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January 15, 2016

Steve Harvey And Fox Want Him To Return To Host Miss Universe Again

Despite his blunder at the 2015 Miss Universe pageant, Harvey and the network that airs the pageant both hope he'll be back.

I'm The Armless Archer And A Paralympic Silver Medalist

"You can literally overcome and accomplish anything."

The Most Thought-Provoking Stories You Need To Read This Week

This week for BuzzFeed News, Katie J.M. Baker pulls back the curtains on the recent sexual assault allegations that have rocked L.A.'s comedy scene. Read that and these other stories from BuzzFeed and around the web.

Lawyer Says He Filed Cruz Eligibility Lawsuit Because "Nobody Else Did"

A Houston lawyer says he filed the suit "to clarify" the issue, but in the suit alleged Cruz “was and is neither a natural born or native born U.S. citizen at the time of his birth.”

Boston Marathon Bomber Ordered To Pay $101 Million To Victims

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was ordered to make the payments to 49 victims from his federal prison in Colorado.

Cruz Apologizes To New Yorkers — For Their Liberal Politicians

"I apologize to all the pro-life and pro-marriage and pro-Second Amendment New Yorkers who are told by Gov. Cuomo that they have no place in New York because that’s not who New Yorkers are." Etc.

Oregon Police Arrest First Protester Involved In Militia Standoff

The 62-year-old Oregon man was taken into custody Friday in the first arrest reported since armed militia members took over the refuge nearly two weeks ago.

Kasich: A Lot Of My Problems Will Be Solved If I Win NH And "Become Very Well Known"

The Ohio governor said he still believes he can be the nominee if he emerges from the New Hampshire primary "a major story." But if he gets "smoked," then it's over.

People Eat King Cake For The First Time

What's the best food tradition during Mardi Gras? Eating King Cake!

20 Fumadísimas películas de Netflix para ver pacheco

Puro "jajaja", "qué bonito" y "wey, tengo mucha hambre".

Esta manera de comer piña prueba que en México todo es posible

Las Piñas Locas son un maldito tesoro nacional.

Would You Be Friends With Blair Or Serena?

Either way, your BFF dated Dan Humphrey.

People Are Using An Instagram Filter To Turn Themselves Into A Dictator

It's through the use of an app called "MSQRD" which has other filters including Darth Maul and Conchita Wurst.

6 Critical Concepts We Can Learn From Star Wars

The Star Wars franchise with its multiple writers, directors, producers, editions, spin-offs, canon, expanded universe, and fan fiction allows us to understand some basic concepts established in critical theory a long time ago in an academic world that is not so far, far away.

19 Cosas que todo el que se ha tomado “solo una” entenderá

Explicadas con ayuda de algunas de las obras artísticas más importantes de la historia.

25 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

Here are the most moving, sorrowful, and beautiful pictures from the past week.

When You Have A Doppelgänger

Stop confusing us! We don't even look alike!

14 Cosas geniales del 2006 que necesitan retornar en el 2016

Chris Pratt necesita quitarse la ropa otra vez.

People Try Suicide Sprints For The First Time

“I would not do this again.”

Twitter Sued For Helping Explosive Growth Of ISIS

A Florida woman is suing Twitter for permitting ISIS to exploit the online platform, leading to the death of her husband.

Women Tell You Secrets About Masturbation

"As a woman, I feel empowered knowing I can please myself whenever I please"

Rand Paul To Spend His "Every Waking Hour" Trying To Stop Trump

Republicans will get "slaughtered" if Trump wins, he says.

Stop Everything You're Doing Because Snoop Dogg Narrated "Planet Earth"

Can there be an entire series of this? Netflix, I'm counting on you.

16 Deliciosas recetas de sándwiches tan fáciles que no te lo vas a creer

¿Quién necesita de Subway para comer un sándwich verdaderamente sabroso?

Lyft Matches Uber's Winter Fare Cuts

The cuts will occur in 33 cities across the country including Washington D.C., Denver Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Detroit, and Baltimore.

