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January 7, 2016

If Most Of Your Income Comes From On-Demand Work, You're Probably A Racial Minority

According to a new survey, which also found that extra cash is the main reason people choose to work for on-demand companies like Postmates and Uber.

Oregon Sheriff Cancels Meeting With Militia Leader

Ammon Bundy and his militia said Friday that have no immediate intention of leaving the national wildlife refuge they've been occupying for days.

Which Cervical Mucus Quality Are You?

Are you "creamy", "watery", or "egg white"?

20 Razones por las que Costco es el mejor restaurante del planeta

Tú, yo, un chicken bake y una pizza, no sé, piénsalo.

Cruz: I'm Not Taking Legal Advice From Donald Trump

Cruz responds to Trump's (and McCain's) eligibility questions.

John McCain’s Primary Opponent Criticizes Him For Questioning Cruz's Eligibility

“I was stunned when I heard what John McCain said. I couldn't believe my ears – he was questioning Ted Cruz's citizenship when he was in a similar situation himself!”

Manatees May No Longer Be Listed As Endangered

The population of the iconic sea mammals has slowly increased to a record of more than 6,000 in 2015, federal officials announced.

Big Batch Breakfast Bakes

Get the whole family together for breakfast!

21 Tipos de personas que te encuentras en los vuelos

"Hay una mujer colonial en el avión batiendo mantequilla".

Philadelphia Uber Black Drivers Sue Over Independent Contractor Status

The suit alleges Uber has misclassified drivers as independent contractors in order to avoid providing them with proper wages and benefits.

Men Detained At U.S. Border With Alleged Ties To Terrorism Highlight Lack Of Data

The two Pakistani men were found to have ties alleged ties to terrorism, but the lack of publicly available or shared information on the backgrounds of other detains has some officials concerned.

For Better Or Worse, Young People Distrust The Mainstream Financial System

An estimated 42% of people aged 23-35 have used services like payday lenders, pawn shops and rent-to-own products.

Estos son los 10 nombres de bebé en español que podrían ser muy populares en 2016

Inspirados en la Kardashian, Star Wars, y hasta jugadores de fútbol.

This 8-Year-Old Asked For A Makeup Lesson For Christmas And Owned It

And now he can probably apply eyeliner better than you.

Which "Hamilton" Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Who lives? Who dies? Who tells your story?

Everything You Need To Know About Crystal Reed’s Return To “Teen Wolf”

Get your first look at Crystal Reed’s long-awaited Teen Wolf return, only on BuzzFeed. Plus, Reed and executive producer Jeff Davis reveal how the super-secret reunion came together.

The President Of This African Country "Wants Gay Rights Protected"

The debate now unfolding in Malawi may revive hope that there's an opening for reform of anti-LGBT laws in the African country.

Key George W. Bush Figure To Serve As Interim Oklahoma Corrections Head

Joe Allbaugh, a longtime Bush associate, will be the interim director of corrections for his home state. The previous director resigned in the midst of a grand jury investigation into how executions are handled in the state.

This Professor Kept Lecturing As An El Niño Storm Flooded The Classroom

"Honestly it was like a normal day of class," one student said.

When Your Periods Sync Up

Blood sisters.

14 Players Admit Why They Use Women For Sex

"I only have sex with random women because I'm lonely."

Huckabee: Evangelical Leaders Won't Endorse Me Because I'll "Slay The Dragon"

“A lot of these organizations wouldn't have the ability to do urgent fundraising because if we slay the dragon, what dragon do they continue to fight?"

StubHub Canceled A Fan’s Tickets To Kobe Bryant's Last Game When Their Value Increased 664%

Before Bryant announced his retirement, Jesse Sandler's tickets cost $195. Post-announcement, they surged to nearly $1,500. H/T The Lead Sports

This Guy Just Proved All Tradesman Need To Be Given Hoverboards Immediately

Just forget about the whole occupational health and safety thing.

This Video Of Arabs And Jews Kissing Was Removed From Facebook

It was put together as a protest against the Israeli government rejecting students being taught using a book with a Jewish and Arab love story.

9 coisas que você precisa fazer se quiser ser um homem "das antigas"

Esse mundo moderno tirou muito da essência do que é ser homem.

This Artist Re-Imagined "Dragon Ball Z" Characters As Pulp Novel Covers

I'm just Saiyan... this artwork deserves SEVEN STARS.

