later to brush her teeth."

This Conversation Between Scott And Kourtney Is Truly Heartbreaking

He made the revelation during the latest episode of KUWTK, in which he sat down for an emotional conversation with Kourtney, Khloé, Kim, and Kris Jenner.

U.S Soldier Killed After Forces Come Under Attack In Afghanistan

Two other service members were wounded in the attack in southern Afghanistan, military officials said Tuesday.

27 Cosas que deberías saber antes de dejar de comer carne

Puede ser que esta sea tu resolución de año nuevo, pero no deberías realizar un gran cambio sin hacer una investigación exhaustiva.

How Much Do You Actually Know About Makeup?

Do you know how to highlight your Cupid's bow?

Tom Cotton Endorses Bernie Sanders For The Democratic Nomination

"For many months, I've been strongly in favor of Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary," the Arkansas senator joked.

11 Torten, nach denen Du Dich sterilisieren lässt

Alle Fotos sind von der Facebook-Seite einer Schule für Hebammen in Großbritannien. Guten Appetit!

Amid Jockeying For 2016 Funds, Latino Leaders Blast Progressive Donor Group's Ties To New Competitor

Senior members of the influential Democracy Alliance have incorporated a new group, One Nation Forward, which established Latino groups say has an unfair advantage in the battle for scarce resources.

Ted Cruz: Trump Will Let Deported Immigrants Back In, I Won't

"He's advocated allowing folks to come back in and become citizens. I oppose that."

Another Round, Episode 36: U Mad?

On this week's episode we introduce our alternative to New Year's resolutions, clap back at men at the gym and McDonald's alleged "all day" breakfast menu. Plus, we chat with iconic comedian Margaret Cho!

This Is The “Friends” Quote Your Heart Needs Right Now

Because they'll be there for you when you need them most.

This Color Quiz Will Tell You Which Husky Should Be Your BFF

It's always a good time to think about huskies.

German Officials Urge Caution About Perpetrators Of New Year's Eve Assaults

General descriptions of perpetrators have led many to assume refugees committed the crime.

Namorado de Jout Jout fala pela primeira vez sobre polêmica racista

Caio conta que se sentiu perdido durante a polêmica sobre sua cor de pele porque, até então, ele se considerava pardo.

In The Netherlands, You Can Ice Skate In The Streets

It's been so so so cold lately in the northern part of the Netherlands. In combination with rain, this leads to all kinds of winter fun. The wet streets in the provinces of Groningen, Drenthe and Friesland are completely frozen. So what do you do as a Dutchman when cars and bicycles aren't an option? You ice skate!

These Kids Turned Their Bratz Dolls Into Rey From "The Force Awakens"

Here's the best answer to the #WheresRey campaign you'll see today.

Can You Pass This Simple Perception Test?

Spoiler alert: Your brain is playing tricks on you.

17 Novias que lucen vestidos de boda cortos

Lo corto se abre paso hacia el altar.

Kommst Du durch das härteste Sachsen-Quiz aller Zeiten?

Der BuzzFeed-Einbürgerungstest für den Freistaat.

We Rated 16 Of 2015's Celebrity Thirst Traps

Did you fall for any traps this year?

27 Pictures That Will Mildly Irritate Anyone Who Loves Stationery

*attempts to tear a page out of a notebook* *inadvertently rips the entire page* H/T mildlyinfuriating.

19 trucs qu'on a tous vécus en soirée dans le métro

Quand vous croisez un groupe d'étudiants qui chante à tue-tête.

31 Adorable Products That Will Make Your Life Easier

These things are as useful as they are cute.

"Very Lonely Luke" Is The Latest Hilarious "Star Wars" Parody Twitter Account

He's so very lonely, and he's not sad and bitter about it at all. Nope. SPOILERS regarding the entire Star Wars canon.

Dakota Johnson Says That She Is Proud Of "Fifty Shades Of Grey"

"This industry is fucking brutal. No matter how tough you are, sometimes there's the feeling of not being wanted."

How Much Crap Do You Have In Your Drawer Full Of Crap?

In that drawer. You know the drawer.

Twitter User Captures Hysterical Sing-A-Long From A Teennage Boy At Stoplight

No one else can feel it for you, Only you can let it in..

This Mumbai Snapchatter Is Turning People's Selfies Into Super Cool Drawings

It takes him 15-20 minutes to complete one of these kickass sketches.

13 Of 2015's Biggest Pop Hit Lyrics, Google Translated Into Hindi

"Hello doosri taraph se, maine phone kiya hoga ek hazaar guna"- Adele.

Paris Remembers Charlie Hebdo And Supermarket Terror Attacks One Year Later

President François Hollande unveiled three plaques at sites where gunmen killed 17 people in the French capital in January 2015.

22 Times Ariana Grande Was Actually Pretty Damn Surprising

If you think she's just a pop diva with a penchant for cat ears, you probably haven't seen what she's really like.

22 Pictures That Prove Drunk You Is The Absolute Worst

Drunk you is sober you's very worst enemy.

Underwater Photos Show Wreckage Of Sunken El Faro Cargo Ship

The National Transportation Safety Board released images of the El Faro cargo ship which was carrying 33 crew members when it disappeared on Oct. 1, 2015.

Can You Name The Premier League Manager From Their Club History?

Have you been keeping track of the managerial merry-go-round?

A última publicação que um homem fez no Facebook viralizou após sua morte na véspera do Ano Novo

"Eu realmente não sei onde vou acabar esta noite, mas sei que onde eu acabar é onde estou destinado a estar."