Arizona Wants To Speed Up A Death Penalty Case Because Its Drugs Are Expiring

Arizona's supply of midazolam expires at the end of May. The state is hoping that a challenge brought by death row inmates can be wrapped up with enough time to carry out the executions.

Can People In Your State Drive?

"Where's your goddamn blinker, Pennsylvania?!"

Rep. Peter King: Ted Cruz "A Fraud And A Hypocrite" On New York Values

"He was trying to make a cheap appeal to the people of Iowa around that. I think he misjudged where he used the term 'values.'"

Uber Hit With A $7.6 Million Fine

The CA Public Utility Commission is slapping the startup on the wrist for failing to share driver data with the state.

Can You Guess The Celebrity Hiding Behind The Inanimate Object?

It's as hard as it seems because you literally can't see their face.

Who Said It: Disney Princess Vs. Kardashian Edition

"Kim, there's people dying all across Triton's kingdom."

17 Times America Got Burned By Tumblr

But we couldn't hear any of it over ALL THIS FREEDOM.

This Red Dot Test Will Determine How Easily You Get Angry

Are you even-tempered or hotheaded?

Oscar Nominee Brie Larson Had The Most 2000s Music Career Of All Time

Her debut album was called Finally Out of P.E..

25 Places In Canada That Basically Look Like A Bob Ross Painting

The country is sprawling with “happy little trees.”

Sign Up For BuzzFeed's Crossword Newsletter Reminders!

Make sure you never miss a puzzle again.

17 feirinhas de SP que farão das suas compras uma experiência muito mais legal

Elas unem passeios legais ao contato com produtos que você não encontra em qualquer lugar.

27 Situaciones 100% mexicanas que los extranjeros jamás entenderán

Hay veces que es mejor no saber de dónde vienen las cosas.

16 Unbelievably Rude Texts From Canadian Winter

"I know where you lost that one glove, but I'm not going to tell you where."

Meet The Woman Who Has Just Become China's Biggest Headache

Tsai Ing-wen has been sworn in as the new president of Taiwan, and will become its first female leader.

Hay mucho amor para los abogados defensores de "Making A Murderer"

"Mi esposa encuentra esto muy, muy difícil de creer," le dijo Dean Strang a un reportero.

23 Stunning Ways To Add Color To Your Walls

Who doesn't want to dream in neon?

A Police K-9 Unit Will Get Lifesaving Vests Thanks To Anderson Cooper

The money will help the Norfolk Police Department in Virginia purchase protective vests for its dogs after it lost a K-9 in a shooting on Sunday.

The 17 Best Bars In Buenos Aires You Must Visit In 2016

This year has 366 days for a reason.

GOP Congressman: Obama Most “Racially Divisive” President Since Civil War

"There probably has not been a more racially divisive, economic divisive president in the White House since we had presidents who supported slavery," said Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks.

23 Photos That Will Make Every Girl Cringe

I'm sorry but this post contains an eyelash curler incident.

This Cat Making Biscuits On Himself Is The Most Magical Thing Ever

"I'm feelin' myself, I'm feelin' my, feelin' my, feelin' myself."

Dinner For Two: Steak And Salad

For you and your favorite sous chef!

15 Obnoxious Texts Your Glasses Would Send You

"OH MY GOD I'M LOST. Just kidding, I'm right here on your face like always."

26 Pruebas de que IHOP realmente es el Cielo en la Tierra

La miel de maple, el elixir de la vida.

Por qué el agujero es el nuevo mejor emoji

He aquí un lugar perfecto donde poner esa cara de que estás pensando.

Have You Had A Real-Life Meet-Cute?

Tell us about your real-life rom-com moment.

7 Excellent Deals To Shop Now

If you didn't win the lotto, but still want nice new things.

21 Times Jon Richardson Was The Cutest Man In Britain

Those dimples, those jokes, those cardigans.

15 Kinder, die eine Lektion fürs Leben lernen

Gehe nie auf eine Rutsche, deren Ende du nicht siehst!