32 People Who Are Having A Way Worse Day Than You

It could be worse. Much worse.

13 Signs You Might Own A Badass Winter Cat

Humans are weak. Get over it.

11 coisas que pessoas introvertidas gostariam que você soubesse

Nem todo introvertido é tímido, mas ter seu espaço pessoal invadido é chato.

"EastEnders" Actor And Children Died From Head And Neck Injuries, Police Say

Police have carried out formal identification on Sian Blake and her two sons, days after their bodies were found.

12 Prejuicios machistas que persisten en Argentina

Los conceptos que deben erradicarse de mentes masculinas pero también femeninas.

7 Lizards Who Totally Rock "The Rachel" Haircut Better Than You Could

Do you think they have a Lizard Ross to date?

Essas tocantes fotos de casamento vão fazer você perder o fôlego

Palavras jamais serão capazes de descrever essas fotos com justiça.

Esses pôsteres retrô de "Star Wars" vão te levar de volta à época da trilogia original

Toda lanchonete espacial precisa ter na parede alguns desses pôsteres retrôs inspirados na trilogia original de Star Wars.

Removeram todas as cenas das emoções de "Divertida Mente"

O Bing Bong ainda consegue aparecer, graças a Deus.

8 coisas novas que aprendemos sobre "Star Wars: O Despertar da Força"

No painel de abertura da convenção Star Wars Celebration, em Anaheim, Califórnia, o diretor J. J. Abrams e seu elenco fizeram novas revelações tentadoras sobre o sétimo filme Star Wars.

Republican Lawmaker To Obama: Meet With "Young Thugs In Homicide Prone Cities"

The letter was published two days after Obama's emotional speech on gun control actions at the White House.

The Mona Lisa Just Turned Down Cara Delevingne For A Date

It's probably just the age difference.

Abortion Rights Activists In P.E.I. Are Done With Just Asking Nicely

After years of asking nicely, advocates are turning to the legal system.

If Beauty Products Were Named Honestly

"OBSESSED with these new crumb pots."

21 Times Tumblr Got Too Real About Kylo Ren

Occupation: the family disappointment.

Finish Line Is Closing 150 Stores But The Mall Isn't Dying

Retailers are cutting the dead weight from their store fleets.

18 Instagrams científicos y asombrosos que debes seguir en 2016

Toca dos veces para demostrar que APRENDISTE ALGO.

The Truth About Shaving Your Pubes

If you go bare, be aware.

Can You Match These Eyebrows To Their Celebrity Owners?

Test your knowledge on the most acceptable type of facial hair.

Woman Being Arrested For Refusing To Leave Hospital Dies

In a dashcam video of the death, the woman can be heard in distress as hospital staff say, "There is nothing wrong with you."

25 Wardrobe Staples For Every ‘00’s Girl Who ​Shopped At Le Chateau

"No, add some more sparkly crap to that blouse."

O'Malley: Hard To Think Government Reaction Would Be Same If Oregon Militia Were Black, Muslim

"This is not the way we act as Americans and I dare say that the federal government's exercising a lot of restraint here," continued O'Malley. "It's hard to fathom or it's hard to imagine if the people taking over buildings by armed force were Muslim or black, as some commentators have said, it would be the same reaction."

21 Insane Things People Say To Avoid Bathroom Language

"Did you remember to wipe your peachy coocoo?"

We Know What Season You Were Born In Based On Random Questions

Are you a spring, summer, fall, or winter child?

Emma Watson Is Starting A Feminist Book Club

Proving once again that she is actually Hermione IRL

17 Towns In Canada You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Well, of course they actually exist. But what an existence, eh?

16 Very Honest Confessions About Sexual Frustation

"I'm so sexually frustrated that I ended up making a fleshlight at home."

A Guy Opened A 22-Year-Old Chocolate Bar And It Looks Crazy

A food scientist said it's cool to eat even though it looks "whacked out."

34 Piezas de joyería geniales de los años 90

Seguro que tuviste muchas de estas. Por los extraterrestres: sí.

This Famous Ancient "Iceman" Had Ulcer Bacteria In His Gut

“Otzi,” the 5,300-year-old frozen iceman found in the southern Alps, suffered from gut bugs linked to ulcers. The ancient bacteria is the oldest microbe to be genetically mapped.

23 Hilarious Tweets About Coffee That Will Get You Every Time

I'll start working when my coffee does.