Blind Woman Sees For The First Time In Years After Being Fitted With A Bionic Eye

The surgical team at Oxford Eye Hospital hope that one day the technology will be available on the NHS.

What's Going On Around The World Today

President Barack Obama plans to expand background checks and the monitoring of gun sales in the U.S. Doctors in England are planning their first strike since 1975. And a look at a 15-story-high statue in China of the late communist leader Mao Zedong.

19 cosas que han padecido todos los hermanos pequeños

¡Un jersey a estrenar! ¡Corre, pide un deseo!

Here's An Honest And Accurate Version Of "BC Sutta"

All the terrible consequences of being a habitual smoker.

Die 30 größten Arschlöcher des Tierreichs

Allerdings fällt es schwer, ihnen böse zu sein, so niedlich, wie sie aussehen.

A DC Comic Called Pakistan's Language "Pakistanian" And Twitter Is Having A Field Day

A five-second Google search could have prevented this.

People Are Not Happy With Justin Bieber After He Posted A Picture With Cornrows

Justin came to Kylie Jenner's defence after she was photographed with cornrows in July last year.

55 New Year's Resolutions That Are Actually Doable

Let more cheese into your life.

Viol présumé de Perpignan: comment internet a voulu mener l'enquête

Choqués par la vidéo qui a circulé sur les réseaux sociaux, des internautes ont voulu en savoir plus sur les agresseurs présumés.

12 choses que Zidane devrait apprendre aux joueurs du Real

Le nouvel entraîneur de la Maison blanche a quelques trucs à leur montrer...

We Know Your Name Based On Things You Hate Most

Let the hate flow through you!

Murder Investigation Launched As Three Bodies Found In Search For Former "EastEnders" Actress

Police said on Tuesday afternoon that the bodies were found as they searched the home of Sian Blake and her two children, who had not been seen since 13 December.

Las 14 peores cosas de volver a clase tras la Navidad

Ay, Navidad, lo mismo te echo de menos que antes te echaba de más.

Hommage à Charlie Hebdo: le nom de Wolinski écorché «par le marbrier»

«Nous avons découvert cette faute lors du dévoilement de la plaque. Elle sera rapidement corrigée», précise un responsable de la mairie de Paris.

27 Köche, die sich für besonders kreativ hielten

Denn keins von denen scheint zu wissen, was ein Teller ist. Von @WeWantPlates

Are You More Chris Hemsworth Or Thor?

Both are amazingly talented.

Jeremy Corbyn Sacks Michael Dugher For Being Critical Of Leadership

"Just been sacked by Jeremy Corbyn. I wished him a happy new year."

18 situaciones muy familiares para aquellos que odian a los niños

Oh, Dios mío, ese bebé está sonriendo, ¿QUÉ HAGO?

Everyone's Taking The Piss Out Of An Artist Who Got £15,000 To Live In Glasgow For A Year

"Doesn't a high percentage of Glasgow do this every year already?"

22 Gründe, Giraffen zu lieben

Sie geben DIE BESTEN Küsse.

Diese Frau verarscht Promis auf Instagram und es ist superkomisch

„Ich wollte zeigen, wie lächerlich es wäre für eine 'normale' Person wäre, einige dieser Fotos zu machen."

Huge Chunks Of Ice Fell From A Rooftop And Injured People After Heavy Snowfall In Turkey

Two people were reportedly injured in the city of Rize after a mass of snow fell from the roof of a mosque.

24 Dingen Die Ze Alleen In Brabant Zeggen

Nederland is "het land waar je doorheen rijdt in drie uurtjes, met een ander dialect elke tien minuutjes", rapten Lange Frans en Baas B. tien jaar terug. En die dialecten zitten vol woorden waar we niets van begrijpen. Zeker het Brabants. Heb je ooit gehoord van een ‘skottelslet’, een ‘koekwaus’ of een ‘durske’?

Which 2015 Pop Hit Are You Based On Your Star Sign?

Hello, is it too late now to say that we're cool for the summer?

This Guy's Mesmerizing Slinky Skills Are Wowing Crowds

Apparently, a slinky can do way more than fall down stairs.

23 Cocktails That Will Make You Forget About Booze

Because alcohol-free doesn't have to mean boring.

10 infos surprenantes sur les narvals

Leur défense est en fait une dent.

«400.000 fichés S en France»: Alain Juppé s'emmêle les pinceaux

Le candidat à la primaire de la droite a multiplié par 20 le nombre de personnes fichées S sur Europe 1 ce mardi matin.

Ces célébrités ont des sourcils parfaits

De beaux sourcils, ça change tout.

17 choses que vous comprendrez si vous vivez dans un appart de flemmards

Votre dispute pour savoir qui doit sortir les poubelles dure souvent très longtemps. Le temps de sortir les poubelles.

25 films qui auront 10 ans cette année

L'Âge de Glace 2, ça fait déjà 10 ans!

17 gifs scientifiques vraiment impressionnants

La science dans toute sa splendeur!

An Indian Kid Just Scored 1000 Runs In An Innings And Nobody Can Handle It

Predictably, the internet has gone batshit insane.

17 limpiezas para empezar 2016 con buen pie

Hora de desintoxicar, organizar y olvidar a los amigos de mierda.

17 fotos que harán que nunca quieras compartir piso

Si nunca has vivido con un cerdo es que el cerdo eres tú.