25 Things That Totally, Definitely, 100% Absolutely Happened

Oh yeah, we believe you. Sure, that happened. Sure it did. From r/thatHappened

42 Thoughts You Have When Paying With Scottish Money In England

"Irn-Bru joke. You're so witty. Can I have my milk now?"

How Simon Danczuk Used His High Profile To Build A Media Business

The Corbyn-baiting Labour MP, a favourite of the tabloids, earned £40,000 from media appearances in 2015.

16 Texts You Might Actually Get From Your Birth Control

"Are you really washing me down with wine right now?"

17 coisas que você faz no banheiro que parecem inofensivas mas podem ser perigosas

*encosta nas partes* *encosta na toalha* *encosta na maçaneta*

12 verdades que só quem ama lanchinhos entre as refeições entende

Você já se acostumou a viver entre migalhas.

A homenagem de Daniel Radcliffe a Alan Rickman é extremamente comovente

"Sets de filmagem e palcos de teatro não serão os mesmos com a perda desse grande ator e homem."

22 fatos que provam que o mundo é mais estranho do que você imagina

O mundo é um lugar mais estranho e mais bonito do que você jamais poderia imaginar.

16 Of The Most WTF Things That Have Ever Happened In Aberdeen

Guys, you really need to stop getting stuck in bins.

Pick A Doodle To Determine What You Need To Do This Weekend

What kind of weekend do you need right now?

The First Trailer For "I Am Cait" Season 2 Is Here

"I don't see dating women in the future. Been there, done that."

People Are Appalled By This $100 Trash Can From Anthropologie

"Designer trash cans, just like the one Bob Dylan used to live in. Pre-stained with bespoke corroded iron alloy and organic dog feces."

24 Movies That Were Written By People You'd Never Expect

You'll never believe what J.J. Abrams wrote way before Star Wars.

8 Lebensweisheiten, die Du von Brigitte Nielsen lernen kannst

"Was geht los da rein?" - Die Königin des Dschungelcamps!

Ces animaux blessés dans des incendies ont été soignés gratuitement

Regardez les pattes de ce pauvre petit opossum :(

25 Nachrichten aus Deutschland, die wir der Welt niemals erklären können

Diese Nachrichten werden Dich sehr ratlos zurücklassen.

11 Things Sunny Leone Revealed About Herself In An Interview Today

On being a Bollywood outcast, to growing up a business-minded tomboy.

Fuck, Marry, Kill: The Girl Names Edition

OK, we did this with names for guys... now it's time for the ladies.

Ted Cruz Inherits Obama's Birthers

Ridiculed for their theories about Obama's birth certificate, leading birthers now see their vindication in new questions about Sen. Ted Cruz's eligibility to run for president.

How Different People Live In Identical Flats In The Same Building

Ever wonder what the apartments above and below you look like?

The Sequel To "Cloverfield" Looks Absolutely Terrifying

What's going on at 10 Cloverfield Lane, guys?

CCTV Captures "Despicable" Moment Rough Sleeper Was Stamped On

Police want to speak to two men in connection with the incident.

23 Extraños juguetes sexuales que te confundirán demasiado

Porque todo mundo necesita un dildo Obama. [NSFW, obviamente]

13 Dogs Who Just Don't Understand Fences

Fences are complicated things.

Chipotle Will Close Restaurants Nationwide On Feb. 8 For Employee Meeting

The restaurants will be closed that morning for a company-wide meeting in order to get employees up to speed on the new safety protocols.

Where's The Best Place To Buy Punk And Grunge Clothes?

For everyone who's over Hot Topic.

Lottery Official Confirms Tennessee Family Has Winning Powerball Ticket

The family from Munford said they were "overwhelmed" after securing one of the winning tickets for the $1.5 billion jackpot.

This Is How The Hatton Garden Jewel Thieves Were Caught

"They were analogue criminals operating in a digital world. They lacked the knowledge to defeat digital detectives."

BuzzFeed Crossword: Acting Like A Director

This puzzle is filled with hard-to-spot cameos!