If Taylor Swift Songs Were Romantic Comedies

Time to give "If This Was A Movie" a whole new meaning.

Do You Actually Prefer Salty Or Sweet Foods?

There can be only one (result)

Walmart Heirs Will Give $1 Billion To Expand Charter Schools

In the last 20 years the Walton Family Foundation spent $1 billion on education-related causes. They'll spend as much again in the next five years.

Obama Makes Case For Gun Control In Town Hall Meeting

The event came two days after Obama delivered an emotional speech outlining his executive actions on gun control.

Um lembrete de como era o Brasil em 2006

O ano em que o Orkut liberou sem querer os avisos de quem visitou o seu perfil.

Florida Executes Serial Killer Who Murdered Three Women

The state executed Oscar Ray Bolin on Thursday for stabbing three young women to death in the 1980s. It was the first execution of 2016.

The Canadian Navy Says It Has A Critical Shortage Of Civilian Staff

Internal documents warn that civilian staffing "is at or below the minimum levels" needed.

Female Reporters In Chicago Were Told Not To Wear Hats In Winter

The producer has since apologized and is being disciplined, according to the Chicago news station.

Nicolas Cage Is The Greatest Actor In The Universe

Happy Birthday to our favorite space alien, Nicolas Cage.

Here's How Auto Rickshaw Drivers Feel About Their Job

From the risks of being a rickshaw driver, to some of the simpler joys.

This Cancer Survivor Lost Her Leg But It Didn't Slow Her Down

“Cancer has shown me what life is worth…”

What Would You Say To Your Closeted Self?

“Grow into yourself.”

The World's Most Valuable Company Could Soon Go Public

Saudi Arabia's state oil company is sitting on 260 billion barrels of oil and 288 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, suggesting a valuation in the trillions.

Janet Jackson Says Cancer Rumors Are Untrue

The singer broke her silence on Twitter, saying she is recovering from a surgery, but does not have cancer.

The Strangest Phone Calls Between Tony Blair And Bill Clinton

"My staff won't let me talk to you unless I have a banana at hand. I'm sitting here with a banana; it's a big, ugly, brownish one."

These Pictures From The "Fuller House" Set Will Make You Extremely Nostalgic

So many family-oriented lessons just waiting for us.

Civilian Watchdog Will Soon Oversee NYPD Surveillance Of Muslims

NYPD brass, however, will retain ultimate decision-making power on all investigations.

27 Adorables ideas para pasteles de boda

Tendrás algo bonito que mirar antes que todos empiecen a atiborrarse.

Dieser Comedian hat die besten Antworten auf die Vorfälle in Köln

Abdelkarim, ein deutsch-marokkanischer Comedian, gibt auf Facebook Antworten.

Des internautes se mobilisent contre la désinformation en ligne sur l'IVG

Les sites anti-IVG arrivent très haut dans les résultats de recherche Google, au détriment du site du ministère sur le sujet.

Which Award Show Host Are You?

It's an honor just to be hosting!

La nueva superfood de moda son… ¿los chapulines?

Ahora se llaman ~Hoppers ~ y los venden en frasco.

Here's What The Cast Of "Hannah Montana" Looks Like 10 Years Later

Can you believe the show first aired almost a decade ago???

O espaço antes da vírgula é o erro mais ofensivo já criado

Pelo jeito é a pior coisa que um ser humano pode fazer.

13 momentos de felicidade que são como ganhar uma mini-Mega Sena

Como achar dinheiro no bolso da calça ou receber crédito no celular por engano. :D

18 Amazing Disney Song Covers On YouTube


21 Times Women Destroyed Men In The "Waste His Time 2016" Hashtag

"Make him pick a college near you then move out of state." —#WasteHisTime2016

It's Not Your Job To Make Everyone Like You

And you don't have to like everyone, OK?

5 Reasons Why It's All Gone Wrong For M&S In Fashion

On Thursday, Marks and Spencer announced the departure of its chief executive after sales plunged over Christmas, Here's why an icon of the British high street is struggling.

Bassists Are Hot

It's true. There is evidence... #BassistBabes

British Muslim Charities Fear Banks Will Close Their Accounts Over Terrorism Concerns

After two NGOs had their accounts closed, the Muslim Charities Forum told BuzzFeed News that banks were making it harder for smaller charities and voluntary groups to carry out their work.

