People Get Real About The Best And Worst Parts Of Sex

Wait, I thought the clitoris was inside?

1. SEX! A lot of us are having it, but most of us aren’t talking about it. Let’s change that shall we? In this episode of “Bitch On The Move,” Kelsey and Michelle get real about the best and worst parts of sex.

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2. Michelle was a bit worried about the big reveal when it came to getting ~naked.~

Which Kelsey countered by pointing out any dude is lucky to be in front of a naked lady.

3. And all ladies know that one of the worst parts of sex is that super unsexy moment when you have to run to the bathroom and pee to prevent getting a UTI.

4. And like, WTF is going on* with your internal organs when someone’s all up in there?

*For the record, nothing is going on… your organs are totally fine.

5. Eventually, Kelsey and this episode’s guest, Curly, get SUPER real about doing butt stuff.

6. Like… very real.

7. (At this point Michelle was probably ready to roll out of the car.)

8. But Curly had some learning to do, too.


9. Overall, the best part about sex is pretty much sex. However ya like it. With whoever ya like. It’s all good.

  1. What should Kelsey and Michelle bitch about next?
    1. Valentine’s Day
    2. Periods
    3. Drinking
    4. Diets

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