13 Técnicas básicas de cocina que todos deberían saber

Es más fácil de lo que crees. (¡Con vídeos!)

19 Foods You Didn't Know You Could Fry

Just fried and went to heaven.

Global Markets Start Weekend By Selling Off

The week couldn’t end without a morning collapse.

Can We Guess Your Age From Your Underage Drinking Habits?

WKD blue, da ba dee da ba diiiiiiieeee...

This Couple Had The Perfect Winter Wedding After Learning The Bride’s Cancer Had Spread

"It was a beautiful day celebrating two people that are so in love and who wanted to be married.

Weekend Reads, Jan. 15

Our special guest this week is BuzzFeed UK science writer Tom Chivers, talking about some of his favorite pieces he’s read recently.

Var's Loc-Lac Recipe

Create a Cambodian feast.

Nisad's Pita Or Bosnian Pie Recipe

A filling and tasty food that's a staple in Bosnia.

14 caras que todo mundo que sofre de vergonha alheia já fez

Quando o cantor do barzinho anuncia que vai tocar uma música "autoral".

Everybody Is Eating Nutella Wrong And It's Deeply Distressing

Just take a jar and a spoon, why complicate things?

35 coisas que só quem já foi em uma Tok&Stok vai entender

Que bonito esse móvel de jardinagem, mas espera, eu não tenho um jardim.

Le très émouvant hommage de Daniel Radcliffe à Alan Rickman

«Il m'a beaucoup encouragé, que ce soit pendant le tournage des films ou après. Je suis presque sûr qu'il est venu voir toutes mes pièces, aussi bien à Londres qu'à New York. Rien ne l'y obligeait.»

Jealous Man Who Stabbed His Ex-Girlfriend 80 Times Jailed For Life

Jordan Taylor, 22, of Basildon, murdered his ex-girlfriend Laura Davies in a brutal act of revenge after she broke up with him, the court heard.

What's Going On Around The World Today

Republican presidential candidates completed their second-to-last debate before the first primary votes are cast. Three men were found guilty of the biggest heist in English history. And a look at some stunning aerial images that show America in a completely different way.

El Profeta Argentino: un diario empata la política argentina con el mundo de Harry Potter

Periodismo independiente en defensa de las instituciones mágicas democráticas. (Y celebración obsecuente del cambio, con la llegada del nuevo Ministro de Magia)

Minimum Wage Workers Plan Strike In Charleston Ahead Of Democratic Debate

The protest will kick off a series of actions planned to take place throughout the primary season.

This Is Why Soy Milk Goes Funny In Your Coffee

Stop taking your coffee black.

12 U.S. Marines Missing After Two Helicopters Collide Off Hawaii

Rescue crews spotted a debris field in the water about 7 miles offshore of Haleiwa Beach, Oahu. All 12 Marines aboard are unaccounted for.

47 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Kim Kardashian

She uses a $20,000 designer handbag for North's diapers, for starters.

Eine muslimische Soldatin der Bundeswehr schreibt ergreifend über Köln

"Ich bin in Hannover geboren und nicht in Marrakesch oder Casablanca."

Is There A Deadly Snake On The Loose In Camden?

Scotland Yard is not ruling out the possibility of a missing serpent, but locals smell a rat. UPDATE: No.

One Of The UK's "Best-Paid" MPs Claimed For Three Pints Of Milk On Expenses

Geoffrey Cox QC also claimed for teabags and weedkiller.

48 Beautiful Pictures Of Snow Finally Arriving In Britain

Plunging temperatures have led to breathtaking snowy scenes in Scotland and beyond. We round up some of the best pictures from 14 and 15 January.

We Asked 12 Scientists How Their Faith Affects Their Work

"If there were serious compatibility issues between science and Christianity, I would feel them like a knife through my mind."

De 15 Meest WTF Woorden Uit De Nederlandse Taal

Maak kennis met de caviapolitie, ponypletters en euh, we moeten het ook eens hebben over sukkelseks.