People Are Eating Insects And Dirt In This Syrian Town To Survive

“There are things above description, above words. People are drinking water and salt and citric acid to kill the pain that comes with hunger.” Warning: Images and videos in this post may be disturbing to some readers.

Do You Know The Numbers Missing From These Movies?

How many days of summer were there again?

Student Accused Of Rape Told "Crazy Drunk" Woman She Was "Rubbish In Bed", Court Hears

Louis Richardson, 21, the former secretary of Durham University's debating society, denies raping one student and sexually assaulting another.

Prosecutor Seeks Murder Charges Against Officer Who Fatally Shot Unarmed Black Man Near Atlanta

Officer Robert Olsen fatally shot Anthony Hill, an Afghanistan war veteran, in March 2015.

Sandra Bland’s Mother Says Texas Trooper Indictment “Makes No Difference”

Bland’s family members said they are still waiting for details from the day the 28-year-old was arrested for an alleged traffic violation.

14 coisas que vão fazer você se sentir mais novo do que pensa

Ainda tem muito chão pela frente até você poder se achar "velho".

La sécurité des ex-locaux de Charlie Hebdo, sujet hautement sensible

Un an après les attentats, le gouvernement refuse toujours de s'exprimer sur de possibles défaillances. Pour preuve, Bernard Cazeneuve a récemment annulé sa participation à une émission qui abordait notamment ces questions.

Turns Out Amy Schumer Definitely Did Not Meet Her Boyfriend On Bumble

She was almost our dating app hero for a day. But alas, things have changed.

El mapa definitivo de los estereotipos europeos

Un nuevo mapa que pasará a la historia de la cartografía.

The Oregon Militia’s Refuge Takeover Is Helping Recruitment

The armed men who took over a national wildlife refuge might not get any of the demands they've made, but they could walk away with more supporters in their ranks.

21 Ways To Forget About Your Ex For Good

Leave that chump in 2016's dust.

Saudi Arabia's UK Embassy Has Just Written To MPs Trying To Justify Executions

"The 47 convicted terrorists were directly responsible for terrorist attacks."

14 mentirinhas que todo mundo conta e ouve todo dia

"Pô, acho que eu vou, hein? Qualquer coisa eu te aviso".

BuzzFeed WKND: 01.08.16

Cozy up to the rest of winter.

A Tube Passenger Inadvertently Took A Terrifying Picture Of Ed Miliband

"This guy on my train won't stop staring at me."

17 Books You Definitely Read If You Grew Up In The '00s

There's no shame in once thinking Genovia was a real country.

24 Euphoric Experiences For Anyone Who Is Slightly Obsessed With Cooking

There's nothing quite like using a ceramic knife for the first time.

Should You Join A Gym In 2016?

This short quiz will help with the big decision!

Sian Blake Planned To Leave Her "Controlling" Boyfriend Before Going Missing, Her Sister Claims

The former EastEnders actor had wanted to end her relationship "a long time ago", according to Ava Blake.

23 Things For Anyone Whose Love For "30 Rock" Never Died

Oh, you don't like 30 Rock? THAT'S A DEAL BREAKER.

What Percentage Jedi Are You?

Are you a Rey of light?

26 Seriously Fucked-Up Things People Have Done To Their Sims

"I barbecued my baby and fed it to the father because I hated him."

Clinton Will Pat Rubio On The Head And "Then Cut His Heart Out," Christie Says

"You want someone on that stage against Hillary Clinton who has been through the wars."

What Questions Do You Have For The Pretty Little Liars?

Here's your chance to ask the girls anything you want!

How Well-Mannered Are You?

Please take this quiz. Thank you.

How Much Of A Picky Dater Are You Really?

If you don't like dogs, that's a deal breaker.

What's Your Favorite "American Horror Story" Quote Of All Time?

"Hi, I'm Tate. I'm dead. Wanna hookup?"

14 raisons de ne pas emménager à Paris

Disons que si vous aimez les petites surfaces, il y a moyen de trouver quelque chose...

Kids Company Psychologist Admits Taking MDMA While With Clients

Dr Helen Winter admitted misconduct at a hearing in London on Thursday.

Diese Bilder vom Star Wars-Set hast Du noch nie gesehen

Das neue Buch The Making Of Return Of The Jedi nimmt uns mit hinter die Kulissen des dreiteiligen Klassikers.

