This Remastered Version Of "The Wizard Of Oz" Will Make You Smile

    Or, rather, "of Oz The Wizard."

    The Internet is a wonderfully bizarre place, and such is the case with this remastered version of The Wizard of Oz, cut to play in alphabetical order. / Via MGM

    Yes, it's the full movie. And in an interview with Vox, the creator Matt Bucy said the project took him a total of seven days to complete.

    The alphabetical version of the movie starts out with all of the "A" words you hear in the film.

    And has some really perfect mashups of alphabetical words.

    The more you watch this alphabetized version, the more it starts to grow on you. And it all ends with the word "zipper."

    Thank you, alphabetical gods, for gifting us with yet another way to appreciate The Wizard of Oz!