15 femmes portent ce qu’on leur a déconseillé

«Je m'en tape de ce que les mecs pensent. Je porte ça pour moi.»

People Are Protesting Against Advice To Remove Skullcaps With The Hashtag #TousAvecUneKippa

Jewish people were advised to remove the religious head wear after a violent anti-Semitic attack.

Do You Know What Happened In The News This Week

ISIS has claimed responsibility for an attack in Jakarta, President Obama delivered his final State of the Union address, and legendary singer Davide Bowie and British actor Alan Rickman died at age 69. Take the BuzzFeed News quiz, made from stories featured in the BuzzFeed News app and the BuzzFeed News newsletter this week.

El mapa definitivo de los estereotipos de Andalucía

¿Creíais que nos íbamos a detener después de repasar España, Europa y Madrid? Estabais equivocados. Arsa.

One Brain Dead, Three With Possibly "Irreversible" Damage After Botched Medical Trial In France

A chief neuroscientist has said that there is no known antidote to the drug. UPDATE: The patient who was declared brain dead has died, University Hospital of Rennes has confirmed.

9 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Relationships In My Twenties

The most important relationship you have is the one with yourself.

Le Youtubeur Squeezie teste un jeu où le but est d’agresser sexuellement des étudiantes

On le voit se marrer en jouant à «Naked Run» où on s'exhibe nu devant des lycéennes –Mise à jour: Squeezie a «tenu à s'excuser» dans une nouvelle vidéo.

Were You A CBBC Or CITV Kid?

Everyone had a favourite.

18 Completely Unforgivable Crimes Against Books

"Yes is that the police I'd like to report a crime against books"

¿Te sabes todas las capitales europeas?

¿Conoces las capitales de todos los países europeos? Empieza sencillito, pero luego no es tan fácil.

21 Small Moments That Are Borderline Orgasmic For Scottish People

Because nothing beats the crisp, meaty embrace of a warm Scotch pie.

British Astronaut Tim Peake Has Completed His First Spacewalk

He said it was a "privilege" to wear the union flag on his spacesuit as he exited the airlock. The spacewalk was terminated early after Peake's crewmate reported a small amount of water in his helmet.

Das sind die Tipps von Menschen, die mehr 25 Kilo abgenommen haben

Das waren die allerersten Schritte, die ihr Leben verändert haben.

27 cosas totalmente inútiles que todos compramos de adolescentes

¿En qué otra cosa podríamos invertir la paga semanal?

カンガルーさん! 俺たちの感動を返して!


Dieser neue "Harry Potter"-Filmschnitt ändert, wie Du über Snape denkst


23 Photos That Are Way Too True When You Have A Hangover

OK, but... CAN you die from a hangover?

J.J. エイブラムズ スター・ウォーズとスター・トレックを手がけた男の想い


Elton John Performed A Beautiful Tribute To David Bowie

The singer told the crowd how Bowie's music shaped him.

19 Whisky Cocktails You Must Drink This Burns Night

Scotchy scotch scotch. Subtext: Burns Night is coming.

This Upcoming Web-Series About India's Underground Hip-Hop Scene Is Gonna Be Off The Hook

"Hip-hop is not about driving two Mercedes or sniffing cocaine... Hip-hop is life, dude."

Arnab Goswami's Hilarious Rant About Why Everyone Should Make Fun Of Gurmeet Ram Rahim

"Look at him, with his T shirts and his chains. I think he's genuinely a joke."

Plein de gens buggent sur cette photo

Mais ne vous inquiétez pas et regardez de plus près!

11 mensajes que te mandaría tu yo adolescente

En realidad te mandaría SMS.

Let Us Recommend Where You Should Eat In London This Week

Eat the best burgers in town at MeatLiquor.

17 mauvaises habitudes qu'on a tous dans la salle de bain

Garder toutes ses vieilles brosses à dent dans un même vieux verre => nid à microbes.