So würden Märchen aussehen, wenn sie Online-News wären

"Was dann geschah, wirst Du nicht glauben"

The Sanders Campaign Is Launching “Feel The Bern” Tour Of Black Colleges

“We are going to places and talking to folks that haven’t been approached before.” The campaign will focus its HBCU tour especially on South Carolina, where Sanders needs support.

16 Trucos de moda para las chicas que les da pereza vestirse

Porque te gusta verte bien, pero no tienes tanta fuerza.

8 Weird And Shocking Ways People Ended Up In Hospital In 2015

The BMJ Case Reports journal records strange and unexpected illnesses and injuries. Here are some of the strangest from last year. Warning: Maybe don't read this while you're eating your lunch.

22 Cocktails, die ohne Schnaps besser schmecken

Ein Mocktail ist ein Cocktail ohne Alkohol. Der kann leckerer sein, als Du denkst!

17 Maneras de sacarle provecho a una pequeña cocina

Porque un poco de espacio extra supone un largo trecho.

19 Amazing Game Day Snacks You Need To Make

Is it about that game, or is it about the food? ...Food. It's definitely about the food.

Nadiya Hussain Says She Received Racist And Islamophobic Abuse After Winning "Bake Off"

The show's 31-year-old star told Loose Women she was given police protection after being targeted by Twitter trolls.

"Jon Snow" aprendeu bem rápido o que é ser carioca

A gente não imaginou que quando o inverno chegasse "lá", ele viria parar aqui.

19 Signs You're The Mum Of Your House

You are your housemates' go to doctor, engineer, chef, and therapist.

Colonel Qaddafi Accused Tony Blair Of Supporting Terrorism In Phone Calls

Newly released transcripts show the panicked calls made by former prime minister Tony Blair to the former Libyan leader during 2011's Arab Spring.

23 Signs You're Obsessed With Cat Collecting

This is the most important cat-themed app of our time.

People Are Outraged Over How Sexist This Commercial For A Wearable Translator Is

This ad for a wearable translator has caused outrage by glorifying what appears to be street harassment. UPDATE: The company behind the ad has said the whole thing was scripted.

Which British TV Drama Man Will You Hook Up With?

Are you more of a Poldark or a Luther kind of person?

Anti-EU Campaign Chief Says "There's No Chance" Scotland Will Leave The UK

Arron Banks, co-chair of Leave.EU, rubbished warnings from rivals that Scotland could leave the UK if Britain quits the EU.

Du World Trade Center à Charlie Hebdo: que deviennent les lieux de tragédie?

Tour d'horizon de ces endroits et de ce qu'ils sont devenus après les attentats et tueries qui les ont touchés.

Judge: Monkey Does Not Own Copyright For Selfie

A federal judge said that the Copyright Act does not cover animals.

3 Parejas que se conocieron en Tinder y demuestran que no todo es sexo

Para los que creen que es el refugio del pirata.

Facebook Messenger Just Reached 800 Million Users

That's 100 million more than last summer.

Ranking This Season's Limo Exits On "The Bachelor"

It's that time of the year again!

Can You Name All Of These '90s Premier League Hard Men?

I'm just glad I wasn't a professional footballer in the 1990s.

Let Us Recommend Where You Should Eat In London This Week

Silk Road means you'll eat well in Camberwell.

In diesem Video wird ein Polizist von mehreren Flüchtlingen angegriffen

Ein anderer Polizist versorgt die Flüchtlinge sogar mit Munition.

What’s Going On Around The World Today

At least 40 people were killed after a truck bomb hit a police training center in Libya. Chipotle is having a rocky start to the new year. And Netflix will now be available almost everywhere in the world.

Ein Typ hat alle Emotionen in Disneys "Alles steht Kopf" entfernt

Bing Bong schafft es zum Glück trotzdem noch aufzutreten.

This Pakistani Comic Book Brings The Country's Issue Of Child Marriage To Light

A team of youngsters have waged war against social ills, and their latest target is child marriage.

15 coisas que você nunca pensou sobre o mundo gay

Tipo que é possível gozar sem nem tocar no pênis.

12 Emojis That Scotland Deserves To Get In 2016

If we don't get a Saltire soon, we might have another referendum on our hands.

Miners Trapped 70 Stories Below Ground Rescued In Upstate New York

As of 8:30 Thursday morning all 17 trapped workers were rescued.

What Happened On This Day, January 7th?

Which couple called it quits and made us stop believing in love?