La voiture de cet homme a été entièrement recouverte de glace

Près de 160 kilos de chlorure de calcium ont été utilisés pour faire fondre la glace



美女を黒塗りして炎上 美白商品のビデオ


We Can Tell How Bogan You Actually Are

Choosing between Uggs and thongs, just like picking your favourite child.

The Cruz Vs. Trump War Is Finally Here

Cruz came ready to fight. “I guess the bromance is over, because he hit me.”

How Far Would You Make It On An Episode Of "Chopped"?

Do you have what it takes to make it all the way?

Australia's First Female Muslim MP In "Racial Profiling" Incident At US Airport

Over the phone, Faruqi told BuzzFeed News she was left humiliated and intimidated at LAX.

Standing Up To Sexual Harassment And Assault In LA’s Comedy Community

The exclusive story of how female comedians decided to take matters into their own hands and kick alleged assaulters and harassers out of their community — and the scandal that followed.



Audience Members Chant "We Want Rand" During Republican Debate

Rand Paul was excluded from the debate because of his low poll numbers.

27 Memes That You’ll Relate To If You Really Can’t Pace Your Drinking

"I'm only going to take it slow tonight... aaaaand I'm drunk."

Ben Carson To America: Don’t Read The Comments

“You cannot go five comments down before people are calling people all manner of names.”

A California Woman Was Pranked Into Thinking She Won Powerball

A nurse with seven children was apparently pranked by her son into thinking she won Wednesday's record Powerball jackpot, a story that spread quickly online.

This Journalist Says The ABC Censored His NBN Reporting

Former ABC tech editor Nick Ross says he was gagged by his boss to appease the government.

Catholic Hospital Can Deny Sterilization Requests Based On Religious Beliefs, Judge Rules

A San Francisco judge said he would not order a Catholic hospital to tie a woman's tubes after she requested the reproductive health procedure, which was also recommended by her doctor.

Number Of Unaccompanied Minors Detained At U.S. Border Continues To Rise

Compared to same three-month period in 2014, the number of apprehensions in 2015 along the Mexico border represents a 117% jump, federal officials reported.

This Is Not A Photo Of A Man Putting His Butt On His Baby’s Face

But don't worry! If you look closely, you'll see that it is actually not a butt at all! UPDATE: We've found the woman behind the photo!

"Harry Potter" Fans Left A Lily Outside Snape's Door At The Theme Park

Though we may come from different places, and speak in different tongues, our hearts beat as one.

Mike Huckabee Calls Birther Argument Against Ted Cruz "Compelling And Convincing"

"I started reading the opinions of many constitutional law scholars, who gave a very, very compelling and convincing legal case that this is problematic."

Michael Bay Has Made A Real Tragedy Into A Dumb Action Movie

Michael Bay insists his new movie isn't political. Not everyone will agree.

24 Forgotten Items All Late '90s Teen Girls Were Slightly Obsessed With

Remember when all you wanted in life was a long denim A-line skirt from Delia's?

Iraqi Refugee Wanted To Bomb Malls In Texas, Federal Agent Testifies

Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan is accused of wanting to detonate bombs at two malls in Houston, Texas, before he was arrested.

16 Things That Will Inevitably Happen When You Become Vegetarian

"Just make sure you're getting enough iron, OK." – Your mum.

Mark Sanford Pretty Coy About Endorsing In The GOP Primary

"At this point, no." But, he said, "I don't want to make any promises" and "I might, I don't know." He appeared with Cruz this week.

Sanders Launches Drinking-Game-Style Texting Donation System For GOP Debate

Every time Bernie supporters are pissed off during Thursday's Republican Debate, they can text the word "NOW" to the campaign and give Sanders $20.

21 Things You Know If You're Slightly Obsessed With Kmart

Yes, of course I need three geometric candle holders.

Burning Books Is Apparently Now A Thing In Russia

Authorities in Komi burned dozens of textbooks because they were "alien to Russian ideology."

Company Hired To Remove Confederate Statues Quits After Getting Death Threats

The Louisiana company said other customers had also threatened to pull out of existing contracts if the work in New Orleans continued.

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