What Kind Of Slayer Makeup Are You?

Zodiac is the great decider

7 Animals Who Broke The Internet In 2015

Besides Kim Kardashian, of course.

This Man Captured The Moment He Was Assaulted By 35-Strong Gang On CCTV

Simon Clarke, from Bradford, was set upon by a gang outside his home on New Year's Day.

22 Gründe, dass Dein betrunkenes Ich der schlimmste Mensch der Welt ist

Dein betrunkenes Ich ist der schlimmste Feind Deines nüchternen Ichs.

29 Kids Shows You Haven't Seen On British TV Since 1996

The Demon Headmaster debuted 20 years ago this week. If that doesn't depress you, nothing will.

Here's How People In Nine Countries Like To Get Drunk

Which nation drinks the most? Who has the best hangover food? And who the hell puts gummy bears in their beer?

Knife-Wielding Man Killed Outside Paris Police Station Carried ISIS Flag, Prosecutors Say

The French Interior Ministry said the man had approached the station shouting "Allahu akhbar" — "God is great" in Arabic.

What Does Your iPhone Colour Say About Your Sex Preference

Your iPhone holds the key to what you really like.

Un an après l'attentat, 19 dessins en mémoire de Charlie Hebdo

De nombreux dessinateurs ont rendu hommage avec leurs crayons aux disparus du 7 janvier 2015.

28 Middle-Class Waitrose Problems That Are Way, Way Too Real

For everyone who knows what it feels like to run out of samphire.

15 BD dessinées par des femmes à lire absolument

BuzzFeed à demandé à des libraires leurs auteures BD coups de coeur. Voici leurs recommandations.

Gas Canisters Thrown At Jewish Shoppers By Men Shouting "Heil Hitler"

Men in a white van shouted "Hitler is on the way to you" during the incident.

21 Things All Girls Who Hate Bra Shopping Know To Be True

Why the hell am I paying so much for a bra when I don't even want to wear one?

Inside Scottish Labour's Fight For Survival In The Holyrood Election

Scottish Labour MSPs, facing near-certain defeat in May's election, are scrapping for a safety net in the party's regional lists – but a new generation of candidates have their own plans.

Dozens Dead As Bomb Targets Libyan Police Training Facility

The mayor of the town of Zliten, just west of Misurata, said at least 40 people had been killed in the attack, but other sources put the death toll higher.

Craig David Turned Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself" Into A Soulful Garage Tune And It's Amazing

It will make you feel fantastic, bombastic, ecstatically astounded.

Junior Doctors Leader Accuses Government Of Peddling "Blatant Lies" About Talks

Next Tuesday's strike action is "inevitable", Dr Johann Malawana said in a Facebook post.

¿Hijo único? Estas 17 cosas te representan

¡No soy egoísta! ¡Comparto todo con mis amigos imaginarios!

16 Eyebrow Products That Are Actually Worth The Hype

Thou brow shalt stay on on fleek.

19 Reasons Wedding Season Is Basically Hell On Earth

The best use of a time machine would be to entirely skip this awful time of the year.

17 fotos que demuestran que las rebajas sacan lo peor de nosotros

He visto cosas que no creeríais en la planta de oportunidades de El Corte Inglés.

We Don't Know If Cancer Screening Actually "Saves Lives", Experts Argue

While some types of screening can reduce deaths from a specific type of cancer, they don't necessarily save lives overall, according to an analysis in the British Medical Journal.

Facebook fait remonter des «souvenirs précieux» sur la tuerie de Charlie Hebdo

«Nous avons pensé que vous aimeriez revoir cette publication d'il y a un an.» Euh, non.

¿Puedes adivinar el drama que aflige a estas personas?

Los bancos de imágenes están llenos de tristeza y desesperación.

19 moments euphoriques pour ceux qui sont légèrement obsédés par la papeterie

Quand vous découvrez le stylo qui rend votre écriture PARFAITE.

Un homme borgne adopte un chien borgne dont personne ne voulait

«Personne ne voulait de lui, ce qui tombait très bien.»

Which Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync Battle Was The Best?

"Bitch better have my money." -Ellen Degeneres

The Touching Story Of A Man Who Left His Corporate Job To Become A Police Constable

There may be a few things you didn't know about being a police constable.

This Is What Australia Was Like 10 Years Ago

Remember Yasmin’s Getting Married?! No. No. Probably not.